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Making deals with the devils…aka the kids.

I would like the kids to be walking to school on their own next year. So when this school year started I had said that we would start walking to school and the kids all reacted differently. Isabelle is thrilled at the idea of walking to school which is awesome! Madeline told me that I couldn’t make her walk to school and Aidan flopped to the ground and started crying but then two minutes later was thinking he’d like to walk to school.

I figured that with Isabelle on my side it couldn’t be too hard to get the other two to enjoy walking to school. Wrong. So very, very wrong.

According to my fitbit our walk to school, there and back, is anywhere from 1.65km to 1.84 depending on which route we take. It is not a far walk! I can see the school from the girls bedroom window. Madeline acts as if I’m making her walk from our house to Detroit! She has outright refused to walk. She will just stand at the end of the driveway and not move. So I have to take her by the hand and walk her down the street. When doing this she proceeds to cry bloody murder the entire way. Madeline hasn’t yet figured out that I don’t give a crap if she does this. I do feel for the neighbours who might still be trying to enjoy a quiet morning though.

Aidan likes to whine and complain. Thankfully his whining and complaining is usually drowned out by Madeline’s epic episode of wailing.

Isabelle is bopping along up a head and happily walking to school. I don’t have favourites, a little hard to do with three, but this moment of her being happy to do something that wasn’t her own idea makes her my favourite.

Last night the kids and I had a chat. And I made a deal with the devils…*cough* kids. We agreed that for the rest of the school year we will walk to school and carry our backpacks with no complaining (out loud anyways) and no giving me a hard time. In return, I will pick them up from school. Also if it’s pouring rain I will drop them off and pick them up. In September they will start walking to and from school every day and hopefully by the end of September they will be walking without me.

I’m sure some will think that I am letting them off easy. However I can honestly say that if I was Aidan at his 38lbs carrying a backpack that was almost as heavy as I am in 30+ weather in a neighbourhood with ZERO established trees! I would not want to walk home either!! There is no helping Madeline or sympathy either really since she is just being lazy. She loves running and I have seen her run laps around the house and running to catch her dad on his bike. I know she has the energy but she’s just crazy stubborn and lazy! I get it. I enjoyed being active when I was younger, but if I could choose not to be you can bet that’s what I chose.

So yes, I made a deal with them. Any moms out there who disagree can bite me. I don’t tell you how to parent so please don’t tell me how. We all do what works for our family and for our sanity! The clock is telling me it’s time to go pick them up and hopefully this possible severe weather/tornado will hold off until we are home.