30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Warmer weather means buying more band-aids

I was a clumsy child.  When I fell it was like your average kid falling.  I fell like a sack of rocks.  I am sure I dented the ground a few times and probably hurt it more than it hurt me.  The girls fall and get back up again and keep on going.  Aidan on the other hand takes after me.  Yesterday we were out playing and Aidan managed to trip and fall on the patio stones that make up the walkway.  He fell hard.  And if you know Aidan, he is all skin and bone.  Not a whole lot of padding for him to rely on when he falls.  So this photo is from yesterday after Aidan fell.  He didn’t really need a band-aid on his right knee, but they were transformer’s band aids and he was certain it would help his knee feel better.  His other knee he messed up pretty good.  So today when he fell on the driveway, he managed to shred the band-aid on his left knee which was trying to protect his big scrape from yesterday.  And he scratched up his other knee a little bit too.

So here is today’s incident.  The big red thumb print sized scrape is from yesterday but irritated by todays’ fall.  And then the rest of the scrapes are from today.  It took three band aids just to cover his one knee.  I didn’t bother with the other, I told him we would run out of band aids if I did his other knee.  I think the worst part of the whole incident is that when Aidan fell and started to feel the pain and stinging of the cuts he screamed this very loud and special scream he has.  And of course the neighbour behind us were having an outdoor party for their daughter, with friends and family over.  And I’m certain that all of Milton heard his scream.  And I can only imagine what they were all thinking when they heard him.  It was not Aidan’s day.  I should throw in here that at during dinner he fell off his chair while eating.  Only Aidan.  He’s my special child.  I think I’m going to outfit him in a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads for the summer.

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What should have been an easy job turned into a week long irritant


It is a simple looking faucet.  Don’t let it fool you.  What should have been an easy job took us almost a week to get finished.  It started out well enough but there was some trouble reaching all the necessary plumbing parts behind the pedestal.  So out came the pedestal because obviously they would have bolted the sink to the wall.  Wrong.  After a loud noise and some swearing, I came into the bathroom to find Ian curled up on the floor trying to keep the sink basin from hurting him as is tore off some drywall before landing on him.  So after a trip to the hardware store for more supplies.  We got the wall all patched up and primed.  Tried again to put everything back together and then there is a leak.  Take everything apart again, put it back together again, leak.  Repeat this a few times before finally conquering all the problems, 5 days later we finally have a nice new, leak free, faucet.  Now to buy two more and change out the other bathroom faucets.  Thankfully these are not pedestal sinks and therefore should go a little smoother.

Regardless, well done to my husband for not throwing the sink out the door like I’m sure he wanted to and for only teaching the kids a few new swear words!