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A wonderful long weekend

We had a fantastic time at Evergreen Resort!  I was sad to come home to be honest.  It was hard to take the kids away from a place where they were having the most fun I’ve ever seen them have at one time.  However it was time to go home and get back into our routine again.  The kids are still talking about the beach and the pool and making sand castles.  I really wish we had an extra person with us to act as our camera person because while we were able to snap some photos of the kids having a great time at the beach we missed out on some great photo ops at the pool.  Once all three kids are swimming this will be a little easier perhaps. 

So Saturday we piled into the van and drove the 4 hours to Evergreen Resort on Red Bay.  It’s just a few minutes away from Sauble Beach.  The place is really quite nice.  It’s by no means a 5 star resort, but a good solid 3 I’d say.  We were in a small red cabin which had a nice view of the lake in the distance.  The kids enjoyed playing on the deck and on the grass in front of the cabin while we unloaded the van and tried to get our cozy little cottage organized. 

The rooms were average size and had either 1 or two beds in each room.  We had a 3 bedroom.  It worked out well, that the girls could share a bed and Aidan could have a bed to his self.  Because the beds were all doubles, Ian and I are solid enough in  our marriage to sleep in separate beds for the sake of being able to get some sleep!  We both like to have a little space and move around while we sleep so a double bed just wouldn’t cut it for us.  I noticed while setting up the kids room that there was a giant puddle in the carpet.  We figured it was coming from the water heater which was in the closet in their room. 

We met up with our friends and their daughter at the pool after we got a little settled.  The kids were so excited to see the pool, well 2 of them were, Aidan not overly excited but he swam for a little while.  After the pool, the kids were turning purple, we headed back to the cottage to get ready for dinner.  We let the front desk know after dinner and then played at the sandy park and went for a little walk.  Upon arrival back at our cabin, the owner of the resort was just leaving our cabin.  She said the water was a problem and asked if we wouldn’t mind moving if there was something else available.  We didn’t mind, however Ian wasn’t all that thrilled to pack up the van, but as I pointed out it didn’t need to be a neat job as the kids and I could just walk over so we had the whole van to just toss everything in to.

So we moved.  And into an even nicer cottage right across from the beach and the sandy park.  Score.  We got the kids ready for bed as they were all having meltdowns.  Too much fresh air, excitement and fun at the park makes for meltdowns at 8:30pm.  So we go the kids in bed and then finished unpacking and organizing the new digs.

Sunday we woke up to pouring rain.  We quickly got the kids up and ready and over to the lodge for breakfast.  It was decided in our little group of friends who we were there with, that we were all going to drive to Sauble to check out the stores and hopefully if the rain stopped perhaps even the beach.  We didn’t do much shopping, went into one place and found a great inner tube for Aidan to hang out in the pool.  Luckily for us the rain did stop and the kids eagerly checked out the beach and the lake.  We had to bribe the kids to leave Sauble beach with promises of bathing suits and pool time after lunch.    After a quick-lunch, and I say quick because Ian and I were the only ones in our family to eat a whole meal, I think the kids were just too excited at the notion of swimming and the beach to eat. 

We took the kids to the beach first so they could digest what little bits of food they did eat.  They had a great time playing in the sand and walking around and splashing in the shallow waters.  Madeline and I walked out quite a ways, could have gone further but the water was getting up to her waist and colder, she loved the water even if it was getting colder.  She is just like her Mommy!  We must have played at the lake for a good hour or so before moving the fun over to the pool.  This time we had all the blow up rings and toys I had bought from the dollar store.  Isabelle and Madeline could hardly contain themselves!  They were practically in the pool before us and they don’t know how to swim!!  We put Maddy and Isabelle into their inner tubes and they were off, I couldn’t believe it.  They did so well in the pool!  They would swim back and forth to Ian and I to practice in the beginning and then next I knew, Maddy was trying to go off on her own and so was Isabelle!  It was nuts!  Aidan just bobbed around in his floaty tube we got for him.  His was state of the art, an inner tube, with a seat in it so we could just let him float around.  Obviously we kept an eye on him, but he was good.  There was a water slide there that we would sit the girls up on the end of and they would “slide” in to us.  They loved it.  And then with a little help from our one friend, the girls were going down half of the slide and into their dad’s arms.  Madeline loved it so much should would literally shake with excitement and squeal when *I* would catch her!  Isabelle just couldn’t wait her turn and was also so very excited.

There is a good chance we spent 3 hours in that pool that day.  Which would explain how we all got a bit too much sun and why Isabelle was falling asleep at the dinner table.  I had to eat quickly so that I could hold her so she could sleep and then Ian took her so I could finish my dinner.  Poor kid, she had such a great day and was so pooped by the end of it.  In all of her 3 little years, Isabelle has never ever fallen asleep at the table.  I have a photo of Aidan having a nap at lunch time once, but for Isabelle to be the one is just unbelievable.  After dinner we played for a few minutes at the park, Isabelle woke up long enough to do that but then started complaining of hunger.  So we went back to the cabin where I could give her a snack and then it was bedtime.  The kids had no trouble falling asleep that night.  It rained Sat night, we watched a storm blow in over the lake but it didn’t last long.  *I* went to visit with his friend while I read my book for a bit before going to bed. 

Monday was our last day there, after breakfast we played at the beach and at the park and at times in the lodge because it was raining.  They had an indoor slide and play house that the kids just loved.  We met up with the remaining group of our friends and had lunch and then it was time to head home.  We were all a little sad to be going home since we had just had the best weekend together but now we know that the kids enjoy these types of weekends and we hope to go again next year!  Perhaps starting a little family and friend tradition!  Here are a few photos from the weekend.

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Up until recently we have had a few doors in our home child proofed with these doorknob covers.  We had one on Isabelle’s door on the inside and we have one in the twins room and we used to have one on our door on the outside, we also used to have one on the bathroom door and front door.  Once Isabelle started potty training we obviously couldn’t keep the one on the bathroom door.  So we just became more diligent about teaching the kids that the bathroom is not a place to play.

We took it off the inside of the front door because my poor mother’s arthritic hands couldn’t open the door.  Wouldn’t want to trap Grandma in the house.  We just started using the deadbolt as a way to keep them inside when they are downstairs.  We took the one off from our bedroom door since we started having them on the insides of their bedrooms.  This keeps them in their rooms and out of ours.  However this is where the problem is coming in.  Again now that Isabelle is potty trained, despite our best efforts to get her to go before naps or bedtime she still has to go again.  She’s peed on her carpet 3 times now, either because we didn’t hear her knocking, or didn’t get there in time to let her out.  So therefore we feel bad that she’s having these accidents.  So we decided that we would take the “lock” off her door.

We explained to Isabelle that she would be able to open her door if she needed to go potty.  However she is not to always being needing to go potty.  So last night was the first night, and it went well.  This morning she let herself out of her room to come into mine which was fine as it was time to get up anyways.  Now its nap time and well this is proving to be a little more challenging for her.  I am hoping that the novelty will wear off as the days go by.  So far I’ve heard her open and close her door about 10 times.  During nap time Isabelle has the option to either sleep, or play in her room quietly.  She doesn’t seem to sleep much during this time anymore, however I still need the time away from the kids.  I need to re group and it’s impossible to do that with her around.  Somedays I just let her stay up if the first part of our day goes well.  However I’ve got a bunch of things to do this afternoon and don’t want to be distracted.

At the start of her quiet time, I hadn’t even reached the bottom of the stairs and she was out of her room and said she needed to go potty.  Alrighty, back up I go.  Thankfully she did go and it wasn’t a wasted trip.  More importantly, no pee on the floor.  Next step, teaching Isabelle how to take the twins downstairs, make breakfast and turn on the tv so I can sleep in.

We tried to move Aidan to a toddler bed the other night.  We decided that we would put him in Isabelle’s bed as it has a partial rail on the side and I think Aidan would snuggle up in to that.  I know for certain he’s going to fall out of bed a lot.  So we put his bedding on Isabelle’s bed and as Ian was tucking everyone in I was rounding up pillows to put on the floor for Aidan.  However when I got to the room he was in his crib.  Ian tried to tuck Aidan into the bed, encouraging him to sleep in a big boy bed, but he kept saying no and said he wanted his crib.  When Ian turned to tuck in Maddy, Aidan has his blanket, his lamb and was wanting in his crib.  So Ian put him in.  Obviously Aidan doesn’t want to part with his crib yet and that’s okay.  I think part of the reason he didn’t want to be in the bed is that he also calls the bed Isabelle’s bed and doesn’t want to take her bed.  So I believe that since Aidan’s bed doesn’t convert, we may be buying a toddler bed for Aidan and just taking his crib a part.  I think that’s the only way we are going to get him into a bed.

Hopefully the weather is going to work with us this weekend as we are going to be going away for the long weekend.  The kids are getting pretty excited.  We blew up some of the pool toys I bought and Isabelle is already saying that she’s going to swim all by herself.  This should be interesting.  And they are very excited to go and play on the beach and of course play with other children.  It’s going to be so nice for them to have a large area to run around and play in, so long as the weather holds up. 

It has honestly been torture being stuck in the house.  Thankfully today there hasn’t been any rain so we were able to go outside and play for quite some time.  I would have been outside earlier but I needed about 3 cups of coffee just to get going today.  There are still rain clouds looming over us and I really wish for a big wind to just come a long and blow them away.  I want to have a good weekend!!

Well I’m off, lists to make in order to get organized for the weekend.  We are going for  weekend, but I feel like I always end up packing for a week!

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I’m being tested

Mother Nature is literally screwing with me.  She wants to see just how long I’ll go before I snap.  Friday was beautiful, warm, one could go as far as hot!  The kids got some sun even.  We had a sunny kind of day dinner and even went back outside after dinner to play.  And that’s when it started.  The dark clouds came in, the weather cooled off dramatically and then the thunder started and the rain came.  And it hasn’t left!!  And of course do you know when the rain stops?  When the kids are napping.  And do you know when the rain starts up again?  When the kids are just about to get up.  And can you guess how happy three little kids are when they are stuck in the house all day?

We had hitting fights, then it turned to chasing each other and kicking each other, then tackling each other despite not wanting to be tackled.  Add in all the toy thieving that went on.  Which always leads to more chasing.  And because the house isn’t clean there is a lot of tripping and falling on things.  So  I finally convinced them to pick up some of their toys so that we could cut down on the bruised knees.   However, if they want to go at each other over toys that’s fine with me, I’m done.  DONE!  I’ll be happy when the kids are done their lunch so we can head up to nap time.  Which I know is not going to go very well, but I don’t care much at this point, I think we all need the break from each other!!

I really hope the rain isn’t going to be here for a week straight like people are saying it is.  I don’t know how long I will last.  I don’t know how many more times I can say sorry to the kids when the look at me with their sad faces asking to go outside.  Send the rain to Alberta!


I just want to scream!

The kids get to do it all day so why can’t I?  Lately life here has been a little frustrating.  I’m not sure who it is more frustrating for, them or me?  Lately this is what can be heard in our household…….

I don’t like it Mommy, I don’t like juice, I don’t like milk, I don’t like hamburgers, I don’t like spaghetti, I don’t like turkey, I don’t like naps, I don’t like clothes, I don’t like diapers, I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t likeI don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t likeI don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t likeI don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t likeI don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t likeI don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like I don’t like HEARING I DON’T LIKE!

Honestly, I haven’t heard a sentence this week that hasn’t started with that.  And the tantrums, geez.  If one kid get something that the other two don’t, save us!  Here is comes, the crying, the dropping to the knees in the middle of the aisle in Canadian Tire, laying down face first crying into the dirty floor.  Or refusing to walk while crossing the street after checking the mail because they don’t want to go to the park?  What kid doesn’t want to go to a park to play?  Oh wait, that’s one of my kids who all of a sudden lives in the land of I don’t like.

On a much cuter note here is a conversation I had with Madeline the other day…..

Madeline: Mommy, look what’s in my mouth!
Me: What’s in your mouth?!
Madeline: DIRT!!!

Madeline tried to re live that moment again tonight…however she did not get as much dirt in her mouth this time around.


I let the kids play outside while I was inside making their lunch.  In that time Madeline decided it would be a good idea to eat dirt.  Her tongue was black and she kept saying “yuk” every time she closed her mouth and swallowed.  We tried rinsing but she probably at most of it.

*I* and I had the pleasure of being sang to by Madeline on our way home from my parents place on the weekend.  The other two had passed out and so Maddy seem to think it was a good time to sing “I love to eat apples and banana’s.”

Aidan is turning into quite the chatterbox.  He will tell you at least 1000 times that he sees an airplane unless you stop him by saying that you also see the airplane or that it’s wonderful he sees the airplane.  Madeline likes to tell on her siblings however she does not like to be told on.  She still likes to think that the world and people in it are solely there for her to body slam into.  She is fearless and I think that Maddy will be the first child to get all the big scrapes and boo boos.  Maddy likes to run full tilt, in crocs, arms up in the air, looking in the wrong direction giggling like a crazy girl and loves every second of it.

Tonight the kids and I were outside after dinner, we played with the neighbours for a little while before settling into playing in our own backyard.  As we were coming into the yard, I noticed that there was a bunny chowing down on some dandelions as well as some fallen bird seed.  I couldn’t believe that he sat there even while the evil spawn, I mean my kids, walked into the yard yelling and screaming.  I told the kids to hush as the bunny was having his dinner.  At first they were all quiet and just watched the bunny eat.  I bet for a moment the bunny thought “Hey, these kids are pretty cool just letting me sit here and nibble.”  Well that bunny was  wrong because Maddy started the wild chase first, giggling evil giggles chasing after the bunny.  Good thing bunnies are fast and that our grass is really long which makes for running in crocs difficult!  Seriously, my kids have to wreck a nice moment.  For instance, I was snapping photos here and there of the kids.  For some reason they all decided it was a good idea to get down on the ground and roll around the same way Jersey was.

Then they stopped and were all laying together, so I wanted to take a picture.

At the last possible moment, Madeline puts her arms up and yells “CHEESE!!”  Thanks Maddy.  But I did get this photo right before we called it a night.  Which is what I’m about to do…….

The gang

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The dreaded “A” word


We’ve been lucky and we know it and we do our best not to take that for granted.  However today we have hit a bump in the road.  And that’s all I’m looking at it for now, it’s just a bump.  Until we know more I’m not going to worry about it.  Today for breakfast I gave the kids whole wheat toast with peanut butter, some slices of pear and their usual sippy of 2% milk. 

Shortly after breakfast Maddy and I were playing around and I noticed bumps on her arms.  And further investigation I found more bumps showing up on her legs, neck, back etc.  We had a very similar experience last week at our in-laws.  And at the time we thought perhaps they were a bug bite of some kind.  I did think it strange though that for Madeline being around us and the other kids the whole time, how was it that she was the only one.  So then when it happened again today, I thought back to that day and realized that she had peanut butter that day also.

So as usual, I grab the phone and call nurse Mom.  I asked if an allergic reaction could look like bug bites, because that’s what they looked like to me, however I know there are no bugs in my house.  And talking to her we agreed that it sounded like hives.  We snapped some photos since you never know when a photo can come in handy when talking to a Dr. weeks later!  During nap time I went out and grabbed some Benadryl since I didn’t have any in the house.  I called our family dr and explained what we observed happening to Maddy this morning and waited by the phone for her to call back after talking to the Dr. 

Dr’s office called back and our Dr. told us to treat Madeline as if she is allergic to peanut butter, she is not to have any at all and she will be getting referred to an Allergist.  I just have to go in on Thursday and fill out a form for the referral.  For now it seems as though her reactions were small, but this is how it can start off so we are going to be careful and make sure that she steers clear of pb and we are going to have to be mindful of other nuts and legumes etc.

I’ve had lots of friends post on my Facebook with their experiences etc and it’s been helpful.  Thank you to all who have posted.  When we find out more after talking to the Allergist we will update.  So for now this is just a bump in our road.

All other things in our little world are going well.  THe kids are getting antsy because of the weather.  It’s been so wet and mucky and rainy and it’s starting to drive us all up the wall!  I had the kids out in their rubber boots the other afternoon and they had a great time getting them all muddy in the yard.  Then they enjoyed splashing in a puddle to clean them off.  I couldn’t however convince Aidan to stop sitting in muddy patches or to keep his fingers out of the dirt.  He’s a true little boy who loves the mud.  Our back yard is so wet the ground can’t soak up anymore water so there are plenty of squishy parts for the kids. 

We recently got back from Windsor, we had a great visit while we were there.  The sleeping arrangements were a little new for the kids.  Madeline and Isabelle shared a queen size inflatable mattress while Aidan slept in the crib.  Aidan was a little ticked the first night that he wasn’t getting to sleep on the big bed with the girls but he got over it.  The girls did well for the most part.  There were quite a few nights where blankets were stolen or being slept on by someone else, but they did well.  I was hoping for better weather while we were down there but no such luck either.

I’ve had a long week so far, the big guy is on nights, the kids decided to stop sleeping though the night for some reason and I’m just worn out.  So tonight I’m going to put my feet up and relax and hope that I sufficiently wore out the kids with the help of my Mom today/tonight that they will sleep so I can sleep!