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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

$94 extra dollars a month!

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That’s how much we are saving now that the twins are officially off formula.  We spent anywhere between $100 and $150/mth if not more on formula.  And think we’ve been spending that for the last two years!  Thanks a lot boobs for not working.  However even if they had worked, we probably still would have been buying formula for the twins any ways.

Next will be diapers!!!

Sickness:  we are still sick.  I don’t know about contagious, but there are still 2 runny noses and three bad coughs.  They sound bad, but really they are good coughs because the mucous is loose.  However coughing for the twins tends to lead to vomit.

Just when we thought we were in the clear.  The twins both ate a good meal.  We were gearing up for bath time.  Maddy was sitting on the dining room floor, seemed to be having a good time and then just puked.  Every last bit of her meal was on the floor.  So much for spanish chicken and rice!  Oh, and did I mention it was orange.  And did I also mention that our dining room is carpet that is a light beige?  Nice huh.  Ian says to me “How do I get orange out of the carpet?”  Ha.  Time to tear up the carpet!!  Seriously, who carpets a dining room anymore!!!  I have 3 toddlers people!!  They puke, they throw food, they spill.  Never mind the dogs!

Speaking of puke and dogs and carpet.  Last night we come down from putting the kiddies to bed.  I sit down start to relax, and there behind the play cash register is a nice and neat little clump of dog puke.  Then this morning we came down stairs only to find yet another nice pile by the front door.

Well it’s 3:45 the kids are waking.  Mommy duty calls.  I am looking forward to this cold being gone!

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Parenting and adulting is hard. There is no manual. No volume control. No self cleaning house and self refilling fridge. This is my story of navigating through the ups and downs of our crazy-wonderful life.

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