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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Kidlet Update

So last week the twins had their 1 year appointment with our family Dr.  They were 13 months at the time but that’s because our Dr sees about 800 other children so we didn’t get in quite on time.  So here is goes:


Height: 80cm (31.5 inches)
Weight: 23lbs (10.66kgs)
Head:    47cm

According to the doc Madeline is right on track and growing and developing well.  Maddy is close to walking, she will take steps to me if I set her down away from me.  She will not walk to her Dad yet and I think that’s just because she is so used to doing this little “game” with me.  She walks holding onto toys that move or the walls or the furniture.  She is an amazing eater.  Better watch your fingers cause she’d probably try to eat them.  Maddy has fully decided she no longer wants baby food.  It has to be table food or she won’t eat it.  Maddy also has a few words, has the two main ones of Mommy and Daddy, but she also says: Uh huh, up, down, zoon, shoe, bark, woof woof and I’m sure there are others I can’t think of.  She’s a very cuddly girl which is so different for me because Isabelle did not cuddle and rarely does still.  Maddy also loves to play peak a boo and loves to splash like crazy in the tub.  She is big fan of her big sister (who doesn’t quite appreciate this yet).  She loves to go where she goes and try to do all the things that she does.  I hope what they will be close sisters.


Height: 80cm (31.5 inches)  we think they measured wrong because he seems taller than Madeline.  If I remember I will re-measure him.
Weight: 22.5lbs (10.13kg)
Head:    48cm

Aidan is also on target.  I would have to say it surprises me that he is only .5 away from Madeline in the weight department.  When you see them together she clearly looks larger than he.  Madeline is certainly stronger than Aidan.  While he does get up on his feet quickly and will move around sometimes while holding onto furniture or some toys, he still isn’t quite ready to try walking.  That doesn’t stop Aidan though, he can move if he wants to.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby crawl as fast as he does.  He’s also a good eater, but I think if you still tried to give him baby food he would eat it.  Aidan hasn’t quite figured out that you need to chew things up really good and swallow.  He likes to store food in his mouth like a chipmunk and then swallow.  It’s kind of funny.  You know you have to stop giving him food because he’s run out of room in his cheeks.  He usually ends up gagging and spitting some of it out.  Silly guy.  He can sure pack it away like his sister though.  I think they ate more than Isabelle at dinner the other night.  Aidan is also a mommy’s boy.  He loves to hug and cuddle which is also nice.  However he will push me away lots too.  He lights up when his Dad comes home.  If I tell Aidan that Daddy is home, he will crawl lighting fast over to the front window to watch *I* get out of the car and walk to the window.

I’m so glad the twins are doing well.  I watch lots of baby shows still, mainly about multiples and lots of times I’m reminded of how lucky we were that our twins were healthy and big babies.  We are so bless with our three kids.  Isabelle, while she has her days, really is a wonderful big sister.  I feel guilty some days that I did not get to spend enough time with her before the babies arrived.  We wanted our kids close together in age, but that was thinking that there would only be one baby at a time.  She can be so starved for attention it feels like even though I really do my best to share myself and to give Isabelle one on one attention when the twins are sleeping.  I just feel some days that it’s not enough for her and I wonder if we should have waited a bit longer.  However, I think the three of them will grow up being close to each other and this trouble of attention will be over.  They will play with each other better or be able to ignore each other better too I suppose.  I think I have trouble dividing my attention now, there are still days I think about having another baby.  I always wanted 4.  I have always wanted a big family.  And I know that we are so lucky to have had three babies, but I do wonder what life would be like if our first little angel had stayed with us.  Life with 4 would be crazy I’m sure but it’s crazy with three so what’s one more!?  However, we’d have to trade in our minivan for a bus, we just stopped paying for formula and can see the end in sight for diapers, we enjoy sleeping though the night and never mind the weight I have to get rid of from having the other three!!  And the issue of house size…..

Well the weather has been awesome and poopy the last few days.  Isabelle has really been enjoying her outside time.  The twins like it outside, but it’s hard for me to be out there with all three as Aidan has made several attempts to crawl off the deck.  It’s not much fun to have to be all over the place chasing after Aidan and Madeline.  I thought the sand and water table would be a good distraction for them, but it’s not.  Isabelle has knocked a bunch of sand out on to the deck and the twins discovered yesterday that they do no like to stand on sand.  Add this to they don’t like grass either.  Haha.  Awesome.  It took Isabelle a bit of time to get used to grass also.  Now she likes to pick the “flowers” aka dandelions off the lawn.

Isabelle has a friend next door.  His name is David.  His family is Romanian.  David doesn’t speak any English.  He is adorable.  He’s a few months younger than Isabelle but he’s taller than her already.  They enjoy playing together in the yard.  The other day, David’s grandmother took the two of them for a little walk down the street, Isabelle and David held hands.  It was too freaking cute and I wish I had taken a picture!  From now on camera with me at all times!  He’s even given her a kiss on the cheek!   His parents a great, we are lucky to have such nice neighbours, thankfully they do speak English so we can talk to them and they can talk to David for us.  They just love Isabelle also.  It will be nice when the twins are walking and the four of them can play.  I’m glad Aidan will have another boy to play with!

Well time to go tidy up a little.  *I* is on nights so thankfully my poor sick mom has been coming to help me out.  Bath and bed time is such a crazy time.  Not that I want the kids to grow up fast, but I look forward to the twins being Isabelle’s age.  They will be so much more independent and I won’t need so much help to get them all to bed.  A question to all my mommy friends, I never had to wean Isabelle off her bedtime bottle or bottles during the day for that matter, any advice?  We’ve tried putting their milk in a sippy cup but they won’t drink it.  Perhaps I just have to keep that up and they will eventually want it enough to drink it that way?  Any suggestions would be awesome!  Have a wonderful weekend!