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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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The friendship battle

Who is friends with who seems to be a constant battle in our house. Frankly, I am starting to really appreciate only having one sibling while I was growing up. I often sit back and let the kids try to sort out their shit before stepping in. Growing up, I didn’t have to share my friends with my brother very much. That being said, it was frustrating sometimes to “have” to let him hang out while my friend and I played. Looking back though, I didn’t really have to do that very often.

The kids are being invited to friends houses after school a lot lately. The trouble is they are so close in age and grade that they all seem to feel that when one of them is invited to a friends house, they should all be able to go. This is not the case little humans. Just because Madeline gets invited to (insert friends name here) house, does not mean you also have to be invited.

This problem is also presenting itself when it comes to birthday party invitations. Madeline was invited to a birthday party forĀ a set of twins in her class. Isabelle apparently hangs out with them sometimes during recess. One of these twins told Isabelle she could come to the party. The other twin told Madeline that she did NOT WANT her sister to come to the party. Madeline of course has to get her underwear in a knot because Isabelle is happily announcing she was also invited. This of course is not the case. I have to then explain to Isabelle that unless you have an actual invitation in your hot little hands you are NOT invited.

You can imagine what came next….. A screwed up angry/sad face followed by highly outrageous emotional elephant tears. I apparently just broke her heart.

Our other problem is a friend across the street from us. This boy was in Isabelle’s grade one class last year. She has thus deemed him HER FRIEND. He had come over to call on her to play a few times during grade one. During this time he discovered Isabelle had a brother. Of course this boy and Aidan have just about EVERYTHING in common.

Isabelle now has her underwear in a huge knot because this boy comes over and specifically asks to only play with Aidan. I get it. Boys want to hang out with boys. I have no problem with this. Isabelle wants to play house and school and other girly related things. This boy thought that was alright last year, but now only wants to play guns and cars and other boy things.

You know what it all comes down to??? I can’t fucking win. It doesn’t matter what I say. I am getting some kind of screwed up cranky face from a kid when I try to explain how life works. The kids want to go to their friends houses, their friends want a chance to come to our house. What happens when we ask the friends over to our house, the spawn whose friend it is ends up having an all out meltdown…**COUGH COUGH MADELINE***to the point I have to tell that friend it’s best we try for a play date another day.

There are lots of times when I’m grateful that our kids happened 13 months apart from each other. Other times I smack my forehead and curse at my overactive ovaries!

Today we have a friend of Aidan’s coming over after school. The girls gave their best screwed up angry face this morning that none of their friends were coming over. Honestly I just can’t deal with the drama of the girls some times.

So to my brother Rob, like any sibling I’m sure I had moments of wishing you would just leave me alone. Now I am a much wiser(slightly older) adult and am lucky to have you as my brother.

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Reason No. 34892 why I love my kids

Yesterday Madeline managed to get over her self enough to have a friend come over. This is a whole other post for another day…

So Madeline and her friend and Isabelle were in the living room watching a movie while having a snack. I noticed the girls were playing with some papers and a pen and asked them to make sure not to use my pile of papers. My pile is all my study pages for my upcoming exams. As I was walking back into my office I heard Madeline’s friend ask what my papers were for. Both girls eagerly told the friend how I was in school, but not high school because, well just not high school but school, and I have many tests coming up because I am going to be a doctor(I wish…) and when she(me) becomes a Dr, guess what ___________(insert friends name)!!! We are going to be LATCHKEY!!! Both Madeline and Isabelle told her how excited they are that they will get to be latchkey.

Latchkey is before and after school program at the kids school. They have all been wishing and begging to be latchkey. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. I kind of thought that it was pretty awesome to have your mom pick you up from school every day and be home to give you a snack and chat about your day…apparently I am completely wrong about this.

It’s always fun and interesting to hear your kids chatting to their friends!

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Aliens stole my kids brains

Honestly, my kids forget more crap than I do!! Aidan’s teacher called last week because he was apparently forgetting his agenda and hadn’t brought it to school in weeks. Well shit, there goes my parenting skills. Then I thought to myself that she was wrong. I do check their note totes every day and it always goes into his backpack. Where the heck is the agenda going if it’s not getting to her. I called her back and suggested she send Aidan back out to his locker because I was certain it made it to school.

According to Aidan he forgets to bring it in the classroom. Why the teacher never sent him out to his locker is beyond me. It’s likely the first thing I would have done before letting it go weeks! Sigh.

Aidan also forgets his hats, mitts, sweaters and even his jacket sometimes. I imagine that the hallways after school are chaos and while the JK/SK area was also chaos the teachers made a bit more effort to ensure that all the necessary things made it home. I’m not bashing teachers, I could never do your job….ever. I have zero patience for children that aren’t my own. However this teacher seems to miss the mark on a few things. Like the time Aidan was punched in the face after school. Where was she?

Isabelle is going to have a chilly walk to school tomorrow. Well, I told her she will but I won’t let her go without a coat. She left hers at school today. Looks like she will be wearing her winter coat tomorrow.

Madeline nearly forgot to hand in the money for their upcoming hot lunch in December. Thankfully today was the deadline and she was able to hand it in.

So every morning when I drop them off and sometimes even on the walk to school we discuss all the things they need to remember to do once at their lockers. Starting to wish I could be in the hallway at pick up time. Oh the joys of parenting!! Here’s hoping the aliens will return their brains soon!!

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Where were all the Trick or Treaters?

The kids had a great Halloween despite the slightly less than last year crappy weather. Madeline went out with a friend and Isabelle and Aidan went out with their Dad. I got to stay home and hand out all the candy. We had 550 pieces of candy to hand out and I was getting worried we wouldn’t give it all away. I eventually just gave handfuls to the kids that did ring the door bell. The rest was given to our kids, not that they needed it but they were happy to have a little extra. Isabelle got many compliments on her costume. She was not the only bag of jelly beans this year. While the costume helped to keep her warm and protected from the rain it didn’t hold up well to all the walking. Next year we have decided to wear a costume that will last a little longer.

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