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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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afterschool chaos

I detest this time of day.

Mornings are pretty good in our house. We are up, well I’m up at 7:15. By 7:30 the kids are up and moving around doing what they need to get done. The odd argument might happen but for the most part mornings are really great. Despite my laziness to not make lunches at night and having to make them the morning of, we get breakfast served and lunches made. We even manage to get into snow gear and in the van and to school early! Some days it feels like we are going to be late and I am rushing the kids to keep going to get ready but we get in the van on time.

During the day I can do whatever I want. Usually I take Jersey for a walk before deciding on what to do for the day. I get some things done and then next thing I know it’s that crappy time of day. I love my children. A lot. However, afterschool time makes me want to donate them to science.

Let’s take today for instance. Kids got off to school fine. Aidan had a slight meltdown getting ready but it seemed he was set for having a good day. He came rushing out of his classroom into the yard and gave me his backpack and immediately head for the pile of snow. He was all smiles as he was joined by a friend. Madeline came out happy as could be and also joined in on the snow pile fun. As usual we had to wait a few minutes for Isabelle, but when she finally appeared she was in a good mood as well.

I of course had to kill this mood by letting the kids know it was time to go as we needed to hit up Zhers quickly. I even explained to them I chose Zhers so that they could get a cookie from the bakery to make up for having to go to the store. Aidan lost his shit first. He literally scream and cried in the most annoying whiny voice he could make that he doesn’t want to go home nor does he want to go to Zhers. Well kid, I don’t want to go with you either. Everyday kindergarten was the best thing that could happen for me because it meant grocery shopping ALONE! But for tonight’s dinner I needed something I didn’t have and didn’t realize I didn’t have it until it was too late go out before picking up the kids.

Aidan carried on like this the entire way to the van which meant passing several substitute teachers who see me basically dragging a screaming kid away from the school. Thanks Aidan for making it look like I was abducting you from the school. Madeline gave me a bit of trouble as well, but her best performance she was saving for when we got home. Isabelle thankfully was happy to be going home as she was looking forward to the cookie. At least one of them can be trained using treats.

So the plan was we were going to stop at home, get out of snow pants, have a bathroom break and get jackets and boots back on and head to the store. I even told them if they behaved at the store we could pick out some ice cream for desert tonight. Yay, everyone is happy again. Everyone except Madeline. She was doing a great job of making sure her boots wouldn’t go on properly, stalling at just about every task she had and giving me a dirty look the whole time. Awesome. Get back into van, get to major road that will take us to store only to get text from husband to not go to the store as he’s going to take kids out for dinner. I have dinner plans tonight so won’t be dining with them. Fine, we turn around and then the kids are all like “hey mom this isn’t the way, why are you turning around?” I explain that I no longer need to go to the store. Immediately Madeline freaks out because we are no longer getting ice cream. Shit. Way to go Mom. I explain I was sorry about that and that I will try to pick some up this week, but how about we have a pudding as an afterschool snack. Yay all is well again.

We get home and Aidan and Isabelle were awesome and started unpacking their school bags and lunch bags without my asking. Woo hoo for progress!! Madeline on the other hand is already in the pantry getting her pudding. I explain to her that she needs to unpack her things and then we will have puddings. She grumpily closes pantry door and disappears. Meanwhile I’m on the phone dealing with something but hear what sounds like muffled cries of a child. Finish on phone and go find child. It’s Madeline crying facedown into my pillow. I thought she was hurt possibly and ask her what was wrong. Screaming into my pillow that she doesn’t want to unpack her bag and only wants a pudding I walk away.

Other kids do their jobs, Madeline continues to carry on in my room. She pulls herself together, goes into pantry, still has not unpacked bag, gets pudding, stands in hallway sadly looking at her pudding. Other two finish puddings. Maddy now laying on floor playing with her pudding, looking sadly at me from time to time. I remind her she needs to do her job first and then pudding. Now we are crying on floor in front of pantry. Jersey decides to come and see what all the fuss is, however I think it’s because Madeline banged her food dish into the wall and Jersey thought she was getting some food. Jersey sniffs Madeline, which pisses hell beast off even more. She gets up, tosses pudding into pantry, slams pantry, stomps her feet as hard as she can for effect, retrieves her lunch bag, proceeds to empty her lunch bag and is sure to slam every container onto counter whilst giving me grumpy looks. Puts lunch bag away, stomps over to pantry retrieves pudding, goes to drawer to get spoon, comes to table and in her best “I’m trying so hard to be grumpy but I need your help to open this damn pudding voice” asks me to open her pudding. She sits. She eats her pudding.

Isabelle and Aidan during all this managed to get into a fight about nothing. Then they both had to have a good cry about it. Then when I made them hug each other they acted as if the other was covered in spikes and couldn’t really hug the other. Then Isabelle had a meltdown over it being time to practice the piano. Afterwards she had the brilliant idea to ask her grumpy sister to play Monopoly Jr. Frozen edition. You can imagine how well that game went. I think if Madeline had access to matches she would have lit the game on fire.

When I think about all that happened today afterschool, this day is actually rather tame. I am just waiting for a day when everyone can just come home happy. Today the husband has been instructed to have the spawn in bed for 7pm or earlier if he feels necessary because I know that part of their grumpiness is that they went to bed a bit late last night. I’m also glad that tonight I did not have to try and put up with the grumps while trying to make dinner. Hooray to going out for dinner tonight and also getting to miss the crankiness that is bedtime!!

Better days are coming……..


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the holidays….

I’m kind of glad the holidays are over. I’m also glad the kids are back to school. Of course that brings mixed feelings. I feel like I didn’t get to spend enough time with the kids over the holidays due to illness and studying. I think it’s safe to whisper that the kids are for the most part over their 4 months of sickness. The twins are doing well with their nasal sprays despite not really enjoying it. Isabelle is finally over her head cold and has hear hearing back. I’m glad they are all better however I know that we are likely not done with germs just yet.

I woke up Christmas morning feeling like several large trucks had run me over repeatedly. I managed to get through gift opening with the family before needing to go back to bed. Oh the joys of fever and chills for 2 days. With that came a very sore throat and an ear infection which later turned into a double ear infection.

Today I still can’t hear properly out of my ear. When there is a lot of noise in the room or many people talking, everyone sounds like robots. It’s hard to describe but it’s a weird feeling. There is still quite a bit of pressure in my ear which is driving me crazy! Ugh….

The kids had a great Christmas! They were excited to see what gifts Santa had brought them and tear into the ones we got them. I enjoyed Christmas as a kid and then wasn’t crazy about is the older I got. It’s so very different with your own kids. Our Elf returned this year and got up to no good as usual. The kids really enjoyed finding him every morning and were sad to see him go on Christmas Eve. Speaking of which I still need to clean up from his departure…..bad mommy.

I’ve changed the photo for the blog because it really does surprise me sometimes just how much the kids have grown up! The end of the holidays means the beginning of the birthday craziness. Isabelle will be 7 next month!! 7!!!! Then the kick in the pants will be the twins turning 6!!!! What a crazy ride it has been the last 7 years. It is so interesting to see these three change and grow over the years. It is becoming apparent that we will need to split the girls up soon. I know that Madeline is going to struggle with this quite a bit. Isabelle on the other hand can’t wait to have her own space, especially at night. Madeline likes to keep her up chatting and playing. Poor Isabelle is not a happy camper in the mornings… Aidan is my quiet little man most of the time. He can make his fair share of noise when he wants to. He also knows more about tanks, dinosaurs and a few other things probably better than boys his age and actually a lot better than I do!! I look forward to seeing what kind of hobbies he gets into as he grows up.

Another year done and a new one full of possibilities…I look forward to seeing what comes our way!

Happy New Year! (Sorry it’s a little late!!)