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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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I feel like that’s all I’ve done today is change bums.  Sickness has crept though this family and I think it’s finally getting to the kids, well it’s either sickness or teeth.  I can’t wait for their teeth to be in and to not have any more teeth associated problems.  Regardless, Aidan has had the grossest diapers today.  I can handle baby poop, even toddler poop.  Ask me to pick up dog poop and I’m puking.  But today, Aidan’s diaper brought tears to my eyes.

Son, I love you.  And yes, you will forgive me in time when you are older for openly writing on the internet about how your poop almost made Mommy hurl, but seriously!  What is going on!  I had to clench my jaw, put my shirt over my face and even still I came close to losing it.  What’s even more of a miracle is that the poop stayed in his diaper!

On to other topics…..

Christmas.  Did anyone realize it’s just days away!!!! Apparently I’ve had my head in the ground and thought I might still have about a week.  Wrong, days, and not even because I can’t exactly wrap gifts with the kids around.  So I’ve got few evenings before the big day.  I still have yet to wrap presents, stuff stockings and assemble and clear space for a train table that is about to take up residence in my living room.  Oh how I wish we had a finished, empty basement.  One day my dream will come true.

I’m currently searching for some holiday tunes to get me in the mood.  I like to wrap my gifts while listening to music.  I miss my piano this time of year also.  I loved to play holiday songs.  I miss my piano most days of the year really.  Not that I’m the best piano player out there, but I enjoyed my little hobby of playing.  It was a good stress reliever too!!

I wanted to post more, however I spend too much time reading blogs than posting to my own.  I can also hear that the kiddies are up and bouncing away in their beds.  I’m going to attempt to either decorate the tree with them or decorate a ginger bread house with them tonight or tomorrow.  If I don’t post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas to everyone!  I did do cards, just have yet to mail them!  Sorry, I can’t seem to ever get my cards out on time!

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Well *I* has some kind of sickness.  He emailed me before I even got up yesterday morning saying he was on his way home from work.  When he got home he looked like death.  So I promptly sent him upstairs as to keep the germs away from the kiddies.  He’s been in bed since yesterday morning and I’ve only briefly seen him to make sure he isn’t actually dead and to replenish his beverage and cracker supply.

The kids know he’s home, but often forget and ask when he’s coming home.  I have to remind them he’s sick, upstairs in bed, trying to get better so he can spend time with them.  What a week to get sick.  I had plans to be in the office this week for two of his days off and then on Saturday I had plans with a bunch of women I’ve never met in person before!  I really hope that Ian feels better tomorrow or is at least better come Friday night, because while I don’t mind missing out on going to the office, I will be really bummed if I have to miss out on Saturday.

A bunch of us ODIV wives decided that it would be nice to actually meet in person rather than only talk to each other over Facebook.  You’ve been great Facebook, don’t get me wrong, however human interaction is always better I think.  So we have the day planned for some papmering, shopping, dining and of course drinking!  Should be lots of fun and I hope to be there and healthy too!

Being a single parent is taking it’s toll, I fell asleep sitting up for about 15 minutes today.  Thankfully the chldren managed to not destroy the house while I was being a bad parent.  The sad part is we had been playing blocks and I was sitting there with them all building towers and knocking them over.  Next thing I know, I’ve got a sore neck and it’s eerly quiet in my house.  Maddy was at least watching tv and Isabelle and Aidan were playing nicely in their pretend kitchen. 

I am always very thankful for those moments because I know that even when I am paying attention the kids can always find something to get into that they are not supposed to.  For instance the other day Isabelle innocently enough asked me if she could get her juice out of the fridge.  I said “sure, go for it.”  So off she goes.  A little while had passed and I realized that she was not back yet.  So I called out to her and she came running.  And it was the run of someone who was doing something they shouldn’t.  What really gave it away is that she also did not have her juice!

She didn’t have anything in her hands so I didn’t think anything of it.  I know that while there are things she can get into in the kitchen, all the really bad stuff is either locked away or up high.  A little while later it’s time to make lunch.  I go to the kitchen and there on the counter is a pile of white powder, next to it is the Kernels Flavour shaker with it’s lid off.  Isabelle made herself a nice little pile of white cheddar powder on the counter.  So now I’m out of white cheddar flavoring for my popcorn, but again it could have been way worse!

Recently I’ve also found, crayon on the fridge, crayon on the windows of the living room.  The twins love to play with pop cans, so I’ve found pop all over the main level of the house.  Today someone went in the fridge and brought out a jar of bbq sauce to the living room.  I didn’t know about this until Madeline hit Isabelle in the head with it!  Nice.

Hitting and biting.  Is a HUGE problem these days.  Madeline is the worst. I don’t know what it is inside her but she just loves to hit.  Sometimes I think she gets to carried away in playing roughly and she will sometimes hit by accident.  Other times she means it.  For instance when someone (aka Isabelle) takes a toy that she was playing with.  Madeline will have no problem hauling off and hitting Isabelle.  Isabelle of course loves to take the poor me role seriously, but we give her little attention for that one.  She’s got to learn she can’t just take toys, however Madeline needs to learn anotoher way to express herself when a toy is taken from her. The other problem we have is Maddy bites.  And bites hard.  This is done purely out of anger for the most part.  We went though this phase a while ago and then it seemed to die off.  Well it’s back with a vengance and I’m running out of ideas on how to deal with this.  So a shout out to all my Mommy friends who had to deal with biting, what did you do to stop it?

Well I’m an hour into nap time for the kids and I’d like to put my feet up and enjoy some lunch without being asked to have some of it.  And I need to figure out what’s for dinner.  It can be hard to make dinner for just the kids since I’m not going to make big meals when Ian is not able to eat.  Tonight might be a breakfast for dinner kind of night.

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12 More Sleeps until Santa!!

Can you believe it?  It still feels like yesterday to me that it was Isabelle’s first Christmas and I was pregnant with the twins.  Isabelle didn’t quite get the concept of opening presents so we helped her with her gifts.  She happily played with the paper and the boxes and even some of the toys that were in those boxes!

Last year Isabelle was slightly more interested but still didn’t quite get what Christmas meant, and the twins had no idea what was going on but they enjoyed tearing paper open!

This year things are different!  Madeline can almost say the word “Christmas” perfectly.  All three kids are excited when it snows, or when the neighbours put on their Christmas lights at night.  My mom made them an Advent Calendar which they absolutely love doing and look forward to it every day.  A few nights ago, the kids were getting grumpy about going to bed, I asked them if they knew who was coming to visit them tomorrow!  When I ask this question I always get a very loud response of “Grandma!!!!” from the three of them.  Not this time.  When asked their reply ever so cheerfully and excitedly was “SANTA!!!!!”  Sorry Grandma, you’ve been temporarily replaced by Santa.

I made gingerbread cookies and we decorated them.  I used royal icing and various xmas coloured treats to put on them.  I gave a cookie each to the kids and all but Isabelle managed to get the treats off the cookie and not really eat the cookie.  Isabelle was working so hard to try to figure out which angle worked best to get these treats off.  She finally gave up with a huff and said “I can’t eat this!!!”  It was all Ian and I could do to not burst out laughing.  She was so ticked off she couldn’t get the smarties off the cookie.  I still had some smarties left over so I gave her those and I took her cookie that she wasn’t too interested in.

I have yet to wrap presents and we still have a certain train table to assemble and stocking to fill etc.  I know we will get it all done, but I am starting to feel that crunch of running out of time.  My days are so busy and by the time I’m done at night I’m so tired that it’s hard to get things done. 

Potty training, I can’t say we are any further a head but we are slowly making progress.  We’ve had some accidents here and there and while they are frustrating at times she does have her days where she tries really hard and has a good day.  I’m just really looking forward to all good days.

Time to corral the kids and get them a little snack and then nap time.  Oh how I love nap time.

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Well I have been fighting some kind of sickness for the last few days and I’m not giving in yet.  I went to bed nice and early yesterday and luckily I was able to sleep until lunch time today!  I think getting all that rest has helped but I’m not quite in the clear yet.  Isabelle seems to have picked up this germ, she had it and spread it to me.  It’s a little hard to tell if the twins have it or not because their noses are snotty due to teething.  So we’ll see how things go.

Potty training is at a standstill it seems.  For some reason now she is absolutely refusing.  I don’t know if it’s us and that we have not been consistent enough for her, or if one of us did something or said something that has put her off, or if this is all just in her head and she’s making our life difficult on purpose etc.  Could be anything, but I think that we are going to have to step up our game in the next few weeks.  I think I’m at a slight disadvantage in that it’s hard for me to really get on a routine with Isabelle with this because of the twins.  It’s hard to be so focused on something for Isabelle when you have the other two who also want to be doing the same thing.  However I’m not sure I’m ready to by trying to teach all three alone about sitting and staying on the potty.  Maybe if *I* was off for a week straight I would attempt doing all three at the same time or even just focus solely on Isabelle.  I know this will happen for us, you don’t see any 16 year olds walking around in diapers, but still it’s frustrating when all my other mommy friends are going on about how easy it was to potty train.  I’m secretly starting to think they are liars and their kids are all still in diapers too.  At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself to make myself feel better.

The twins had their month check up the other day.  Here are the stats:

Madeline (technically they are 19 mths)

wt: 28lbs 3oz
ht:  88cm
hc:  49cm


wt:  26lbs 8oz
ht:  90cm
hc:  50.5cm

Dr says they are both looking really good and are growing the way they should be.  It was nice to take them in and not have all the stuff that goes with having small children.  In the past we’ve had to cram into the dr’s office with car seats and diaper bags etc.  This time it was just us and the kiddies.  They had some needles at this visit which pissed them both off for a few minutes but then they were fine.  Aidan has less muscle than Maddy so by bedtime his arm was quite sore and he had a difficult night.  Maddy had some redness and pain but she wasn’t quite as cranky as Aidan.

My first aid kits are getting used quite a bit this week.  Isabelle got up from a nap and showed Daddy her burn on her hand that she got from touching the steamer.  We have a steamer in their room because they have all had stuffed up noses.  Isabelle has been told many, many, MANY times not to touch the steamer.  She burned her hand pretty good.  I had to call the nurse Grandma’s to get some first aid advice.  Both very quite helpful and Isabelle’s hand is well on it’s way to healing.  I must say I was horrified when I first saw her hand.  The blister looked huge on such a tiny hand.  My heart just broke for her because I could only imagine how much it hurt.  But she’s brave and every time we put on a new bandage she says it’s “gonna make Isabelle feel better”.  She certainly takes care of her hand.  You can tell it bothers her as she won’t apply direct pressure to it and she can often be seen cradling her arm.  We do our best not to make anything of it so that she doesn’t baby herself too much.  But I do feel for the kid.

Well this is all for tonight.  The next few weeks will be busy with Christmas coming up.  I’ve got cookies to decorate and gifts to wrap and train tables to start assembling.  I seriously can’t believe that tomorrow is December 1st.  Where is time going?