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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Nap times

I have a bad feeling.  I think the twins are trying to make the move towards not having a morning nap.  What am I going to do?  It was hard enough when Isabelle gave up her morning nap, but it did open up time for her and I to spend together.  Now with the twins wanting to be up, there goes my one on one time with Isabelle.  I think the best thing I can do is to put the twins down early and Isabelle will go down 30 min to an hour later.  That way we still have our time together.

Right now I can hear Maddy hollering away.  And the odd time I’ll hear Aidan.  I hope to stretch this out a little longer before keeping them up.

I hope the weather turns around, it will be nice to take the kids out to play.  The sun is out, but the wind is a bit too much for them.  Isabelle loves to play outside and the twins enjoy exploring on the back deck.  It will be great to get them out soon.

Well I’m off.  I’ll post a better post soon.  The twins had their 12mth appointment yesterday, it went well and I’ll post the details soon.  I want to catch a little shut eye before everyone is up again.

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$94 extra dollars a month!

That’s how much we are saving now that the twins are officially off formula.  We spent anywhere between $100 and $150/mth if not more on formula.  And think we’ve been spending that for the last two years!  Thanks a lot boobs for not working.  However even if they had worked, we probably still would have been buying formula for the twins any ways.

Next will be diapers!!!

Sickness:  we are still sick.  I don’t know about contagious, but there are still 2 runny noses and three bad coughs.  They sound bad, but really they are good coughs because the mucous is loose.  However coughing for the twins tends to lead to vomit.

Just when we thought we were in the clear.  The twins both ate a good meal.  We were gearing up for bath time.  Maddy was sitting on the dining room floor, seemed to be having a good time and then just puked.  Every last bit of her meal was on the floor.  So much for spanish chicken and rice!  Oh, and did I mention it was orange.  And did I also mention that our dining room is carpet that is a light beige?  Nice huh.  Ian says to me “How do I get orange out of the carpet?”  Ha.  Time to tear up the carpet!!  Seriously, who carpets a dining room anymore!!!  I have 3 toddlers people!!  They puke, they throw food, they spill.  Never mind the dogs!

Speaking of puke and dogs and carpet.  Last night we come down from putting the kiddies to bed.  I sit down start to relax, and there behind the play cash register is a nice and neat little clump of dog puke.  Then this morning we came down stairs only to find yet another nice pile by the front door.

Well it’s 3:45 the kids are waking.  Mommy duty calls.  I am looking forward to this cold being gone!

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When will it end?

Runny noses, coughing, puking….ugh.  I can’t wait for the day the three of them are well again.  It’s only been a few days, well close to a week really and I’m so ready for it to be over.  It started with Isabelle, then Madeline, then Aidan and now me.  Ian might be in the clear but we will see.

The poor twins have so mucous that when they cough then end up barfing.  Not all the time thank goodness.  I hope their gag reflexes improve with age.  I don’t do barf. I know I’ve said this before.  Yes, I realize that being a mommy means cleaning up barf, but that’s what I married Ian for ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t do dog poop and I don’t do dog barf and I don’t do kid barf. 

Spit up is a whole different world.  That stuff doesn’t phase me at all.  And I can have the poopiest diaper and be alright with that.  But give me dog poop/barf of a kid barfing and it’s game over folks.  I’ve been okay so far, except for when Aidan threw up the other night at dinner.  I did my best to help him and wipe him up a bit, but I had to look a way and take several deep breaths and Ian had to come do everything else. 

I have zero tolerance.  I can’t even watch someone barf on a tv show or movie.  I know it’s not real, but it just makes my stomach turn and then I’m holding back the tears etc.

Aside from all that.  We are having trouble again with Max’s ears.  We’ve taken him back to the vet and are now waiting to hear if it’s the same infection he had last time.  I am praying that it isn’t because that last infection cost us a lot of money to get rid of.

I’m plugging away at my course.  It’s slowed down a little for me lately with everyone getting sick and our little trip to Windsor.  I hope to catch up soon.  I still have a few more modules to go though and some webinars and there is still a provincial exam I have to write.  Then I’m on my way to selling travel!  It will be exciting to book trips for people, heaven knows I won’t be taking a trip for a very long time!

Well it’s time to go get the twins and get lunch going for everyone.  Hope we are all well soon.  I’m tired of being sick and I’ve only had the cold for 3 days now.

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On the road again

We went to Windsor for a few days.  Packed up the van, the kids and the dogs and away we went.  All was going well, the kids were in and out of sleep and fussy here and there but for the most part really good.  Ian and I happened to be chatting when I heard a liquid splat sound.

Me to Ian: I think Isabelle just puked.

Ian: What?

Me to Ian: Yep, Isabelle just barfed.

Isabelle to me: Pooked.(Isabelle language for puke)  Mommy!

So we pulled over on the side of the highway.  I got in the back and helped her get out of her barf covered jacket, shoes and pants.  She sat up front while I did my best to clean up her car seat.  For some one who doesn’t handle vomit well I think I did a pretty good job of putting on my brave face and cleaning it up as best I could.

We got everyone back in their seats, dogs back in the van and made it the rest of the way there without any more incidences of vomit.  On the way home Isabelle got a dose of Gravol before we left.  It worked well.  Isabelle however now has a terrible cold.  My heart really does break when one of the kids is sick.  You know they are hurting or just feeling crappy but there isn’t much you can give or do for them.  Isabelle has a very sore throat.  Her voice is all crackly and her nose just won’t stop.  Today has been a “Treehouse” day.  I normally won’t let Isabelle watch much tv other than some of her fav shows.  But in order to keep her planted on the couch it’s been on all day.  I can’t wait for some adult tv time tonight.

On a side note:  To the woman at Costco who stood in my way so she could stare at my kids and tell me how busy my house must be and oh how do I managed with twins yadda yadda yadda, guess what there is a third child and yes I’m busy but that’s life and I love my kids and I like to shop so don’t stand in my way next time!!

Rant over. 

It’s 4pm but it’s still quiet upstairs.  I’m going to try and see if I can just get the twins up and let Isabelle sleep a bit longer.  I think she could use it for sure.  I wanted to take them all for a walk today, but this is the sickest I’ve seen Isabelle with a cold so today is an inside day which is too bad considering how nice the weather is.

Hope you all are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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Morning conversations with Isabelle…

In the  morning I get Isabelle up first, she’s usually already awake standing at the head of her bed and looking out her window.  Here’s how our day starts out:

Mommy: Good Morning Isabelle, did you have a good sleep.

Isabelle: Yep, *yawn*

Mommy: How about I put your blind up before you pull it down?

Isabelle: OKAY!  Birdie!! Plane!!! Car!!  Daddy???

Mommy: Did you see all those things outside Isabelle?

Isabelle: Uh huh.  Daddy?

Mommy: Daddy is at work honey.

Isabelle: Work, uh huh.  Babies?

Mommy: Yes, we’ll get them right after you get dressed.

*We get the babies and head down stairs, Isabelle is usually in the living room while I’m in the kitchen*

Isabelle comes running in and says:


Me: No, no cupcakes for breakfast.  She runs out again.  Shortly returns.

Muh Muff? (Isabelle talk for muffin)

Me: No, we don’t have any muffins today perhaps we can make some later this morning. 

Isabelle: Uh Huh.  And runs out again.

Returning again she says:

Frutego?  (Keep in my I’m trying to spell something the way she says it…she is trying to say Fruit 2 Go, kind of like a fruit roll up but healthy)

Me: No, you can’t have a fruit 2 go for breakfast, maybe at snack time.  She runs out again.  Again returning only seconds later…..


Me: Sure Isabelle you can have a bun. 

Isabelle: Yummy!

Isabelle and I pretty much go though this whole scenario every morning.  Ian and I are in so much trouble because we have one very smart little girl on our hands.  And she is either going to use her smartness for good or for evil.  Some days she chooses evil.

Every morning Isabelle and I also have another little routine.  When we go in the twins room to get them up, changed and dressed the first thing I do after saying “Good Morning”, is I open the curtians to let in some light.  I always seem to do Aidan’s first, so I pick up the tie up off the floor and tie the blind up and pull up the vertical blinds.  In this time Isabelle has run in, picked up the one for Madeline’s blind, runs out of the room into her room, drops the tie up on the floor comes running back in to Madeline’s blind, looks at the floor and then puts her hands up in the air and looks around and sort of says “Where is it”.  So I play her little game for a minute and then she usually goes and get the tie up and we open up the blind together.  I’ve thrown her off her game lately by not opening Maddy’s blind every day.

These moments and conversations have become so routine for me I swear I could do them in my sleep.  However I really do enjoy these moments, shows me my little girl knows how to use her head and I like that she likes to be silly and think she’s being so clever by hiding things even though I totally see and hear her doing them.

We are still struggling with her when it comes to eating.  Give her something she likes no problem, get her to try something new or even sometimes it will have been something she’s eaten in the past but not for a while and she won’t go near it.  Or sometimes she simply won’t eat because she won’t eat.  I’m looking forward to this coming to an end but who knows how long that will be.  Potty training is hit or miss.  She won’t tell us when she has to go.  I think we really missed a good time with her when the twins were very young, but that was the problem, no time.  The twins demanded so much time we couldn’t really focus on Isabelle.  I know she will get it, but she was at least telling us back then what was happening.  Now we get nothing.  We can get her to poop on the potty but we can’t seem to get her to pee regularly on the potty.  We’re working at it though.

The twins are transitioning on to cow’s milk!! Thank GOD!!  I can’t wait to officially say that we are done purchasing formula!  I had a cashier piss me off the other day.  I was buying formula at $18/can, cheaper than the pervious stuff they were on at $23/can.  Anyways, 4 cans she scanned though and then 4 boxes of diapers and I wasn’t even done shopping yet.  She looks at me and says “Wow, am I ever glad I chose to breastfeed”.

Well what the )(#@(*$#@)*$ lady?  How do you know I didn’t want to?  Now, even if my boobs worked the way they were supposed to, I probably wouldn’t have breastfed the twins anyways.  I know there are women out there who had multiples and did and God bless them but I really just didn’t see that as a possibility.  My boobs just don’t work.  They really are just something to look at lol.  I tried my hardest with Isabelle, but my body doesn’t produce milk.  And the same happened with my pregnancy with the twins.  That also being said I’m just not a huge fan of breast feeding.  I know it’s good for babies, but you know what I wasn’t breastfed and I turned out just fine.  So our kids are almost done formula and I’m already planning where that money is going to start going.  How nice it will be to stop buying formula and soon diapers!!!  I know kids always cost money, you stop buying one thing but have to start buying something else, but diapers and formula are a real kick in the teeth for the first few years of life.

Well nap time should be coming to an end.  I’ve enjoyed writing this post because I’ve been doing it from my back deck enjoying the nice weather.  I think we’ll get the kids up and pack them into the stroller and get them out to enjoy the air for a bit too.  Happy Easter everyone!