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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"


Way to go Aidan!

It’s a good thing you are only 2 cause I’m about to embarrass you a little, but Mommy does it because she loves you!

So tonight after bath time Aidan informs Grandma that he has to go pee. He comes running into the bathroom where I’m trying to dry things up a little from bath time and promptly informs me he needs to pee on the big potty. So I decided to try something a little different. So far Aidan has successfully gone pee on the big and little potties while sitting down. I decided that since I had the time and the space that I would try to see if I could convince him to do this standing up. So he stood on the stool, while I sat on the side of the tub. I helped him keep his balance and told him that when he felt ready to go pee he should do so. A few times he sort of lost balance and tried to put his hands on the seat, but I told him to try to stand up and as close to the toilet as he could, and I held his hand for some support. So we watched and waited for a few seconds and I thought perhaps this is not going to work and then it happened! HE DID IT!! My big boy! And he was pretty excited also! We did a high fives and cheered him on! We even called Daddy at work to tell him the exciting news!

As my Mom and I were tucking Isabelle in to bed she decided that she needed to try going to the bathroom quickly before bed. She came back to her room with her head down and seemed a little sad when getting into bed. I asked her what was wrong, my mom sat down on her bed beside her to tuck her in and to also see what was the matter. I just assumed that she was sad because she knew that Grandma would be going home. However it turns out that she’s sad because she wants to be able to pee standing up just like Aidan! My mom and I could hardly contain ourselves while trying to explain to Isabelle that only boys can do that. We asked her if she had tried just now and she said she had and that it didn’t work. My mom and I just giggled some more and then Isabelle started giggling too saying that she was so funny because she had wanted to pee standing up too!

Isabelle is wishing very very hard these days for snow. All she wants is for there to be snow on the ground so that they can go outside and play in the snow. She’s had a few near meltdowns because it hasn’t snowed yet. While I am okay with no snow, the kids are not. And my life revolves around my kids now so Mother Nature if you are listening, hurry the F#*@( up and snow already! Cause she really really wants it to snow!!!

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Move over Superman there’s a new hero in town!

Tonight as we were getting ready for bed this is a conversation I overheard between Madeline and Isabelle.

Madeline: It’s so daaaaaaaark!
Isabelle: Oh, here ya go! (turns on light)
Madeline: But I can’t reach the potty!!! I have to peeeeeee!
Isabelle: Oh! Here, let me! There. (puts potty seat on toilet)
Madeline: Thanks Superhero!!!
Isabelle: *giggles* I’m not a Superhero *giggles* Oh Maddy!

I think I have the cutest kids possible. At least in that moment anyways. Then it went right back to the usual night time disagreements before settling down to watch a bit of Cars 2 before bed.

It’s 9:20pm and someone is still upstairs wandering around her room and the hallway. She’s already come downstairs once and asked my why I wasn’t in bed too. A valid question, however this is my little period of free time. I certainly plan on going to bed earlier than usual. I’m beat. I am certainly feeling better finally. And also finally getting more sleep. I never really got the chance to update that I finally broke down and went to a clinic, turned out I had Bronchitis. I was put on anitbiotics and given two inhalers also. All of this did the trick and I am happy to report that 3 weeks later almost 4, I am finally doing better! Luckily the kids only had runny noses and a bit of lost sleep. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if the kids had gotten bronchitis. In fact I don’t even want to think about it. Moving on.

The kids are still muching away on Halloween candy. I’m going to have to step up raiding the bags so that it just goes away that much faster. The kids don’t or haven’t noticed anything missing yet.

I had planned on making a longer post, however motherly duties call. Isabelle has been wandering around upstairs and is now crying ever so loudly. So I’m off to help her fall asleep. Away I go!