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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Is it back to school yet?

I can’t be the only parent who feels that back to school should start September 1st. My children are raging at each other most of the day. Maddy has reverted to her three year old self and started biting and pinching today!!

It’s not that I am not trying to keep them happy. I am fucking tired of being cruise directory already! Our summer started off poorly with having to drive to and from Isabelle’s French camp for three weeks. Once that was over it felt like summer. Aidan went to my parents for a week and had a great time. The girls enjoyed ruling the roost (they do that regardless of Aidan’s presence) and having Mom to themselves.

Isabelle managed to catch a bit of a cold but it finally left after a few weeks of some awesome coughing. The kids all went to my awesome friends house for two nights and had a wonderful time! What a nice break, the husband and I went out to see a movie and enjoyed getting some things done around the house without kids underfoot. We went to Colasanti’s with the other grandparents and had a great day! They have been invited to friends houses for swimming and numerous playdates. We went to the movies, we’ve been out for dinners and other tasty treats! We have played at numerous parks etc.

The girls then had their trip to my parents for a week and poor Aidan came down with a fever and a cough. Day 4 of his fever and cough we managed to get in with our Pediatrician and she confirmed a thought I had dare not say out loud, Aidan has pneumonia. I had a feeling that this was what he had however had been hoping that I would be wrong. I don’t know how he managed to contract pneumonia in mid August but he did. He’s still coughing like crazy at times but it seems it is finally clearing out of is lung!

The girls returned home after a busy week at the grandparents. It was hard for them to have a few down days because Aidan was still too sick to do much. Despite their crankiness to not getting up and going anywhere I think they actually enjoyed the break. We baked muffins, we slept in, we stayed up late to have some movie nights with popcorn or ice cream. I still have to get them up one night to see the stars. It’s been so overcast at night lately I hope we can get this in before school starts.

One more week to go. The kids need to go back to school. They have had a great summer but are ready to get back to their schedule. I am so ready to get back to mine! I have three courses starting the day they go back to school. I am nervous about having three at one time. My semester ends right in the middle of when we were crazy sick last winter. I am crossing just about every body part that we won’t be that sick this year. I am willing to accept a little bit of sickness but I might pack up and move south if we go through what we went through last winter.

Isabelle will be seeing the Orthodontist this week. I believe she will be getting some teeth extracted just like her sister. Madeline has her tonsillectomy this month as well. Back to school is a welcomed time of year, but it is also crazy busy! I have a calendar in the kitchen and another in my office as well as on my phone. I am hoping to be organized and prepared for everything that is to come this year!

9 more sleeps to go!!

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Back to school is not the most wonderful time of the year

I kind of hate that Staples commercial. I hate, extra hate, shopping for back to school items. I thought that I was going early enough this year that I would have no problem finding what I was looking for. Wrong. I was able to get most of what I needed at Walmart ( I hate shopping here). I couldn’t find the duo-tangs that the kids needed. The teachers want them to have the non-plastic kind. Well guess what, those are basically non-existent any more. I finally found the paper ones however they looked as if they fell off the truck and landed in a mud puddle.

I ended up at Staples as they are in the same parking lot. I had to search for these damn paper duo-tangs. I finally found some but they didn’t quite have all the colours I needed for the twins who are going into grade one. Then I realize that they don’t even have all the colours I need for Isabelle who is going into grade 2! Why can’t they all just use the same damn colours and WHY do they have to choose colours that are extremely hard to find!!!! WHYYYYY!!!!

I then manage to find a package of 10 paper duo-tangs that seem to have most if not all of the required colours for the three kids. I now have to buy 4 of these damn packages to ensure that I have enough for each kid.

Not impressed. Did I mention I hate back to school shopping. I have yet to take Isabelle back to school shopping for clothes. I am dreading that day too. Isabelle hates shopping for clothes. Sigh.

This is the worst time of the year……