30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Mommy does not do 4:30am

untitled22Even if I could drink endless amounts of caffeine I don’t think it would help how sleepy I am feeling today.

Aidan is not generally an early riser. If it hadn’t been for the mysterious shadows on his walls at 4:30 this morning he wouldn’t have woken me up asking if he could please sleep on the couch. I wasn’t really in the mood to argue. He really could have just gone there on his own. I think he just needed a little reassurance that the shadows weren’t out to get him. He had barely turned to leave and already my eyes were clamping shut.

I don’t do early.

It felt like minutes when I awoke to “MOOOOMMMMY!”

My brain didn’t really understand at first. Then it happened again. “MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYY I NEED HELP!!”

Shit! I’m up! Come out to the living room because he’s supposed to be on the couch but he’s not there.

“Where are you!?”

“I’m in the front bathroom and I had a poop shoot out!!”

I’m to tired to even find this statement funny. Poor kid. Thankfully he can haul ass to the bathroom when needed. I can always count on him for that. Help him get cleaned up and back into his bed on the couch.

It’s 5:05am when I get back into bed. Close my eyes. Eyes pop open. Close my eyes again. Eyes basically tell me to shove it. I’m awake. So I checked the usual stuff out on my phone, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and was about to play some Candy Crush when I turned off my phone and decided to try to sleep again.

I was out. Felt like another two minutes went by before my phone went off signaling it was time to get up and get the kids moving. Oh my god I wanted to die. I was having the best sleep of my life. That phone is lucky I didn’t smash it with the baseball bat that sits next to my bed. I re set the alarm so I could have another 25 minutes of sleep. It was great but not awesome.

Thankfully Aidan seems to be feeling just fine now. No more poops rocketing out of his tiny body. I am seriously looking forward to the weekend and keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the kids will let me stay in bed until 9am like they did last weekend!!

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Missing the warm weather of Florida

The vacation was awesome! One of the countless best parts, was that no one hurled on the drive!! Hooray for small victories! I like to think it’s because I had been telling the kids for weeks prior to stay extremely far away from any of their friends with germs!!


The kids did really well on the drive. We only had one meltdown from Madeline part way through the second day. Our first day was really long. Approx. 9 hours of driving so it was quite understandable that at least one of them was losing their minds by the middle of the second day.

Once at Liki Tiki the kids were back to their usual selfs. The hard part was convincing them to get back in the van after unloading to go pick up groceries. We bribed them with the promise of swimming afterwards.

During our time there we went and explored Wonder Works, Legoland Florida and we went to see La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs. The rest of our time was spent at Liki Tiki enjoying the pools, mini golf, paddle boats and watching Grandpa fish in the pond.

It was sure hard to pack it all up at the end of the two weeks and head for home. The weather was hard to come home to, it was cold and rainy. Husband still had a week off work, I felt like we should have stayed an extra week in Florida!! However, it was great to be home and back in our own beds. Jersey was well loved while we were gone but she too seemed happy to be home with her family.

In other news…..


I am done! Woohoo! I completed my program with a 4.95 GPA!! I have applied to Graduate and Convocation is in June. I won’t be attending but I am super pumped to be finished. So now it’s on to the job hunt!!

Now that I’m done with school…just a little behind.