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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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One twin is on the move…

Madeline is on the go!  She started crawling yesterday evening.  She still have a few kinks to work out but she’s getting better every chance she has to move!  Watch out Isabelle!

Aidan is trying, he still lays on the floor and kicks his legs like crazy.  He has been watching Madeline quite closely though since she started moving.  He even attempted to get up onto his knees a few times each resulting however in a face plant.

Isabelle took a header off our bed the other night.  Thank goodness she took a pillow with her and also thank goodness mommy and daddy have lots of laundry on her floor to also pad her fall.  She’s fine.  It scared her mostly, she had a quick recovery once she saw that her fav show was on.  Isabelle is a huge “In the Night Garden” fan.  She goes around saying “Paka”.  He or she, I’m not really sure which, is a character on the show.  So we watch her show after bath time while the babies are getting ready for bed.

I’ve got my tree up, and so far the only decoration on it is the star.  Frankly the tree looks quite nice with just the lights and the star, but I did go crazy buying new ornaments so I should probably get those on the tree also.  So here and there when I have time I’ll toss a few on.  It will get done before Christmas. 

Well time to get some sleep.  Aidan was up at 3am, screaming for no apparent reason other than he wanted someone else to be awake with him.  Might as well catch some z’s before tonight’s possible episode.

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Another month older…

Well today marks the day that Isabelle is now 21 months and the twins are 8 months!  Ian and I have been reflecting on our life lately, this is usually done at night while feeding the twins their bottles.  It’s a nice quiet time for us both to talk and think.  I said to Ian the other night that this time last year, I was pregnant with the twins and Isabelle was just learning to crawl.  This will also be the first Christmas for me in two years that I will not be pregnant.  It almost feels strange to me to not be counting down the days until we have a new baby in the house.  However it also does bring some relief as well.  I miss being pregnant terribly, I love all that there is to being pregnant, except for the horrible heartburn, I love the attention it gets and most of all I love the feeling of the baby moving.  Ian and I consider ourselves to be pretty lucky to have been able to have 3 beautiful children.  We talked that we would have 4 kids but I think we are feeling blessed with the three we have.

Our life is just starting to calm down again.  The twins aren’t far from being a little more independent.  Isabelle is learning to use the potty and feeds herself like a champ when she feels she’s been served something she likes.  She’s adventurous and carefree and loves to learn and do new things.  I think we are in a good place now and we’d just like to move forward.  I’d love to have another baby but I’ll leave that task up to my sister in law once she gets married next year!  I don’t know if the dogs could handle yet another ear puller or tail grabber in the house either!

I had planned to get out with the kids today but it’s raining and yukky.  So we all played on the floor today.  Madeline is still trying very hard to figure out how to make her body move forwards and not backwards.  Aidan and happy to just toss his little body about to get places.  Who needs to crawl when you can just roll around all over the place.

Isabelle is a huge fan of the play doh I bought her a few weeks back.  She will get it out to play with any chance she gets and is totally devastated when it’s time to put it away.  I can’t wait to give her the finger painting set for her birthday.  I realize this is something she and I could do now, but I’m holding off on giving it to her until the twins are able to play and move a bit better on their own.  That way I can set those two up on the floor with toys and then Isabelle and I can be at the table.

I am really looking forward to the runny noses going away.  I don’t know what it is with this cold, but the stuffy noses keep lingering.  Madeline having her usual “I want my bottle so make it faster fit” and when I finally got to her you would swear she had signed up for the Guniess records “Who can blow the biggest snot bubble” contest.  It was gross and huge!  Poor kid.

Well I don’t want to use up all my free time at the computer.  I’ve got a laundry monster growing in my laundry room, I can’t see my kitchen countertop as usual and I’d like a nap before the kids wake up too.

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What a week…..

Last week was terrible.  I didn’t sleep, the kids didn’t sleep, Ian didn’t sleep…the dogs however managed to sleep as usual.

It all began with a cold.  Someone brought a cold into the house.  It started with Ian.  I mentioned this before.  Then the kids all got fevers, Isabelle was the worst.  Then it was over.  1 full week went by and I thought we were out of the clear.  Then I wake up with a sore throat.  Next day I get a runny nose and head congestion.  A day or so after that, Madeline has a runny nose and decides to stop sleeping.  Next Aidan decides to stop sleeping also.  They slept during the day at least, but I rarely had time to rest myself because there is still the rest of the family that needs a wife, and mommy.

Then Ian goes on night shift.  This is where the real torture set in.  Ian had a busy week, his shift ends 1am(ish) he wasn’t getting home until 8 or 9am.  Add in that I wasn’t getting much more rest because the twins were up constantly.  How does one mommy make two crying babies feel better?  Who makes mommy feel better?  It was a long hard week.  My mom was there to help for evening bath and bedtime.  And she even stayed late a few times because the twins would wake before she had the chance to leave.  I really am not sure how I would have managed if we were still up north.

Things seem to have gone back to normal for now.  They both still have runny noses but are at least staying asleep for the whole night again.  They have even let us sleep in a few times.

Teeth.  Both Madeline and Aidan now have bottom teeth.  I’m not looking forward to the rest of their teeth coming since both of these guys are cranky teethers.  Isabelle was so easy, she would just get a tooth and move on.  She didn’t need to chew on anything, she hardly had tylenol or orajel.  Maddy and Aidan are a different story.  I was worried that the pharmacist was going to ask my why I was buying so much infant tylenol and advil.  Some days I feel like they are getting too much and then I don’t want to give it, however if I don’t I pay for it.  It’s hard to please them both, they like different flavours and currently everything we have is grape flavour.  Guess which babies don’t care for grape!

Crawling.  Almost there for Madeline.  She wants so badly to move.  And she does move just not always in the direction she wants to be going.  Aidan is still just working on the pushups.  He hasn’t gotten up on to his knees yet.  He seems to be behind Madeline in most things.  I think he just likes to be carried and held. 

Bouncy Chair mishaps.  Aidan and Madeline are now fans of twisting themselves around so much that they now can get themselves out of their bouncy chairs.  I’ve posted a picture on facebook of Aidan showing how not to sit in a bouncy chair.  For all the hard work and effort they put into getting that way they sure do scream for help quickly and loudly.

Car seats.  We now have all three kids in their big kid car seats.  Madeline and Aidan were too tall for their infant car seats so we bought two new car seats for the girls.  They are matching in colour and Aidan has Isabelle’s old combination car seat since the colours were more for a boy anyways.

Superduperwickedawesome Stroller.  We’ve been out and about a few times with the new stroller.  It’s awesome and I love it.  It gives me the freedom to be out with all three kids.  And also just even knowing that I can go out with all three is awesome also.  However, going at it alone is quite the lengthy production and is a lot of work.  I’ve been sick this past week so we haven’t gone out at all.  I was going to try today but when I wanted to pack up and go the twins were a bit cranky so I fed them some food instead.  Next thing I knew it was nap time.  And I just can’t let them miss out on afternoon naps. 

So back to the stroller.  This weekend Ian and I went out to Costco for some items.  It was crazy busy there.  Now I’m used to getting looked at and I’m getting used to the comments I get.  But this weekend was by far the worst experience ever.  People were stopping us to look at the stroller.  This one lady practically dragged her husband over to look at it.  And then followed us for a bit commenting on the stroller.  Other women came up to me and said the usual “Oh you must be a very busy Mommy”, “How do you manage, you poor thing” and so on and so on.  First of all when I go out I try to make sure that I look decent, showered, do my hair up a little and try to wear something that doesn’t have baby puke on it.  I want to look like a person who has a handle on things.  And I think I do look like that.  I have a smile on my face, I’m alert and ready to go.  So when people come up to me and ask me how do I do it or tell me how busy I am for the 300 thousandth time I am prepared to answer with a smile.  But this time at Costco I was about ready to leave.  People gawking at us, touching me and the kids and following us around to look at the stroller.  I don’t mind being helpful when people ask where we bought it etc, however I am there to shop also just like everyone else.  So I don’t want to have to stop every 4 ft to show off my kids and stroller.

I feel like a bit of a freak show.  It makes wanting to go out less desirable because I don’t want to put up with everyone looking at my family like a freak show.  Yes world, I’ve got 3 kids 13 months apart and yes we have twins.  Yes, we are busy but we are managing just fine.  Yes, life is crazy but it could be worse!

I am thankful for my family and feel very blessed because we have our family.  So I can shrug all these crazies off and get ready to smile and laugh it off again the next time we go out.

Well I’ve got an hour left in the kids nap time so I’m going to set myself up on the couch and zone out for a while.  13 sleeps until my birthday!  We will be spending that weekend in TO thanks to my parents for sending Ian, Isabelle and I away for one night.  We can’t wait.  We’re really looking forward to taking Isabelle swimming and perhaps some shopping too!  I didn’t post much about Isabelle today, I will post again this week about her. 

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Having a hard time finding time…

Let me set the scene for you on how things have been lately:

Me: Put the kids down for nap, check.  Go downstairs, finally have something for breakfast, check.  Sit down at computer and open blog writer, check.  Start typing, … zzzzzzzzz.  (The zzzz’s represent me falling asleep sitting up at my computer.)

People walking by my open front window:  Is that woman asleep?? 

Note to self, stop opening front blinds in the morning if you plan on napping sitting up in your living room.  I know I shouldn’t do this and my chiropractor would probably hang me by my toenails for doing this but lately I just can’t help it.  I have been falling asleep doing pretty much everything. 

Here’s the reason, Ian brought germs home with him a week or so ago.  He’s been sleeping in our dining room ever since.  So things were okay except for the fact that this left me on kid duty night and day.  And of course the first kid sick is Aidan.  He got a fever of 38.9 at it’s highest.  Add in a dose of teething and a slightly runny nose.  So I was up a lot with him and then of course I need to care for all three during the day.  Ian was down for the count the first few days.  We did our best to keep him away from the kids and myself.

Next Isabelle got a fever.  Her’s went up to 40.1 at it’s highest which earned her a trip to the Dr’s office.  She was put on Tamiflu to try and stop any further sickness.  We were worried she was coming down with this H1N1, but it was hard to tell because the only symptom she was showing was the high fever.  She did get a runny nose for about a day but with the help of the Tamiful she was better in 3-4 days.  So now that left Madeline and I just waiting for the germs to hit us.  So far we’ve been lucky.  Ian is still suffering from his cold.  He’s got a cough and a lot of junk in his chest that is taking it’s time leaving.

I just got an email from our family Dr and she’s got the H1N1 vaccine available at her office so I guess it’s time to book an appointment for the children.  I didn’t bother taking them to any of these 5 hour line up clinics since I figured if their dad didn’t get them sick then waiting in line with that many possible germ carries would do the trick.  So today I’ll call the office and book a time to cram all three kids into her tiny office and get them poked yet again.

I will not be getting the needle.  Ian got it through work already this past week.  I seem to react poorly to the regular flue shot so I’m not going to subject myself to another reaction.  I rarely leave the house as it is and I do my best to keep my hands clean etc.  I’ll just make my own bubble and live in it for a while!

In other news, Aidan finally has a tooth!!!  It broke though the other day.  We think he other bottom tooth is trying to break though also.  He’s been a cranky kid the last day or so and now we know why!  Madeline is desperately trying to figure out how to move.  She wants to crawl so badly she gets pissed off when she can’t move.  My Mom was over the other day visiting and helping out, she and Isabelle were playing with Play-Doh on the floor and we put Madeline down on the floor but away from them, well was she ever pissed.  You should have seen the look on her face when she realized that we had put her down but no where near where she could reach.  I swear if looks could kill.  She really wants to be where the party is and I think Isabelle is in for a real life changing surprise once Madeline starts moving.

Isabelle has discovered “No”.  She hasn’t said it to us yet, but she does say it sternly when one of the twins has something she feels is hers.  We are trying somehow to teach that all the toys are for everyone.  We do keep some seperate for Isabelle but there isn’t much can be done when she plays with those ones around the twins.  I’m looking forward to getting some more age appropriate toys for Isabelle.  I’d love to buy them all now, and I’ve got some but Christmas and her birthday are coming.  Don’t want to give her all this stuff before then.  I think she’s getting bored with the things we’ve got and I don’t blame her as they are mostly for the babies.  I think I’ll be packing some toys up after the holidays and either selling them or putting them aside for any future nieces of nephews!  HINT HINT MEGAN AND CHRIS!  Just kidding, get married first and then the new clock will start ticking away!

Isabelle loves play-doh.  I’ve bought some finger paints for her also, but I’m saving that activity for when Ian can be with the twins and I can have one on one time with Isabelle.  And also for a time when I can actually use my kitchen table.  It’s currently blocked by Ian’s sick bed.  From what I’ve heard from some of Santa’s helpers, Isabelle is getting some pretty sweet stuff this year.  So she shouldn’t be getting bored and getting into all of Mommy’s things.

Our house has become a “gated community”.  Oddly enough it’s more so for the dogs than the kids at this point.  Let me set the scene…first lets go back in time a few weekends ago…..

Me: sleeping soundly until I hear Aidan screaming.  I open my eyes and look to see if I can poke Ian to go get him.  I’d been up with him a few times already that night.  But when I open my eyes I see that Ian is not there.  I roll over and go to Aidan.  Bring him to bed with me.  Wondering where Ian is I try to go back to sleep with Aidan kicking me in the boobs.  A few minutes later I give up and decide to take him downstairs.  As I descend the stairs the smell starts to hit me.  Do you know where I’m going with this one?

I walk to the living room where I see Ian on his hands and knees washing the carpet.

Ian: Dogs were bugging me so I came down to let them out, smelt smell.  Saw dog shit all over carpet.  Put dogs outside and proceeded to clean up dog shit.

Me: WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fast forward to this past Friday.  Mom and I packed up the kids and went to Square One mall for some shopping and fun time away from my house.  I said to msyelf “ Should I leave the dogs in the house or outside?”  I decided to go for inside because I didn’t want them barking at every person or noise thoughtout the day.  Plus we were only going to be gone for 5 hours max.

Get home, open front door.  Immediately close front door and curse.  Dog shit.  Open door again and look in, dogs are happy to see me but I’m not returning the happiness.  Dog shit EVERYWHERE!  And not in lumps either, wet puddles!!!  Just like the last time. 

Me:  That’s it dogs for sale!!

We had to get the kids in the house and to bed for their naps.  And then I called Ian to let him know that this had happened and how mad I was.  Then I had to start cleaning it up.  I nearly lost my awesome lunch I had at the mall.  At least this time I wasn’t going to a wedding later in the day like last time it happened.  So now there are gates in my house.  They are not allowed in my living room unless we are home.  They are not allowed anywhere upstairs unless we are home and they are not allowed in my dining room unless we are home.  They are not happy but too bad.  I can’t afford to replace carpet just yet so this has to last and it won’t if they keep shitting all over it.

Well this is where my stories end today.  Aidan is upstairs screaming his head off.  He seems to think that when he wakes up that means it’s time to get out of his crib that very moment.  I on the other hand feel differently about that one.  I’ll let you know how the needle goes for the kids.  Tried to book appointment and now have to wait for them to call me with one.  Apparently they need twenty people to do it.  Forgot to ask how many more there was to go until they had their numbers.  Ah well.

Away I go to wipe away tears and clean bums and feed bottles and lunch for Isabelle and I.  When I have time, if I have time I’ll post again.