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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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A little morning humour…

I’ll just set the scene, this was just the other morning.  I get Isabelle up out of bed first.  I open her door and say “Good Morning”.  She’s quick to toss off her covers if she still has them, throw her soother on the floor, toss puppy aside and slide down out of bed.

She then follows me to our room, where I change her diaper up on our bed.  On this morning, Isabelle followed me to our room but stopped at our door.  I grabbed her diaper and sat down on the bed.  I showed her the diaper and asked her if she wanted her bum changed.  Here’s where things got cute and humorous.

Isabelle:  Daddy???

Me: He’s at work honey.

Isabelle: Uh hummmmm.  She says with her arms crossed in front of her and sort of looking around.

Me: Time to change your bum.

Isabelle:  Maka???  (Just to let you all know, Maka is what she has named my Mom.  Maka is also the name of a character on the show In the Night Garden which is her fav show.)

Me:  Grandma is at home, she’s not coming over today.  Come on up, let’s change your bum.

Isabelle: Uh hummmmm.  Again she says with her arms crossed looking around.

Me:  Come on Isabelle, time to change your bum.

Isabelle:  Babies???

Me:  They are in their room waiting for us, now lets change your bum and go get them!

Isabelle: Uh hummmm, okay!

She trots over to the bed and we change her bum.  I don’t know that was all about but it was just cute and a nice way to start my morning with her. 

I guess when I sit back and think of all the things Isabelle is doing these days it makes me realize just how fast the last two years have gone by.  She’s my baby, my first baby and in two days she will be turning 2.  I’m so scared that the rest of her life is going to go by this quickly.  This time last year was my original due date.  Isabelle was due on the 23rd of Feb.  My labour and all the motions started on the 23rd but she hung in there until the morning of the 25th.  I can remember 2 years ago today thinking that I was going to be a Mom soon.  And just how incredible it was going to be to meet our little baby.  How nervous I was as to whether or not I was going to be a good mom.  The panic of all that didn’t really sink in until I was actually being admitted to deliver Isabelle.  Ha.  I went in to the ER thinking they would just check me out, tell me I was fine and then I’d be sent home.  Wrong.  The Dr. asked me if I brought my bags, I laughed at her.  She said to Ian he better go home and get them.  That was the exact moment I started to freak out.  9 months I carried this little person inside me and now it was time to be responsible.  Not that I’m not a responsible person.  But this is a whole new level.

Here we are 2 years later.  Isabelle is a smart, beautiful, loving little individual.  I love everything about her.  She’s perfect and she’s mine.  Having children has changed me so many ways.  I’m so blessed to have my kids.

I was trying to think of all the words that Isabelle knows now.  And I thought I’d make a list.  But I honestly think she knows more words than I could remember in order to make a list.  She is constantly bringing me books to read her.  Today we were looking at one that was about cars.  And I was so proud of her for being able to tell me the colours of some of the cars without having to be told first.

Today Madeline was “walking” with the assistance of her little walker toy.  And Isabelle was walking alongside her saying “good girl” and it was just too cute.  Isabelle had other motives however, she just wanted to take the walker toy the second Madeline let go, but still.  It’s nice to think that just possibly Isabelle was being supportive of her sister.  I think it’s going to rock Isabelle’s world when Madeline starts walking.  Madeline loves being where ever Isabelle is.  This is going to get interesting.

Aidan is still working on building up his strength to stand.  It will take him some time but he will get there.  He’s determined to be able to look out those front windows.  Aidan loves to play quietly but he also loves the chance to bug the girls and get into whatever they were into.  I love Aidan’s smile.  He’s my little man for sure.  The twins are very affectionate whereas Isabelle is the opposite.  I usually have to ask Isabelle for a hug or a kiss, the twins are just all over it.  Very cuddly.  However Isabelle has been known to give hugs and kisses without warning.

It’s late, I’m tired.  I’m not getting enough sleep these days.  Why I’m up so late tonight I have no idea. 2 more sleeps until my baby turns 2.  Next thing you know she’ll be turning 13!!

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Apparently I’m not busy enough!!

If anyone out there thinks I have time to be bored they are wrong.  There is always something that can be done around my house.  I often choose to spend time playing on the floor with my kids than folding laundry.  However, the laundry pile is growing and I must find some time to sit down and fold it and put it away.  I will admit I am not Holly Housewife.  I hate chores.  I do not like folding laundry and putting it away.  I don’t like cleaning.  But I know it has to get done.  I just feel like I’m a stay at home Mom and that means my time should go to my kids.  So I’m learning slowly to organize my time between home and children.  And to add to the list of things I have to do I’ve decided to get a job!!  For those of you who just spit your beverage on your monitors I’ll give you a moment to wipe it up.  I can just hear all the “Is she for real?”, “She’s got to be kidding!”, “What is she thinking!!”. 

Well here’s what I’m thinking.  I need to use my brain for more than treehouse or changing bums.  The job is ultra flexible and I can work from home in my free time.  I can take the time I have no to learn what I need to learn and work at my own pace and once the kids go to school I can bump up to full time if I like.  This gives me the chance to get out of the house and make some money rather than just spend it.  I’ll be working as an Independent Contractor for Expeida CruiseShip Centres.  So once I’m fully trained and completed my course and exam think of me when you want to book your next vacation!!  I’m really looking forward to getting started.

The kids are all good.  Isabelle is constantly testing us these days.  Sometimes I look at her and think how can something so small and cute get so angry so fast.  I don’t blame her some days, two small siblings and what to her feels like just not enough attention.  And it’s hard when I’m home alone all the time.  The time that Ian is off never feels long enough to the kids.  And it’s hard on them when he goes back to work.  Isabelle asks all day long where her Daddy is.  And I hate repeating “work” to her all day long.

Well I’m going to go put my feet up for the last hour of my free time.  Perhaps have some lunch even!  Hope all is well with our friends and family who follow our little spot on the web!

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All was quiet and then there was a thud…

Isabelle fell out of her bed today.  I was downstairs working away at something on the net.  The house was nice and quiet and then there was a a thud….followed quickly by tears and a very loud sobbing “Mommmmmy.”

This will be brief as I expect to hear noise from the three little ones any minute now.  Today is family day, however we are missing one family member.  Ian had to work today.  We were hoping he might have the day off but he did not.  Oh well, we had a pretty good set of 4 days off.  We made a trip out to the Yorkdale Mall.  That place is freaking huge!  Old Navy has 3 floors!!!  The highlight for Isabelle was having lunch at the Rainforest Cafe!  She loved it there, loved seeing the animals and the fish and she didn’t even mind the tropical storm that occurred twice during our time there.  Lots of the other little kids around us really didn’t enjoy the thunder or the animals freaking out.  In between bites of her pizza, Isabelle shouted “Hi!!!!!!!!!!” to the elephants which of course aren’t real, but they were to her.  Never mind they are also on the other side of the restaurant!  She loved looking at the fish, they were real, she would point at them and say “fish”. 

Well the noise has started upstairs.  I will try to post something a little better this week.

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Big girl bed and a runny nose

Isabelle has moved into her her big girl bed and is doing really well!!  Her first attempt in her bed was for a nap and that didn’t go as planned.  Which is what I expected to happen.  Bedtime came and I thought we’d have a harder time keeping her in bed but she went down and as far as we knew had stayed in her bed.

We were having some trouble with Aidan that night so one of the times I was finished with Aidan in their room I decided to check in on Isabelle.  I first looked at the bed and said oh I guess it’s her blanket on the floor but once my eyes adjusted to the light that’s when I saw it was her on the floor.  I don’t believe she feel, I think she just got down and played with her toys and then fell asleep there.  I put her back to bed and she stayed in it for the rest of the night.

Nap times yesterday went really well also.  I think she’s figuring out that’s her bed and it’s okay to stay in it even if it doesn’t have  all the sides on it.  I don’t really mind if she gets out and plays.  The whole point of doing this was so that if she didn’t want to nap she could just play quietly in her room.  Mommy still needs a break even if she doesn’t. 

Aidan has a runny nose due to either a cold or he’s teething.  Isabelle seems to be getting a cough as do I.  Not cool.  His top two teeth are coming in. I feel for the kid, the one looks pretty sore.  I’ve got to get some frozen fruit for him to chew on.  I have fruit here but it’s not great for freezing.

Well due to lack of sleep the other night I’m having a hard time sitting here typing.  Going to catch some zzzz’s before the kids wake.