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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Is it bedtime yet?

Today has been one of those days. When my alarm went off at 6 am I woke up enough to turn it off. Twenty five minutes later I woke up and realized I did not get up to take my thyroid med. So up I get and then immediately back to bed to sleep until 7:15 alarm goes off. I did not even care that the girls could be heard going to the basement to turn on the tv. Usually I tell them to get back to bed as 6:30 is too early for them to be up.

All was going well in the world after my alarm went off. Only hiccup was that Aidan had a high fever. So he stays home and girls will go to school. While brushing Madeline’s hair she is being cranky and crying a bit. She then starts crying more when her dumb mother who is pretend talking to her stuffed lamb suggests that her lamb even agrees that she’s being cranky.

Madeline is now crying harder because her lamb just said something mean at her….(her words) Of course it’s not cool to turn your child’s favourite stuffed animal against her. Duh. It’s now 8:43 and we should be at the school already but no big deal as we only live 1 minute away. I’m in the van on the phone with husband asking him a question when I see the girls playing on one of our rocks in the garden. Next thing I see is Madeline falling. I hang up on husband as she feel weirdly and into a small tree. I thought she may have poked her eye on the pokey tree branches. She’s of course crying loudly. I realize she has dirt all on the front of her legs and needs to change her pants.

Take her in to change. Take off her dirty pants to reveal cut knee that is bleeding. Stupidly say out loud to myself “Oh you are bleeding” to which Maddy replies in even louder crying. I’m certain neighbours think I am harming a child. Find Band-Aid and apply to bleeding knee. Get new pants and socks on Maddy. Put her jacket and shoes on and usher her out of house and into van. Drive to school. I thought Maddy might have a hard time saying goodbye at the gate after her morning mishaps however we hugged and on her way she went.

Aidan and I had a chill day at home. I spent just over an hour on my treadmill while he snuggled with his lamb and watched tv. It was getting close to the time I had to go pick Madeline up for the dentist and Aidan was just not doing well with his fever. Thankfully husband was able to come give a hand and stay with Aidan while I had Madeline at the dentist. Worlds fastest appointment. Molar coming in and giving her a hard time and she has a canker sore back there too. Fast forward to it being close to the time to go get Isabelle. I’m going to omit this part for Madeline’s sake. Let’s just say we had an accident minutes before I am to get Isabelle, had to run home drop her off and run back to school. Secured Isabelle who then tries to have a meltdown over a play date with Madeline’s best friend. That ended quickly when I reminded her of yesterday.

Sigh….at least our evening as gone well for now. Time to throw a kid in the tub while the other two quietly do something. The end result that I can’t wait for is bedtime. I don’t know what is going on these last few days. I am hopeful that Aidan will be able to go to school tomorrow and that the girls will have a good day at school also. I would also like for the wind to go blow like hell somewhere else in the province so that I can take them to the park tomorrow so they can burn off some energy.

Ah what a day….wonder what kind of crazy tomorrow will bring!

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Ever have that moment where you want to walk away from parenting but remember you wouldn’t last 2 seconds in jail?

I had one of those moments today. Mornings and after school is usually trouble free for us. I never claim to be this super mommy who has everything handled and the dishes clean and the laundry folded. I am far from that. In fact I have no desire to be that. I am the lucky mom to three pretty nifty kids. They have their moments and I have mine but for the most part things run pretty smoothly.

The wind is blowing like crazy today. My original plan was that if the rain held off I was going to surprise (torture) the kids with walking home today. I’m so tired of the who sits where drama in our van that walking makes much more sense. Madeline thinks she will be able to scream and cry her way out of this, well I have one word for her…..iPod! Back to the wind. Because we live in the land of no trees the wind comes ripping across the farm field and will literally take Aidan with it. I decided much safer to just drive today and not have to worry about him blowing into traffic.

We aren’t even out of the playground and Madeline is asked by a friend to go to their house so I say sure. Instantly Isabelle is demanding that she go too. Well for starters this is Madeline’s friend and second you weren’t asked. I said all this to her in my most patient mommy voice. However Isabelle then instantly throws her head back and starts crying and saying, scratch that, angry screaming that it’s not fair that Madeline always gets to go to her friends houses and that she doesn’t. This doesn’t fly with me, but I chose to ignore at this moment because just as she’s having her freak out the boy child starts whining that he wants to play at the park and he wants to play with his friend at the park. I send Madeline off with her friend and try explaining to Isabelle again that she needs to let Madeline have her own friends just like Madeline needs to do the same for her when the situation is reversed.

As we head for the van I can see that no one is staying to play at the park today and I can’t say I blame them. However kids don’t care that it’s 60km/h winds. They just want to play at the park. And for a brief moment I was almost going to say yes. What do I care, I can sit in the van and watch them until they realize it’s too damn windy!!

Just as I was about to say yes, Isabelle throws her head back again and starts wailing about how it’s not fair and waa waa waaaaaaaa…..I’m sure it was words but that was all I heard. So I decided nope that was it. We were going home. This sends Aidan into his, I HATE OUR HOUSE!! I never want to go home, I want a new house. So I said it….I said “fine, get out and go find a new house.” Not my best moment. That was the teeny tiny moment that I just wanted to walk away from parenting but remembered that I would not last in jail. Maybe I sound like an awful Mommy. However I know that I am not the only one who feels like this or has these moments.

I love my children so much it hurts but no one told me ever that raising little assholes…er I mean kids was so hard. And this moment I’m having really isn’t all that big of a problem. I’m actually quite surprised it happened on a Monday. This shit usually happens on a Friday!!!

So we made it home. The boy child who wanted a new home got to spend a few minutes in his room. He came downstairs and said he was sorry he said he wanted a new home. He did say he only said it thinking that I would go with him to this new home. Haha. The fiery red head dried her eyes and quietly went downstairs to watch some tv, but not before saying she was sorry too.

Only and hour before Madeline comes home and then once it’s dinner they will start arguing about who sits where at the dinner table. I may have to just let them sit at the table and wonder how they are going to get their dinner while I just sit quietly at the table. That has thrown them for a moment before.

I love them so much that one day I will print this blog and give their future spouse a copy!!

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The word of the day is Fever

It seems that a 24-48hr fever has been going around the twins class. So both girls are home today with fevers. Madeline’s has gone down a little but Isabelle is still hovering near 40 degrees. When Aidan had his fever it only lasted 2 days so hopefully the same will happen for the girls.

Madeline had her hearing test a few weeks ago and we were told that her hearing is excellent! Great news for us! We were worried because she had at least 5 ear infections starting in October and her last one was in March. She did still have fluid in her right ear which will hopefully have drained out by now. I never realized just how long it takes for fluid to leave the ear! 8-10 weeks we were told! I was getting worried last week when Madeline mentioned her right ear was sore but it seems to be feeling fine now.

Madeline was referred to the Sleep Clinic and we met with her Dr to discuss her sleep issues. Over the winter Madeline could be heard snoring at night. It was so hard to tell if it was due to how congested she has been since October. She is on a prescribed nasal spray which has been helping with her post-nasal drip and easing some of her congestion. I was checking on the girls one night and Madeline was snoring away and so I decided to record it. So glad I did.

When we were speaking with the Dr I got the impression that Madeline didn’t seem to fit the typical profile of a kid with sleep apnea. She’s always the first one up. She isn’t having trouble at school being tired. She’s active when it’s an activity she enjoys. She doesn’t have much trouble going to bed. So I felt it would be a good idea to play the audio clip of Madeline sleeping while healthy. The conversation changed quickly. He is sending her for a sleep study. He also feels though that Madeline would benefit from seeing an ENT. The cases of children with Sleep Apnea is rising, mainly because kids weren’t usually diagnosed with it and because removing the tonsils and adenoids would help their sleep troubles. However what they are finding now is that the child will improve once those are removed but then later in adult life they fall back into having sleep problems and will then be diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

Madeline is not psyched about having this as her first sleep over. This leads us to anxiety. Madeline has been dealing with a lot of anxiety for a 6 year old. She worries about odd things and we are doing our best to help her through those worries. My hope is that once we get her sleeping better these anxieties will either lessen or hopefully just go away.

Her sleep study is in May and we will begin to talk about that in a few weeks. I find we need to tell her things well in advance to give her the time to worry and talk it out with us. I am looking forward to her having this done and also speaking with an ENT.

Hopefully we are on the right track to help Madeline! I just gave the girls a strawberry yogurt smoothie popsicle. I’m sure this is helping their mood!

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Je ai une dent qui bouge

If you such at French like I do and need your children to translate for you, this means “my tooth is loose.” Madeline was excited this morning to tell her teachers that she has her first loose tooth! Her dilemma was that she wasn’t sure how to tell them. Thankfully Isabelle saved the day and said “Je ai une dent qui bouge” to which I said “huh?” She laughed at me a little. I just explained to her that she will have to be my French translator from now on! She is quite happy with that title!

It seems that Madeline is following in Isabelle’s footsteps yet again. Isabelle turned 6 and her teeth got notice to start falling out. Madeline turned 6 and already you can see her two front bottom teeth coming up through the gum! One of her bottom front teeth is also loose and she is thrilled about this!! I find this rather amusing since it was only a few months ago that Madeline was in tears because she was afraid of her teeth coming out!!

Aidan on the other hand show no signs of teeth coming up yet nor are any of his loose. This also doesn’t surprise us as Aidan was always the more slow and steady one to catch up to the girls. This is perfectly okay with me as it lets me hold on to at least one of them not growing up at warp speed.

Isabelle is has two teeth that are lose however I think she has stubborn teeth like me. Despite all our best efforts to wiggle them and her new teeth pushing them out of the way, they just won’t come out. I’d rather not have to take her to have them removed at the dentist. So we will give them a bit more time. Perhaps it’s time for dental floss and a door being slammed? She’d likely never let me near her mouth again after that though!!

The weather is crappy today. It’s dull and dreary and raining. This also brings headaches for me. As I write I am enjoying my first of many cups of coffee today. I can also see that my hour on the treadmill might be replaced with hiding in bed under the covers.

I am still waiting on the final grade for my Keyboarding course, the teacher still has one assignment and my final to mark. So it could be a few weeks still. I did awesome in my other course and now have 5 more plus 2 electives to go and then I’m done. I had planned on taking 3 courses next but then was reminded that I would be working on them in the summer with three kids home. So I have decided it will be better to just take one and then when they are back to school. So far I am really enjoying this course. It’s so nice to use my brain for something new.

Now I must go perform back surgery on Madeline’s lamb. Poor thing is coming unstitched. I think it may be time to retire her lamb to a shelf soon and be loved from a distance. I’m not sure how many more times this poor thing can be sewn up. Just add animal surgeon to my list of duties!