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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Settling in…..

I was going to title this entry “The house of never-ending germs” but because I am so tired of germs, I am not going to even speak of them.  I am done with them.  They are not welcome in my home again for a long time.  So FU germs.  On to better things.

My parents came for a quickie visit this past weekend.  Dad, I will get you back somehow, you won’t know when but I’m going to get you!  This is obviously an inside thing, that I will try to explain another day.  While my parents were here, we also invited Grandpa and Nana Diplock over as well as Auntie Meg and Uncle Chris and we had a Birthday Party for Isabelle!!!  Woot Woot!  My baby has turned 5 years old!!!  I’d did out photos, but due to my laptop being on the brink of death, I’ve had to remove all important things from it.  So just try to picture Isabelle as this tiny cute red headed baby and now she is this tall, brilliant, loving, adventurous, wonderful 5 year old!!  Ask me where the last five years went and I couldn’t tell you!!  It makes me a little teary at times that they are growing up so quickly.  Even though I have days where it’s only 7:30am and I wish it were 7:30pm so they would be in bed…..I want time to slow down a little so I can enjoy all the time I have with them while they are still little.  I swear I’m going to wake tomorrow and Isabelle will be 16!  Don’t even mention the twins being 15!! AAAAACCCK!!

Isabelle is finally back to school after missing an entire week due to Strep and Bronchitis.  She was put on some antibiotics, first time in her little life so far.  As well as she had to use an inhaler for a week.  She did really well taking her medicine and even helped me to remember when it was time!  She was happy to head back to school just in time to celebrate her birthday at school also.  She didn’t go on the day of, but we still baked cupcakes that she was able to take to school and share with her classmates.

I will be dropping off the twins registration forms for JK this week!!  Can you believe it!!  I can’t!  I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do with all my new found time.  But I can tell you that the first week at least will be spend sitting on the couch, with a hot coffee watching whatever I want!!!