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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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The countdown is on…

3 sleeps until we leave Tuktoyaktuk for the last time, well the kids and myself that is, Ian will have to come back for work and for the movers. Ask me if I’m at all ready. The answer is no. I have managed to get some clothes in a suit case for the kids today. I haven’t even touched my own clothing. Ian and I are going to have to pack as little as possible for ourselves because we are going to need the room for all the stuff we need to get the kids across Canada.

The dogs will be staying behind in Inuvik with a friend of ours. When Ian makes his official move back they will travel with him. We figured that trying to get from Tuk to London On with 3 small children and two dogs was just going to be too much for us. I’ve got all our tickets booked, hotels, cars and anything else that is required just to get us home to Ontario. Our plan is to leave Tuk on Saturday, visit with our friends in Inuvik and say goodbye. Then we go to YK on Sunday and spend the night again. Then we fly to Calgary for 2 days and then we fly to London and drive to Tecumseh. It’s going to be a long trip and I hope that the chaos will be minimal. We will have all three kids in car seats for the flights. We just decided that this would be best despite it being the most expensive way to fly. We could have just had Isabelle in her seat and hold the twins, but where do you put a twin is Isabelle is freaking out or needs to be changed. Never thought I’d be calling an airline and asking to book 5 seats at full fare price. That’s right, they don’t offer a discount on a child until they are 2 years of age. Then you can get the seat for 50% off. Nice huh.

Kid updates:

Isabelle is doing well. She’s got 4 more teeth all coming in at the same time. She needs to get her first hair cut because her hair is always in her face. She is starting to show some jealousy/anger about how much attention the twins are getting. She has sat on Aidan twice and Madeline once. She has pulled on my shirt sleeve while screaming at me and then slapped my leg while screaming also. All this after being told to not touch the printer. She does love to give the twins kisses. They may not be the most gentle kisses but at least she’s showing some affection rather than aggression. She is also giving us kisses and hugs. She says “babies”, “puppies”, and “mom.” She can also shake her head to say yes and no, however she doesn’t always use the right head shake for what she wants or thinks.

Madeline: her new nick name is “the tank” because of how much she likes to eat. She’s got the most adorable chubby cheeks. She is not at all patient waiting for a bottle. She also hates being in a dirty diaper. What cracks me up is that she wants so badly to be changed, especially when wet, so I change her and then as I’m doing up her sleeper I can feel that it’s warm again! I think she just likes to pee in her diapers and have us change her every 10 minutes! She’s holding up her head really well. I’ve seen her smile once or twice and they weren’t gas or sleep or pee related. She’s going to be a pretty cute girl as she gets bigger. She still has all the hair she was born with.

Aidan: his new name is “old man” because he’s balding. Aidan is getting bigger every day which I’m happy about since he seemed to tiny while we were in the hospital. I know that he didn’t lose more that 10% of his body weight but he did get close because he was so lazy in the beginning days of his life. But he’s doing really well now. He’s quite alert and loves to look around and check out his world. He’s doing better at holding his head up but he’s still kind of floppy.

Well I’d love to keep posting but Madeline is having her fussy time and I should go relieve Ian before his ear drums burst. Can’t wait to be back in Ontario! Then the real fun starts, house hunting!

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Twins update

This is a real quicky as Aidan is crying for a bottle.

They had their 1 mth needle today which is just part two of the Hep B series.
Madeline is now: 10bls 6oz and is 57cm tall.
Aidan is now:9lbs 4oz and is 55cm tall.

Both babies are healthy and growing very well according to the nurse.
Post more another day.

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We’re on the move again!

I’m sure I mentioned in past emails that we were looking for a transfer home because of the twins and wanting to be closer to family. We got our transfer notice and we’re headed to the Toronto area. We have no idea where to live, we just know that we do not want to live in Toronto. So far we are looking in to Milton, Georgetown, Orangeville, Cambridge. We have to decide what’s more important, house or Ian’s commute. It’s kind of a tough call for me since I’m the one staying home and would like to have a decent home but I also don’t want Ian to have to be up at 4am to get to work! I really like the homes and prices in Orangeville, but Ian is looking more at Milton and homes there are much more $$ so we’d be downsizing there for sure. For those of our family who read this what are your thoughts on commute times. I can’t say on here where Ian is working, but I can say that it’s not like he’s got to get downtown.

We are going to be coming to Ont in May. We are going to use that month as our house hunting trip and depending on how soon the movers can be in Tuk the kids and I may just stay in Ont while Ian comes back up here to supervise the move. This also means the dogs will have to come with us also. Our friends who normally look after the dogs are also going to be out of town in May and it just makes sense for them to come now also.

Well Madeline faked me into thinking she was going to sleep for a while. Looks like she’s hungry again! Ontario here we come!!

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3 week update

The twins are 3 weeks now. We finally got them in for a quick check up at the nursing station this week. That was an event! You have no idea how interesting it is to get 3 kids out of the house and into a vehicle that doesn’t fit 3 kids and only have two adults! First, we got the twins changed and dressed and packed into their carseats. Next we woke Isabelle up from her nap, got her ready and dressed. Ian took Isabelle out to the truck first, then drove the truck closer to the house so that I didn’t have to carry a baby too far. I can lift them just fine but I still shouldn’t really be lifting them in their seats. Then Ian came back in the house and he took Madeline and I took Aidan. The only reason Ian didn’t carry both is because it’s too dangerous with our front stairs and walkway to the truck. You can go down most of our stairs, but towards the bottom it’s just a hill of snow. Then you walk towards the the truck and go up another small snow hill and then down again. And it’s just a bit to slippery. So it’s safer if we each had a baby. Aidan being the lighter of the two was easier for me to carry. Then we clipped Madeline in the back with Isabelle and Aidan had to be on my lap in the front. Breaking so many laws just to get to the health unit!!

We actually managed to arrive on time! Getting in the building was just as intersting as getting out of the house. We both took a baby, while Isabelle stayed and made sure no one stole the truck. I took Madeline and Aidan in the building once we were up the stairs. Ian went back to get Isabelle and then came in with her.

Once in, the head nurse was very excited to see us as were the rest of the staff on duty that day. They all knew we were having twins but hadn’t seen them yet. So the appointment was just to check their weights and make sure that they were gaining from the time they had gotten home from hospital. Madeline was 8lbs at birth and is now 9lbs 5oz, Aidan was 7lbs at birth and is now 8lbs 3oz. The nurse said they both look good and was happy with the amount they are eating. Next week we get to do the whole thing again because it will be time for their 1 month immunization.

Isabelle had a check up with the dental team. They checked her teeth and said that everything looks wonderful. I’m sure it does compared to a lot of the childrens teeth they see up here. I’m sure there are kids Isabelle’s age who have terrible teeth because they are eating terrible things already. I’ve seen a child Isabelle’s age being given pop and that just horrifies me! The one hygenist is going to drop by with a toothbrush for Isabelle. I already have a few but I think it’s also a good excuse for her to come by and see the twins!

We had a garage sale yesterday. They go nuts for those up here!! We sold quite a bit and made quite a bit of money. We were mostly selling our barge items that we know we won’t get to use before we move. It was nice to make a bit of money back. We also sold our truck. Well the person is getting the funds organized and has until next week, if they don’t get it then it’s back on the market. But at least for now we aren’t taking any more offers. One offer we got was for $5000.00 now, $1000.00 at the end of the month and then $2000.00 worth of carvings. We had to explain that while we would love carvings, we also need just $$ as we have to buy another vehicle when we move and that most dealerships probably don’t accept carvings as a down payment.

We are going to have another sale towards the end of our time here. We have several more things to sell. We are really trying to eliminate any kind of possible weight issuse the moving company might have. But also you can sell things up here for what you paid for if not more. So might as well sell and buy new rather than worrying about things showing up broken! I think we might even try to sell our cribs up here. We sold a few baby items already and they were sold before Ian could even get them out to the garage!

Well that’s all I have for now. Everyone is doing well. It’s late and we have to feed the kids once more and then try to get a few hours sleep before they are ready to do it all over again. I think a growth spurt is coming on, Aidan has been feeding a lot today. Feels like I’ve hardly put him down! I’m sure we’ll take more photos this week and I’ll do my best to post them.

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Photos and other ramblings

I have updated the photo site yet again. I’m doing my best to get a few pictures up when we have some free time. We are going to attempt an outting this weekend since it’s Beluga Jamboree. If we manage and remember to bring a camera I’ll try to get some photos of the activities. I am making no promises though. Our friends have been nomitated for King & Queen of the Jamboree. They’ve been working hard fundraising and doing lots of activities in order to win. We will find out this weekend how well they did! Ian and I did a bit of baking this week for them, they were having a Casino night/Bake sale. So I did up some cupcakes and Ian baked two cakes. We were told that everything we baked sold quite quickly. We were happy to help out. It was nice to be doing something at home that was non baby related.

Madeline had a major puke today. Both Madeline and Aidan are projectile pukers. I have been barfed on by both now. I’m not sure how Ian has managed to stay clean so I’m going to have a word with the two of them and let them know they are allowed to share the barf. I don’t think Aidan was too please that Madeline puked because it meant they both got a bathtime a lot sooner than planned. We were lucky with Isabelle, she spit up some but never had these huge power pukes. Come to think of it, she threw up a lot of Ian. I don’t think he ever had a clean shirt on.

Well I just wanted to update about the photo site. Enjoy the photos. I’m off to get some sleep before babies wake up wanting food.

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Happy Easter

I thought I was going to have a bit of time to write, but as it turns out Aidan is starting to wake up. So this will be brief. First off, Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a good long weekend. We didn’t do too much, just had a small Easter dinner and spent time with the kids. We had to miss out on the compound Easter dinner because they were having at bath time for Isabelle. It’s too bad we had to miss out but our schedule is important to us.

In Isabelle news: She has learned how to climb up on to the couches. Now we are doomed. We have realized that we now have to become OCD neat freaks. You can’t leave anything on a flat surface within reach of Isabelle because it will end up on the floor. We are trying our best to teach her not to touch things but this is obviously going to take some time and at the same time we need to do a better job of putting things away when we are done with them.

There is no real news for the twins. Both are doing well. Madeline is showing off some really great neck skills. Isabelle did this around the same time. Aidan is starting to keep up with Madeline when it comes time to feed. They have both started to cluster feed in the evenings which is making our life a little bit miserable at the moment. It’s just starting to feel that from 7pm to 10pm we are constantly feeding them and they won’t sleep. Last night both were awake from 6pm until 1130pm. I finally figured that we should take them to a dark room, swaddle them and make every effort to get them to sleep! Madeline was first to be unconscious which was nice since Aidan usually takes a bit longer and Ian was trying to tidy up the kitchen. So after getting Madeline to bed, I held Aidan for quite some time before just putting him down beside me. We slept there for a while and once I knew he wasn’t going to wake I put him down to bed also. Aidan is big on snuggling which can make life difficult also. We tried to put him down a few times for naps and he’ll cry and cry because he just wants to be held. It’s hard to not spoil them a lot but I just don’t have all day to hold him.

I have posted a few more pictures on the website. I will try to get a few more up this week. It will be nice once the twins are awake more during the day then all their photos won’t be of them sleeping. I could take some awake pictures but this means they are usually screaming for a bottle!

Well I’m off to get Aidan and see if he can wait for his sister to wake up to feed. I’d like to get them on the same schedule but that also seems to be a little difficult at this time. But they are only two weeks old so I can’t expect that much from them yet. We are enjoying them so much but are also looking forward to a few more hours sleep every day. I’ll have to post later about the silly things Ian has been doing due to sleep deprivation.

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I’m exhausted today and it’s my own fault. I was trying to live like I only have 1 child who sleep though the night! Last night we stayed up too late as we were trying to catch up on our favourite tv show that we recorded while living in Inuvik. So of course when both babies were up during the night wanting to be fed and changed I was seriously dragging my behind. This morning when everyone woke up it was even worse. I find this strange almost since we had at least a good 3 hour stretch from the time they were last up. Isabelle now gets up around 8am or after and that’s also usually when the twins are waking up again for a feed/change. I can’t believe how tired I was at 8am. I should be used to being up this early!

Tonight, we go to bed early!

Currently everyone (children) is napping. Isabelle woke up about an hour after being put down and was not thrilled when she was tucked back in and left in her room. However, she did only protest for about 2 minutes. Obviously she was more tired than she thought! Today she was a big helper and tried to give Aidan his bottle. I missed this event as I was passed out on the loveseat with Madeline. Ian said it was pretty cute but that Aidan wasn’t too impressed after a few seconds of a bottle being shoved in his face. Isabelle tries her best to be gentle with them, but still does try to poke them in the head from time to time. I’m really proud of how well she is adjusting to them. If Ian or I kiss one of them and then ask her to do the same she will let us hold the baby very close to her face and she will put her head on theirs. It’s very cute. We will have to try for a photo of this at some point.

Isabelle is very sucky when I’m holding Madeline or Aidan. She wants to cuddle with me and whichever twin I’m holding. She doesn’t seem to do this as much with Ian yet, but I figure the more time he spends with her she will do this with him also. I can very much see her turning into Daddies girl because so much of my time is taken up with the twins. That’s not to say that a lot of Ian’s time isn’t taken up also, but Isabelle and I went from being with each other 24/7 to her not getting half as much attention now. This makes me very sad really. I feel like she’s growing up so fast and I’m missing so much of it even though I’m home with her full time. I can’t imagine what it’s like for working mom’s.

Now a bit about Tuk. I haven’t posted much on the topic of Tuk, actually I don’t think I’ve talked about it at all! Not much has changed, we haven’t heard much from staffing. They are working on a few things and hopefully we’ll hear something soon. The weather is starting to warm up finally! I’ve heard rumours of it getting up to -7 this week! Hooray! After the bitter cold weather we had while in Inuvik it’s nice to come home and have it warm up. There is still about 6 feet of snow in the back yard however so it will be a while before we see the ground in some places. 6 feet is probably the highest point of snow, as for the driveways and what not I have no idea how much snow there is. I have a few pictures of snowbanks to post in the Tuk folder on our web page. I will try to do this tonight or tomorrow.

Our office has grown by a few new members. It’s nice to have them here especially with Ian on leave, it helps lessen the stress on the office a bit. Everyone is doing well, one couple up here just got engaged on their last holiday, congrats to them! Our other friends up here have their wedding quickly approaching so we are excited for them also. Max and Jersey have new friends as both of the new couples have dogs here also. One couple has two huskies and the other have a Beagle. Max and Jersey have not yet met the Beagle. I’m curious as to how they handle the small one as their last experience with a small dog did not go well. At least for Jersey, I don’t think Max has met a small dog yet.

Well I believe I hear a baby over the monitor. We have them nap in their crib during the day and they have been sleeping in their playpen/bassinet in our room at night. This is going to change starting tomorrow as they will exclusively sleep in their crib. We had Isabelle in our room for two weeks and we did about the same with these guys. I’m now ready to have my room and my own space back. It is easier to have them right here during the night, but their room isn’t that far from us any how so might as well make the move. Anyways, I’m off for now. I’m doing my best at posting. For the next while I may just post when we have updates or any new and exciting news. I hope to have an appointment at the health unit this week so we can have the twins weighed and so on. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Hope everyone is well.

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New photos

Hi all,

Just a quick post to advise of some new photos on our website. If you have lost this site address or don’t have it yet here it is, http://www.diplocknwt.myphotoalbum.com

All is well today, we are having company over for dinner so I’m in a bit of a rush to get kids fed and dressed and tidy up a little. Not much new to report, twins are doing well, letting us sleep a bit more during the night. It will be great once we can get a really good schedule going that is close to Isabelle’s so we can all try to nap around the same times.

Isabelle is doing well. After a few days of not having morning naps we seem to have managed to get two naps in today. She’s a much happier camper when she has her two naps.

The pups are doing well. They are showing about as much interst in the twins as they did when we brought Isabelle home. They sniff them from time to time but that’s about it.

Well I’m off. Enjoy the new photos! There are some in the twins folder and some in Isabelle’s. I have more to add to Isabelle’s and I’ll try to get to that later tonight.

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A bit of time to write….

So we’ve been home for two nights now. The first night did not go well, neither did our first night back at hotel. Last night however was a bit easier and we managed to get a good stretch of sleep. I’m not sure where my story of all this should start so we’ll just go back to the beginning a bit. If I remember correctly I was sent to Inuvik around the 33/34 week mark. We actually had to spend Isabelle’s birthday in the hotel. Luckily Ian was able to be there that day so we could spend it as a family. Ian was doing the back and forth from Tuk to Inuvik until the Dr decided that I was doing too much and needed to be put on restricted activites and moderate bedrest. I was happy to not have to be in bed 23 hours a day, I think I would have lost my mind if that had happened. Ian went home for two days to get organized and finish up some work stuff before returning to Inuvik for the birth.

Time dragged in the hotel because the weather was horrifyingly cold and we weren’t able to take Isabelle out as much as we had wanted. We were going to buy her a little sled to go on walks in the park so I could get some fresh air and a bit of exercise but that was all canceled. Isabelle was a trooper at the hotel. I know how much I hated it and I can’t believe she didn’t hate it more than us. Once we had the larger room things picked up a little. I was so relieved to have Ian as I was having a lot of contractions on a daily basis. Those pretty much stopped once he was there full time. I was also seriously uncomfortable and lacking in sleep. I was up to pee every two hours, but even if I was “sleeping” my tummy was so big and awkward and the babies were on the go that I hardly slept. Add in the terrible heartburn since my stomach was pushed up so far I’m surprised that I couldn’t see it just looking down my throat! I had to spend a few nights sitting up trying to sleep or I just went without sleep and sat up all night.

My stomach measured at 52cm for my last appointment. That was a Friday, the weekend before my c section. We were told that my c section would be on the 24th of March and pre-op would be Monday. Finally a date was set. It was nice to know the end was near. Sadly that excitement came to a quick halt when we recieved the call on Monday night that they did not have the correct type of blood for me. It appears that I’ve developed an antibody (Anti-C) and that while they had O+ blood, it needed to have the Anti-C in it as well. So that had to be sent up from YK. It made it up and was cross matched with my blood and so everything was a go for the 25th. I checked in on the night of the 24th since it would be easier rather than getting up at 4am and having to rush around getting Isabelle ready to go to the babysitter. Ian didn’t have to be at the hosptial until 7am. So he was able to be with Isabelle until our babysitter arrived and then he headed over. My day started around 530, they hooked up my IV and a few other things to me. Then I waited. Ian showed up early! I thought for sure he’d be a few minutes late. We sat for a bit and waited. The nurse came and I got on to the stretcher to be taken to the OR. We got all the way to the doors, but were early and no one was quite ready so we were wheeled back to our room for another few minutes.

Once in the OR, when everyone was ready, I was moved on to the table, which is a weird feeling, and they checked a few things and then had me sit up and put my feet on a stool so that I could get the epidural. They put this patch on my back earlier in the morning that made the location numb. I felt nothing other than a slight sensation of something in my spine. One leg went number pretty quickly followed by the other. I was helped back on to the table and was then quickly undressed and the drape went up and then they were ready for Ian to come in. I didn’t even realize they had started until I felt immense relief, that was the feeling of Madeline coming out. I swear I could feel my internal organs going back to where they were 9 months ago! Next came Aidan and it felt good having him out of there too! Madeline was born at 0834 she was 8lbs even, 53 cm long, head circumference 35.25cm, chest 33.5cm. Aidan was born 0835 and he was 7lbs even, 51.5cm long, head circumfernce 31.5cm and chest 31.5cm. Ian couldn’t get close enough to where Aidan was being looked after to get his first picture. A little disappointing but we’ve taken lots of pictures since. I was sewn up, in the recovery area for maybe 15 minutes and then back on my way to my room to see Ian with the twins.

My room was awesome by the way. It was much larger than the room we had when Isabelle was born. The staff told us they figured with twins we might need a bit more space! I laugh at that now because Madeline and Aidan shared the same bassinet while there the whole time.
We had the chance to be discharged on day 3 since we were all doing so well and we were staying in town for a few more days, but we decided to stay until day 4. While in hospital there were 4 or 5 more babies born! They were very busy on the floor with deliveries that they couldn’t always take the twins out of the room to give me a break. We did get to have two nights without them in the room which was awesome. The other two nights were very long nights!

Isabelle came to visit us in the hospital every day. It was such a change to see her the day the twins were born. She came in the room and she was just a giant to me! I almost cried because to me she is still a baby! Even though she’s walking and “talking” and doing big girl things, she’s still my first little baby. I couldn’t believe how big she was. What made me the most sad is that I couldn’t have her up on the bed with me the first day, I just wanted to hold her so bad! She did well meeting Madeline and Aidan. She’s curious and wants to see them on her own terms. She doesn’t want you to put them anywhere near her. She wants to go up to them herself. She will reach out for them, but won’t always touch them.

The day we got back to the hotel, she was very sucky with me. She was coming up to Aidan and I and putting her head down on my knees or on my tummy. It too made me sad or at least emotional. I still can’t pick her up which just breaks my heart because I just want to pick her up and toss her around and give her hugs and so on. For now we just do all these things sitting down. Isabelle is pretty sucky around the house. She falls and she cries, she can’t get something she cries, she wants food she cries, she wants badlly to sit with me she cries, I give a baby a bottle she cries. It’s quite the noisy household when all three are not getting what they want. Isabelle doesn’t like it when the twins cry. She gets this worried look on her face and whines. We just explain what we can and she’ll get it eventually.

The journey home: Well we had two adults and 3 children. This makes flying home and driving impossible. Flying because you need all three children to be held by and adult. Driving impossible because you need a truck that can hold 3 carseats across the backseat and nevermind that we had a playpen, stroller, 3 pieces of luggage and whatever else we collected while staying in Inuvik for 5 weeks. How did we solve the problem you ask? Well luckily two members from Tuk were driving in the day we were coming home. So we asked the wife of one to come in for the day and we flew her home with us. We also had one of the members drive our truck back in that night which really helped cut down on the excess baggage we would have had to pay.

It was and still is great to be home. The first night was a gong show as both Madeline and Aidan took turns being awake about an hour a part from each other. Then when they did go to sleep, Isabelle was up for the day two hours later. Last night went better, everyone let us get a bit more sleep. Isabelle is still up nice and early, I’d love to know where the day goes. We’ve been up since 7am and it’s already 530! Well I’m off, Isabelle is looking for something called “num num” which equals “I’m hungry”.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and messages on facebook. We are so happy to have Madeline and Aidan a part of our family.

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Home at last

So we made it home on Monday after being discharged from hospital on Sunday. This post will be brief as we are about to give the twins a bath. Both babies are doing well and Isabelle is settling in to her new role of big sister. There are pictures on our photo site for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet. I have more pictures to post, just need to find the time.
I am doing well. Recovery this time around is much faster for me which is a blessing.
I will try to post again later tonight and let you all know about the c section and hospital stay or I will try to find some time to get to that tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone who has sent emails and posted on facebook congratulating us on our newest additions!