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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Poop in the potty! HOORAY!!!!!

We’ve had success again and it’s always a party when there is success.  Isabelle kept telling me that something was going on but of course it’s right when I am trying to feed the twins their bottles.  So I just kept telling her it was okay and that we would get it the next time.  But she insisted and even managed to hang on until the twins were done their bottles.

So we make the trip in to the bathroom, sit down on the potty and discuss all things potty.  Then Isabelle gives me her signal for “all done”.  But there was nothing there.  So I assured her better luck next time and we still did a little dance for wanting to be on the potty.  5 minutes later she’s again telling me something is going on.  So back we go.  We sit, we wait, we chat and then Isabelle claps her hands.  So up we get off the potty and yes it certainly was time to celebrate for real!

I am proud of my little girl.  And I’m sure that when she’s old enough to know and resent me for all the embarrassing things I will do to her, this will be one of them that she will be mad at.  My posting about her poop.  So Isabelle, when you do read this you will look back one day on it and realize that you will most likely to the same to your child(ren).  I’m going to do it to your sister and brother too!  Tee hee.

Auntie M is coming up this weekend and I can’t wait to have her.  More importantly there is a little someone in this house who is going to be very excited to have her Auntie around.  It’s always nice to have an extra body in the house.  Mainly because Isabelle needs the extra attention.  It has been getting better for Isabelle lately as the twins have gotten older.  But she still doesn’t get quite as much as she needs I think.  On the plus she is getting better at playing by herself and even playing so the twins are amused with what she is doing.  I’ve noticed a bit of a change in how she reacts to the twins lately.  It’s more between her and Madeline since Madeline is the one who is sitting up the best.  Isabelle will play in front of her and Madeline with shriek in delight which then also makes Isabelle happy because I think she’s starting to understand that she’s making her happy.

Today we also had a very “cute” moment between Isabelle and Madeline.  Isabelle likes to sit in their cribs with them while I’m changing one of them at the change table.  So I usually put her in Aidan’s crib because it’s closest to the table so that if she stands up I can quickly get her to sit down again.  So today I changed Madeline and brought her over to Aidan’s crib where he and Isabelle were hanging out.  I sat Madeline up in front of Isabelle and they sat there together in the crib while I changed Aidan.  Isabelle was such a proud big sister that she even helped Madeline get a toy she knocked out of reach.  She was happy to sit there with her sister.  It was so cute and of course there was a camera no where in sight.  So I will have to try to be better equipped the next time.

Well the three of them didn’t nap well this morning and I didn’t get much of a nap this afternoon so I’m off to try to get some sleep.

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6 month & 19 month update

Wow, can you believe it?  Isabelle is 19 months and the twins are 6 months already!  Sometimes it still amazes me that I’m the proud mom of three beautiful and wonderful children.  Isabelle is handling her big sister responsibilities well but she has her moments.  Like today for instance when she threw a small hard plastic toy which bounced off of Madeline’s forehead.  Which quickly made Madeline’s very pouty lower lip quiver and she erupted into a very loud scream.  So when Isabelle was told that she is not to throw her toys especially at her brother and sister she too erupted into a very loud shrieking scream with these big tears.  Aidan the whole time was just quietly sitting in his Bumbo chair looking at the pair of them wailing away.  He and I shared a giggle together at their expense.  Isabelle kissed Madeline on the head after they were done crying and all was well again.

When we have all three kids in the car, Isabelle has started to make faces and interact with Madeline.  The two of them giggle constantly in the van and it’s just music to our ears.  Isabelle is also good at getting toys for the twins and throwing their clothes all over their room while we dress/undress them.  She is also a big helper when it’s time for the twins bath.  When Ian isn’t available I bathe them in their baby tub in our shower.  And Isabelle has the job of opening and closing the shower door. 

Isabelle has used her potty seat twice now.  Yesterday I found her naked in her crib.  That’s one of her new things these days.  Anyways, her diaper was dry and so was her bed.  We’ve found her in a wet bed a few times.  So I scooped her up and put her on her seat.  We waited a few minutes and then it happened, she peed on the potty!!  We celebrated for her and clapped our hands and woo hooed quite loudly for her.  She was very proud of herself.  And we were very proud of her.  So tonight during her bath time she started to push for a poop, so out we got from the tub and on to the potty.  We’ve tried this before and didn’t have success but tonight was a different story!!  So we celebrated all over again.  I’m trying to decide what to do as a reward for her.  I’m not working hard to potty train her, if it happens then great if she doesn’t make it on to the potty it’s okay too.  She’s still young but she’s obviously willing to try it out.  She’s such a big girl now!

The twins are doing well.  We are still dealing with teething.  Aidan still has no sign of a tooth coming though but is often quite warm, drool everywhere and irritable.  Madeline however has one very sharp cute little tooth on the bottom.  Madeline is also sitting quite well, she’s not quite on her own but she will correct herself if she starts to fall over.  Aidan isn’t quite there yet but is sitting really well in his Bumbo chair.  Madeline will also roll over both ways but often forgets she can do so.  Aidan practically does back flips sometimes.  He throws himself around when rolling over it really is quite something to see.  Aidan will also try to wiggle himself out of his bouncy chair.  Madeline likes to be right in the middle of everything and Aidan prefers to hang back and watch.  However I think that will all change once Aidan is older and mobile.  I think he will run circles around the girls.

Not much going on in my life.  I had a great visit with Heather last week and was very sad to see her leave.  I told her she could stay as I’d love to have a live in nanny, but as much as she loves my children she loves the East too much to leave it.  I don’t blame her, it is wonderful out there.  Heather took me to my very first baseball game and we had a great time!  We also went up the CN Tower which was awesome!!  I’d also like to say that was my very first time driving in the city of TO and I did great!  We got lost on our way home, but I managed with the help of Heather my co pilot, to get us home. 

I’m still waiting on our new fancy stroller so that I can get out with all three kids.  Isabelle really enjoys getting outside for walks to the mailbox and to the park and I’d love to be able to do that on days that I’m alone.  I’d even like to be able to take the kids to a mall on my own or somewhere to meet other moms with kids.  So I’m anxiously waiting for the phone call that it’s in at the store.  Ian is on nights so it’s been just me for the most chaotic time of night.  My mom has been really helpful and was coming to help.  Doing it on my own is alright but it’s just a lot for one person.  I look forward to when all three kids can be in the tub together.  More importantly when none of them need bottles at night and they can dress themselves!  One day I will have what I want.  But so far I’m managing well on my own.  The broken toe is healing well.  It’s still purple and stiff but we well on the way to being healed up.

All in all we are doing well.  Fall is here and we are getting ready to remember what an Ontario winter is like.  It’s been a while for Ian and I.  I’ve already said a few times that I think I will miss the Northern winters.  I never liked winter here when I lived here.  It’s cold and damp and it goes right to your bones.  Ugh, I’m dreading it so much.  It’s a big day for Ian this weekend, another year older.  Not sure what we will do to celebrate, probably just dinner at home with the kids and try to relax a bit after they go to bed.  Well I’m off.  Try to get some rest before another wonderfully busy day tomorrow.