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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Ahh nap time

Just when I thought we would make it the full two hours without a peep from the twins Aidan just came shrieking over the baby monitor. He will quiet down in a minute. Sometimes I think he just gets mad that he’s woken up and then cries for a minute or two and then goes back to sleep.

I do hope to get better at keeping this site up to date. I do have more time on my hands these days but often find myself using that time around the house or more importantly sleeping. I’m sure you are all thinking, “why are you sleeping so much now if the twins are sleeping though the night”, well that’s simple….I love sleep. I am still making up for all the sleep I lost while pregnant with the twins and all the sleep we didn’t get after they were born. And then on top of that just the sheer exhaustion of having three kiddies.

The kids are all doing well. All on the same schedule which is awesome for us. It can make time around the house a little predictable and boring so we try to change things up from time to time. Now that the twins are a bit bigger they are able to sit in their stroller better. So we took them for a walk one day with my mom and Isabelle. We got pretty far with Isabelle just on her own two feet. We got almost to the park. We’ll have to see if next time we can make it to the park. Might be a good plan to have the stroller just in case. Later that same day Ian and I took the kids again, everyone in strollers, and the dogs to the park to let them have a good stretch of their legs. The dogs enjoyed the trip out which is good since they deserve it after being cooped up for a little while lately.

The broken toe is healing up. I can walk around better on it, but have found there to be times where I have pushed myself a little too much. Okay I’d like to just add in here that this post was supposed to have been finished oh say 3 hours ago! Haha. Remember how I said Aidan had started to scream and that usually he stops. Well today he didn’t. And then his two sister chimed in. So this afternoon’s nap was only about an hour. Not much down time for me today.
I’m trying to finish this while eating my dinner and while trying to keep the twins entertained. Our life really has become a circus. So back to the toe. While it looks in place and feels okay some days I have other days where it hurts like mad and I feel like I shouldn’t be walking on it. However until my parents either move in next door and my mother stops having her own life or I get a nanny…I will have to keep doing what I have to do on my broken toe. I would just like to remind my body that I had plenty of spare time years ago to break things….now I do not so shape up!

We have ordered the stroller to end all strollers. It will be here the beginning of October. This stroller will allow me to get out with all three kids and go places. Like malls, or most appointments or even just for a walk. It will also mean one less stroller in our van for road trips. We have our double stroller advertised for sale on kijijii. Hopefully we’ll be able to sell it. We will be selling a bunch of our other baby stuff in a while so even if it doesn’t sell now we can try again later.

Well Madeline is freaking out and I need to finish my dinner before getting sidetracked and missing yet another meal today. It’s amazing how many meals I manage to miss out on, but at least the kids are happy by the end of the day.