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Birthday parties, facial injuries, trip countdown

This past weekend we celebrated many birthdays all packed into one afternoon.  Since we moved back to Ontario we have been meeting once a year, usually in March, to celebrate with the whole family,  We have a big party for Isabelle, Madeline & Aidan and Nana Diplock!  It has been nice to get everyone together to help us celebrate our children’s birthday and for them to celebrate Nana’s birthday.  However we have decided that this will be the last year we have our big party.  Isabelle is now 6 and the twins will be 5 next week.  While we will still celebrate as a family and extended family is always welcome, it’s time to cut out some party time.  Now that the kids are all in school they are getting invited to birthday parties, mixed in with their own birthday celebrations it was a lot for us this year.  Isabelle had a great time with her three little friends at her bowling birthday party.  Next year when the twins turn 6 they will be allowed to have a birthday party with friends as well.  This year for their 5th birthday we will just celebrate as a family.

On the day of the big party Aidan started his afternoon off with head injury No.1 when he somehow managed to walk directly into the door frame of his sisters bedroom.  Sometimes I have no idea how Aidan manages to do these things to himself.  I will say though that he got his clumsiness from me.  Then later in the day Aidan managed to smash his mouth off the living room floor.  He fell and literally landed face first, which sent a bottom tooth into his lip.  This resulted in a large fat lip that bled out a few times which thankfully led to his lip not being quite as fat by the end of the day.  His lip has almost fully recovered, there is still a bit of a black spot on his lip which is just some leftover bruising.  Thankfully he did not knock out or chip any teeth.

Speaking of teeth, Isabelle has lost two total now.  She has had one molar come in already and two teeth have and are still growing in where her first two came out.  Trouble we are having is that the two bottom teeth coming in are quite large, one is very crooked and bumping into another tooth.  This is causing Isabelle quite a bit of pain.  Her dentist has seen it and wants mother nature to do her job.  So we are to manually wiggle her tooth as much as possible in order to help it loosen up.  The dentist has also recommended that we seek out an Orthodontist as he feels that overcrowding will be an issue for Isabelle and if he has to end up pulling this troublesome tooth, might as well take a few others out at the same time to help her new one come in properly.  For now, we wiggle her tooth and see what happens.

The countdown for our Florida trip is on!  Oh how I can’t wait for this vacation.  I’m already starting lists and going though laundry and trying to get organized!  The kids are getting excited about the trip too.  I swear Isabelle has almost figured out what we are doing so I keep having to come up with ways to throw her off.  We had told them that it takes two days to get to where we are going.  Well little miss smarty pants remembers a time when Grandma E said that it takes them two days to drive to Florida.  So I showed her a map and explained to her that there are lots of places that take two days to drive to, so she is back to trying to figure out where we are going.  I can’t wait to see their faces when we do tell them where we are going and especially can’t wait to tell them about Disney!

In other news, it turns out our Canon camera is not broken!  I was saying to Ian a little while ago that I was so bummed that we were not going to have the good camera for the trip.  He ended up taking it in to the place we had purchased it from and the lady figured out that some of the settings were just really off.  So it’s all fixed up and ready for our trip!  So excited we will have that!  I also need to dig out and charge the camcorder.  I think it will be neat if I can get video of the kids finding out where we are going.

I’m having trouble again this year with a birthday gift for Madeline.  She wants a My Little Pony Equestria Girl Figure (click to see) and I’m not sure how I feel about these dolls.  I think what bothers me about them is that they aren’t what I remember My Little Pony to be.  So really if that’s my only problem, I shouldn’t let that get in the way of what Madeline wants for her birthday.  She has also asked for a Monster High Doll which Ian and I are pretty set against.  I think I need to learn a little bit more about these dolls as well.  Who knows maybe they aren’t as bad as I think they are.  I do know that I’d like to maybe get her something science related.  Madeline drew a picture of space the other day and when she explains to you all the planets she drew it’s quite interesting.  She knows there is a hot planet and a cold planet and a plant with rings and the moon and the sun etc.  She loves to learn new things and seems quite interested in science.  She is very excited for their upcoming School Field trip to a Science centre here in Windsor.  I hope to find something for her and hopefully not at the last minute like last year!