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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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The Zoo!

Yesterday we packed up the kids and went to the Toronto Zoo!  We managed to arrive just after 9am.  Pretty good for us as we are almost always later than we plan…..you try having three kids running around in circles while you try to get them to eat breakfast quickly, get dressed, get shoes and jackets on, find hats and get them all out to the van and buckled in!  It’s a zoo almost, well more like circus really.

So  just when I thought we might not actually get comments on our stroller due to the overwhelming amount of double strollers and families with lots of kids, we still got stopped quite a few times so that people could gawk at us.  One lady at least had the same stroller as us and was curious to see one with the third seat on it as they were going to have to get the third seat soon also.  She didn’t look pregnant but I wasn’t about to ask.  Good rule of thumb, unless they are holding a new born don’t ask when they are due!  We chatted with her about the stroller for a few minutes and then we were on our way to find some animals.

I believe the first comments from Isabelle upon seeing any animal or fish or bird or whatever was “ooooooooohhhh wow!”  I don’t think I could ever get tired of hearing that.  The twins on the other hand I think had a good time, but will certainly enjoy the zoo more next year.  What really impressed *I* and I was that Isabelle managed to walk around at least 70% of that zoo!  We were both so surprised that she lasted as long as she did.  We did impose mandatory breaks at times because we wanted her to have fun and not be too tired.  I think she was asleep in the van before we even left the parking lot!

We had a really great time.  I think we will purchase a pass for next year and go though out the summer.  They have a really neat splash area for the kids which I’m sure Isabelle will just have a blast in and hopefully so would the twins.  This time of year is nice to go, but not as much was open and when I found myself to be hungry for lunch but no where to eat in the middle of the zoo, that was a bit disappointing.  I thought there would have been a few more of the bigger animals too but at least we got to see most of them. 

I’m having a bad day today.  It’s just one of those days for me and as hard as I try to not take it out on the kids it feels as though they are just trying to find that button to push.  It’s not their fault and it’s not even mine.  I’m allowed to feel this way it’s just too bad they have to be around for it.  I think that when *I* walks though that door tonight, I’m walking out of it.  I just need some space.  Sure I could shut my self into my room, but I can still here what’s going on.  I need to let off steam and just be alone. 

Nap time is here.  The kids are down.  I’ve just put Isabelle down for the second time and now I’m starting to feel like it’s my turn to get some rest.  I’m so thankful we had a great day yesterday.

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We had a wonderful weekend visit with family.  We even managed to get a morning at the pool before family checked out of the hotel.  Swimming was lots of fun for the most part.  Aidan did not take well to the water and the echo(y) sound of the pool area.  He cried for quite some time but finally quieted down and seemed to enjoy the water.  Isabelle too liked the water.  She enjoyed playing at the stairs mainly and splashing anyone if they came close.  Madeline was the all star.  She swam with Mommy.  She would kick her legs and had a great time in the water.  She liked being tossed in the air only to land with a big splash.  Out of all the kids, she probably had the best time.

I’ve spent the last two days in bed trying to get over what ever germ has weaseled it’s way into my body.  Just as I get over it, the kids are now showing signs of feeling the way I was just the other day.  I tried my best to keep away from them all by staying upstairs since Ian stayed home.  So far 2 kids have had mini throw ups and all three have had some seriously gross poops.

The three of them at lunch time looked like they just needed to go to bed rather than try to eat lunch.  I made them scrambled eggs and toast in hopes that would be easy on their tummies.  Seems to have worked so far.  They are all napping and I’m debating joining them for the last two hours.  I could always use more rest.  Fingers crossed they aren’t all going to be terribly sick.

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Not enough hours in the day

I had a lot to get done today and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do any of it.  Well I did take Isabelle to the pet store today so that we could buy more dog food.  She even picked out two treats for them to have.

Company is coming this weekend and hopefully you can all forgive me for the state of my house.  I wanted to clean up a lot of the house today but that just didn’t happen and so hopefully the kids will cooperate with me tomorrow and I can try to get some of it done then.  Did you catch the joke in there?  I highly doubt that my three kids are actually going to help me try to clean up the house!  hahahahaha.

Thankfully today when the little mini storm occurred the kids were distracted by their yummy dinner.  I thought for sure that eagle ears Isabelle was going to hear the low rumble of thunder which would set her off and Aidan as well.  Maddy seems to be a bit more calm when there is a loud noise.  All Isabelle has to do is say “thunder” and Aidan is practically running across the room to me in tears.  He is a sensitive little duck.

I can’t really say that there has been too much going on in our little world lately.  We made a trip to see my in laws.  We always have a good time when we are there, I just wish they were at least 1 hour closer.  But in the kids are getting bigger and hopefully the drive won’t be so long for them.  They do well for the most part.  Coming home was better than going down there.  We try for the most part to have the van packed and the kids in the car for their nap time in hopes that they will sleep.  It didn’t quite go that way on the way down.  We were on time and in the van, but the kids didn’t really sleep like we thought they would.  On the way home they did better but didn’t quite sleep as long as we would have liked.  But all in all it was pretty good.

The kids are all doing well.  Isabelle is embracing her terrible 2’s.  The twins are doing their best to stay out of her radar when she’s having one of her moments.  However, the twins are known to help those moments come a long.  All in all I have 3 wonderful children.  I get lots of comments about having 3 kids, but some times I really think that my life isn’t so bad because they are so close in age.  I watched a few mom’s today at the super store and most of them had 2 or more kids.  And they were all running around or not paying attention or talking back or yelling or chasing each other etc.  And I looked at them thinking their life was a lot crazier than mine.  My three kids were all sitting nicely in the carts, enjoying their snacks and sippy cups.  Now I realize that one day they will not be small enough for carts, but that’s when you get them to help so they aren’t running around like crazy little people! 

Anyways, I was feeling a little under the weather earlier and now I think it’s time to get some rest so that I’m in complete “mr. clean” mode tomorrow.