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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Birthday season is drawing to a close

307f99c601052fefc4d9dcbc447947b6Our family gets hit pretty hard with birthdays it seems. The husband is a bit before the holiday season, I’m just weeks before Santa arrives and then Isabelle is two months later followed up by the twins a month later! It’s a lot!!! I basically need to sell organs on the black market to afford anything from September to April!

Isabelle invited 2 friends to go bowling, have dinner at Harvey’s(her choice, not ours) and then home for cake and gifts and a sleepover! Isabelle asked from the beginning that her brother and sister not be involved in much of her birthday party. We agreed to a point. Her party was on her actual birthday this year. We decided with her that it would just be her and her friends to go bowling. Then we would meet up as a family for dinner. Later at the house we would do our best to entertain the twins so that Izzy and her friends could just have some girl time.

This almost went well. Izzy agreed to everything but also insisted that Madeline not be allowed to sleep in her room for the sleepover part. We understand that Isabelle needs her space and she should be allowed to have it. She just goes about it all wrong. Instead of saying nicely or asking Madeline nicely, she was pretty rude about the whole thing. Face palm. The husband and I smoothed things over with Madeline. Aidan was more than happy to let her camp out on his bedroom floor. One condition of Madeline not sleeping in her own room, decided by Madeline, was that she would be taking their little radio with her into Aidan’s room. Isabelle was not impressed but I shot her a “Mommy isn’t putting up with anymore crap tonight!” look and Isabelle let it go. Mommy fact: I have  been known to sing “Let it Go” loudly and off key on purpose to the kids when moments like this occur. They hate it. Ahahahahahahahahahah!!!

The rest of the night went fairly well. Madeline only cried a handful of times because they didn’t want her around and she just kept going back for more. All in all, it went well and gave me a smidgen of hope for the two parties yet to come.

The twins have separate parties. They have separate friends. They like different things. Honestly, it’s like they aren’t twins at all.

Aidan had his party over March Break. I realized a little late that I am working solid weekends until the end of April and likely will be in May. It’s hard to have sleep overs during the week, what with getting their education interfering. Thankfully Aidan is not big on birthday parties. He only wanted to invite his bestie over. We took them to Springz, and indoor trampoline place. Then we headed to Aidan’s fav place for ribs, Rock Bottom. Then it was home for cake and presents and another sleep over. This time it was more Isabelle who struggled with not feeling included in what the boys were doing. I was constantly after her to leave them alone. I tried to have her recall what we went through for her party less than a month before. That didn’t seem to matter of course. In the end fun was had and Isabelle pouted for a while but eventually seems to have gotten over it.

Madeline is having her party this weekend. The twins birthday is this weekend. So again, she is doing something with just her friends and then we will meet up with the husband and other two spawn for dinner at Maddy’s fav spot, Swiss Chalet and then home for cake, gifts and sleep over. Already, Isabelle is demanding that she get to take the radio when she has to sleep in Aidan’s room. She has been making sure we are aware of this tidbit for the past two weeks. She is going to make sure she gets exactly what Madeline got. There is no doubt in my mind that my entire evening will be spent refereeing Isabelle away from Madeline and her friends.

This brings me to the talk I will be having with the kids tonight over dinner. If this crap continues during Madeline’s party. Then this is the last party that will happen in this house where friends are invited. It’s takes away from the enjoyment of parties when the grown ups have to police the kids. Not to mention how much fun are they really having when they spend more time arguing with siblings than just hanging out with their friends. So, if there is any crap pulled this weekend it will be family only birthday parties until they can show us that they are capable of not being assholes to one another(this could take a few years I think…..)

I will post a brief update on this situation next week!


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10 teeth

Last Wednesday was a big day for someone in our house. Aidan had his first visit to the dental surgeon. Both Isabelle and Madeline have already had at least two trips each to have some teeth extracted. Aidan was the lucky guy who got 10 teeth all at once removed.

All of our kids are blessed with my tiny jaw it seems. There are a whole lot of teeth that need to come in, but have no where to go. It also seems that all of  my kids teeth are going to hold on for as long as possible. The roots on some of their teeth that have been pulled are crazy!!

Aidan has only had his two front bottom teeth come out without the help from a dental professional. I may have popped them out, but I certainly do not hold a dental certificate of any kind. All the kids see an Orthodontist and he is the one who said these teeth needed to come out. Aidan has a tiny jaw, some big teeth and not a lot of room for any of them. He already had a permanent tooth growing in sideways because the baby teeth were not about to come out. Rather than having to send Aidan twice, we decided it would be best to take them all in one shot.

The morning of his procedure he was up bright and early. We were told to get some EMLA patches. It’s pretty much what they use to numb the skin before inserting a needle into people. We got him all patched up and hung out a little watching some Netflix. His apt was nice and early so he could spend the rest of the day just relaxing at home.

Once we were in the procedure room, Aidan seemed relatively calm. He got on the scale for the nurse and then hoped up into the chair. It wasn’t until he was having stickers for the various monitors and the chair laid down that he started to panic. This is not my first time so I did my best to calmly talk to Aidan, the nurse also helped out with this and we chatted about movies to watch on Netflix later in the day or shows to find that her kids say are really good for boys Aidan’s age. He calmed down and was just about to relax until the Dr came in. That was much cue to kiss the boy goodbye and tell him he was going to do awesome. I was out the door and back to the waiting room.

I think it was about 30 to 40 minutes later that I was called to the recovery area to sit with Aidan as he woke up out of the anesthesia. He was a little worried about the needle still in his arm, but was also sleepy enough to get over it quickly. It was removed shortly afterwards. We had him sitting up and choosing some stickers while I paid and was given care instructions.

Once home, he settled into a nice cozy spot on the couch and crushed quite a bit of Netflix for the rest of the day. He did really well. He’s been enjoying his pudding, ice cream, yogurt and other soft foods. We have kept him home the rest of the week just to ensure that he doesn’t injure his very exposed gums and to cut down on the chance of any infection (kids put a lot of weird shit in their mouth when parents aren’t around!!!)

I’m really proud of him, he’s done really well for having 10 teeth removed. He sounds absolutely adorable when he speaks. He’s having his friend over on March Break to help his celebrate his upcoming birthday. I don’t think he will have many teeth in just yet, but he still wants to go to Rock Bottoms for Rib Night!! I can’t wait to get a picture of that!!! Here’s some photos of his big day.

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