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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Happy Birthday!!

Madeline and Aidan turned 1 today!!  Can’t believe all my babies are growing up so fast!  In the beginning it felt like it was going to take forever for them to grow and get to this stage, but now we are here and there is no slowing down.

I have found myself lately cleaning up some of the babies things.  Putting more clothes away that don’t fit.  I found a newborn sized diaper the other day and sighed since it will probably be the last newborn diaper in this house.  I gave it to Isabelle to use on her cabbage patch baby.  I’ve been finding lots of little tiny baby socks around also.  I never had them when I needed them!  Now they are everywhere in my house!  I’m washing up and putting away the bottles Aidan used when he had colic.  Soon I’ll be packing up all the bottles as I hope to get the twins on sippy cups within in the next month or so.  We are also going to be able to start saving some money soon once we get them switched over to milk.

I’ve never done this before.  Isabelle just gave up her bottle one day.  That meant she wouldn’t drink formula or milk.  Took us ages to get her back on to milk.  The twins however so far so no signs of just tossing the bottle aside.  I’m nervous to try to wean them from milk during the day.  They eat, Madeline would eat all day if she could, however they also still really like and want their bottle.  I hope we can start to phase this out as they get more of their teeth and start eating more solids.  It’s going to be crazy when all three are eating the same things.  I might be able to stop feeling like a short order cook all day long.

And once Isabelle stops this “I don’t eat anything unless it’s got PB&J or cheese on it”, life will be so much easier.  I’m getting so tired of making meals and she just won’t eat.  I can’t wait for this to change.  Soon we will be able to put away the high chairs and get two more booster seats.  I can’t wait for these bulky chairs to be gone.  I’m not sure I’ll wait much longer.  Both twins sit really well and eat really well so I probably don’t need to worry about the high chairs much longer.

Come this time next year, Isabelle and Madeline will be sharing a room and Aidan will be on his own.  I wonder if he’ll miss having another person in there with him or if he won’t even notice.  Guess you’ll have to stick around for another year to find out.

How I feel about being a mom to three under three.  Life is crazy but I can’t see it any other way.  I love my kids and each one of them is a blessing.  Yes, things would have been slightly easier if we had only had one baby but then we wouldn’t have Madeline or perhaps Aidan.  All three of them are special to us.  They each have their on personality and know how to show it.  I have a routine and I follow it like my life depends on it.  It really does.  If I’m behind or too early it makes a huge difference on how my day is going to play out.  I keep my routine because I’m the one who has them all day long and I know what works for us.  I enjoy my 2 hours of quiet in the afternoon.  I’d still prefer it if Isabelle was taking a morning nap, but I also know that I think she needs that time with me to make sure that she knows I love her lots.  Isabelle is becoming a sensitive little person and very aware of life and what’s around her.  I can’t watch Baby Story when she’s around because the crying newborn makes her sad.  She was sad and upset when Igglepiggle got dirty.  She was upset seeing the Duggars new premie baby.  She doesn’t like to get her hands dirty.  Informs us immediately of any “boogies” in her nose.  Wants you to hug her baby when she falls out of her stroller after one of the twins shakes her out.

Madeline is finally starting to “talk” back to Isabelle.  Isabelle tends to be a bit bossy from time to time…who knew?  Maddy has finally found her voice and will bark back at Isabelle.  She can climb the stairs now(supervised).  She’s getting another tooth on the bottom, this will make 5.  He hair is growing and is still brown.  Her eyes have turned greenish, getting very close to hazel.  I don’t know how much she weighs at the moment or how long she is.  I will update that next month after their dr appointment.  She loves food and will eat almost anything.  However if she eats something she doesn’t agree with a super puke is not far behind.

Aidan.  Mr Blue Eyes.  What can I say about it.  I love  him.  He’s my special little man.  Greets me every morning with a smile and shriek of happiness.  He has four teeth still.  No signs of new teeth yet.  He too can climb the stairs if he’s in the mood for showing off.  He loves his mommy.  He also loves to sit quietly on his own with a toy and just play.  I love that about him since usually the girls are hanging off me wanting to play with them.  He still has his blue eyes and blonde hair.

I wouldn’t change anything about my life with three under three.  They keep me on my toes that for sure.

Happy Birthday Madeline and Aidan!!

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Up on time today

Well I managed to have us up on time today, even a bit early I should add.  And despite going to bed at a decent time I still find myself to be tired.

Isabelle seems to be doing alright.  She had a rough night and day yesterday and seemed a bit feverish towards the end of the day.  She’s still a bit warm and not 100% herself today but certainly a bit better than she was.

She and I made cupcakes this morning.  She is eagerly waiting to have one after her lunch.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous!  I’ve got the furnace off, the back door open to let in some fresh air!  The curtains are open so we can let in the light!  I think tomorrow is Isabelle is feeling better we will have to go for a walk.

Well the babies are due to get up.  Isabelle is almost done her lunch.  Which means it’s almost time for me to hopefully be able to have lunch also!

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Ugh…time changes

I don’t know what happened today.  We had a bit of a late night with Isabelle.  She had a sore tummy due to the refusal to go poop.  Finally we got that all worked out and got her back to bed.  I decided that since I’m not good with being awake on time that I should set my alarm on my watch.  I set it for 7:30am.  Which would really be 6:30am but who’s keeping track!

I woke up at 8:53!!!  What the heck!  I did not hear my watch, the kids also slept in because this is what they are used to so why should they be up early.  It has thrown off my whole day.  The twins are still up and it’s 11am!!

They normally go down for their morning nap anywhere between 9:30 and 10am.  But since we weren’t up, dressed and downstairs until 9:20, I couldn’t exactly put them to bed.  So here it is 11am and I think I’m just going to let them stay up.  And if they can’t make it until 1:30 for their naps, well then they can all go to bed a bit earlier.

Tomorrow I have to get on my game.  I am not ready to have all three kids awake and playing for morning nap time.  I’m still not really used to Isabelle being awake.  The good thing is that for the most part they can play unsupervised while I’m here in the dining room.  Not far from them in case something does go wrong.  I can hear Madeline moving around and playing at the play kitchen and she’s repeatedly saying “Uh oh”.  No real reason for her to say it.  It’s just a word she’s discovered and likes to say.  It sounds very cute when she says it.  She’s quite the “talker”.  Isabelle never really “talked” when she was smaller.  She was a quiet kid.  Not any more.  Now my days are filled with “NOOOOO!”  I can sometimes get some singing or nice things being said.  Aidan can also have his moments of babbling. 

I’ve been working away at my course.  There is a lot to cover.  Mainly how to use the booking programs, learn about insurance and how to sell it, there is an exam for that, and then there is a provincial exam for selling travel and then just an overall test for the rest of the course.  Learning is ongoing.  Always something new or something changing.  I’ve been working away at the Insurance part lately because it’s probably the most boring.  Figured I’d get that out of the way.  It will be nice to be finished and be able to start working.  I look forward to booking everyone’s travel!!

Well I should get back to the kids.  I think Isabelle has a stack of books ready for us to read.  I hope I can get our day sorted out and back on track.

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He found his feet!

Aidan is standing now!  I meant to write this up the other day but things, as usual, have been busy around here.  Aidan has been trying very hard over the last few days to get on to his feet and he’s finally done it!  He’s very proud of himself when he pulls himself up.  He’s still a bit shaky and doesn’t always make it up, but he’s certainly a lot better than he was a few days ago.

Madeline is experimenting more with standing on her own.  She “walks” holding onto the furniture quite well and is also getting better with distances between the things she’s holding on to.  She has also climbed the stairs twice!  I am behind her though, helping her from time to time.  She is certainly not ready to do them alone but she’s very proud that she’s doing them.  Isabelle loves to race to the top of the stairs and then sit there watching Madeline climb up to her.

Not much new in the Isabelle world.  She’s still being a little dictator to the twins.  The best way to silence the loud “NO’s” is to put the tv on Treehouse for 30 minutes.  Ahh, 30 minutes of quiet.  I do enjoy it every so often.  If I wasn’t so against the kids watching tv for the whole day, I’d just let them so it would be semi quiet all day!  But you know what!! SPRING is in the air!  Today is a beautiful day.  I got Isabelle in her new spring coat today and we went for a little walk, we changed the strap setting on the twins seats in the stroller and we played ball outside for a bit also.

I can’t wait for the weather to be just a bit warmer.  Hello outdoors!  I don’t care how lazy I’m feeling we are going for a walk at least once a day.  After being cooped up all winter long, I owe it to these kids and the dogs to get them outside.  Today is a good day.  The weather is so awesome I wish the kids were all awake so we could be out.  However, them sleeping is a good thing because I don’t need any cranky babies later.

I suppose I’m going to have to stop calling them “babies” one of these days.  They are hardly babies at all anymore.  Madeline and Aidan are really starting to show their personalities.  And it just amazes me that now both twins are up on their feet.  And soon those feet are going to be very busy learning to walk around this house.  It almost felt like the day was never going to come and now it’s so close.  Soon all three kids will be able to take themselves up those darn stairs.  And soon, they will all be able to get themselves out on to the back deck.  I can’t believe that day is almost here.

One of my new favourite parts of the day is dinner time.  We make sure we sit at the dinner table for dinner time.  And this means once dinner is ready, one of us opens up the gate to the living room and gets the kids attention that it’s time for dinner.  Isabelle is first though the gate, then the twins catch on that they too are free to go though the gate.  And it’s just so neat to see all three kids coming into the dining room.  It will be awesome the day all three of them walk to the table.  The only lifting I will have to do is into booster seats!  My chiropractor is going to be so happy!

Well 30 minutes of down time left.  Must get these feet up for that time.  Madeline is already talking to herself….

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What a weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend with our families to help celebrate Isabelle’s second birthday and the upcoming first birthday for the twins!  Auntie Megan or Meeeeaaagy as Isabelle calls her, was the first to arrive.  We almost had to put our whole weekend on hold as a snowstorm threatened our out of town guests.  Megan was the first to brave the highways and made is safely by lunchtime.  Isabelle and the twins were thrilled to have another person to climb all over and play with.

Saturday was the big day.  Both sets of Grandparents were able to come as well as Uncle Rob.  Our house can’t hold much more than this.  There were 8 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs and almost not enough square feet.

We woke the kids up from their naps so that we could get a start on the sea of gifts.  Dinner was a wonderful BBQ and salads.  Yum!  Followed up by cupcakes decorated by Megan and myself!  We have talked about opening up a cake business!  Add that to my list of things to do!!

Isabelle had a wonderful time having a “sleepover” with Megan.  Isabelle was going to sleep in our room but Megan was willing to give it a try and let Isabelle sleep in her own bed while she was on the air mattress.  It actually worked out really well.  Isabelle was happy to share her room with her favourite Aunty!

The kids were certainly spoiled.  Ian and I have to go though some of their old toys and put some of them away.  They’ve outgrown some of them and others they just don’t have any real interest in.  And well it’s just time to make room for the new stuff.  I still have some balloons to take down and tidy up a little more from the party.  We had a great time and are thankful the storm didn’t stop anyone from being able to be here.

40 minutes until the rugrats are up again.  Some much needed snooze time for me.