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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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moving on up

Once again I’m up too late trying to get a post on here.  After this it’s right to bed!  All is well in our household, well almost, *I* is still sick with pneumonia.  I’ve explained to him that if the stuff he’s on now ends and he’s still not better that he’s going back to the Dr.  It almost seems like he’s getting worse and not better which I really hope is not the case.  We just got back from a trip to the in-laws and as usual had a great time there.  The kids were sad to leave but were also happy to be home.  Isabelle is already counting down the days until her birthday.  Her birthday will be a little different this year.  It will either be the day before or the day after her actual birthday.  The reason for this is that she has her Banquet for her dance class on the 25th and we felt it important for her to be a part of this.  She will always have birthdays, but who knows how long she will want to keep up with her dance class and it’s her first banquet too!  According to Isabelle she only has 2 more sleeps until her big day, however I believe there are about 39 sleeps to go.

So big things are happening lately or soon.  Mostly for Isabelle.  We are registering her for JK next week!  Where did time go?  My little girl is going to be going to school in September!  This is going to mean an overhaul of our schedule this summer but I can dig it and we will manage.  We weighed Isabelle while visiting Grandma and Grandpa and turns out she’s 44 lbs!!  She’s also 103cm tall!  These two things also mean that we are going to be adjusting her car seat to the “booster” option.  Tonight I took out the 5 point harness system, removed the base, did a few other required steps and now her seat is ready to be used with just the seat belt.  Feels so strange to be doing this, however we were having to loosen the straps so much that it seemed almost unsafe and so this is going to be the better option.  She’s growing up so fast I wish there was a slow down button I could press.  But who am I to hold her back.  She’s so ready to grow and experience new things so I will let her.

I haven’t measured and weighed the twins yet, but I will and let you know where they are at.  I know that it’s going to be hard on Madeline when Isabelle goes to school and she has to stay behind.  Madeline literally wants to be Isabelle’s shadow.  She wants to do everything that she does.  However it will be nice for the twins to have that time alone, just with each other and myself.  The twins function a lot better when there is a little less competition.

I function better when there is less competition….