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Happy Birthday!

This morning at 0731 hrs Isabelle turned 4 years old.  She came into my room this morning shortly after turning 4, climbed into bed with me and the following conversation occured:

Isabelle: Hi Mom!

Me: Hi Isabelle.

Isabelle: Where’s Daddy?

Me: At work.

Isabelle: Okay, but where’s my cake?

Me: Happy Birthday Isabelle, Daddy will bring your cake home when he comes home from work.

Isabelle had a fantastic birthday.  She was more patient about waiting for her party this evening than I thought she would be.  Asking any child her age to wait until 5pm for her party to start is tough.  She managed.  We did lots of dancing around the living room singing Happy Birthday, practicing to make it perfect for cake time after dinner.  Isabelle got a surprise this afternoon when her grandparents(my parents)  showed up to help her celebrate her big day!  She was thrilled to see them as my parents have been away for the last two months.  The twins were also thrilled to see them once they got up from nap time.  Isabelle also got to skype with her Aunt and Uncle and spoke on the phone with Grandpa and Grandma Diplock in Windsor.  We had Isabelle’s request of pizza for dinner, we then had the “Rapunzel” cake the Isabelle picked out at the store all by herself.  Then came the presents!  I really enjoyed hearing and seeing how excited she was opening her gifts.

Here’s to you Isabelle!  I hope you had the best 4th Birthday a little girl could ask for!   I still remember the day you were born very well.  Holding you for the first time was amazing.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives!