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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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How I piss the spawn off with one simple sentence

“It’s time to clean your rooms.” That’s all I need to say to make the spawn go from happy little humans to angry tyrants. I sympathize with them secretly. I hate cleaning my room too. Let’s be honest, I hate cleaning every room in this damn house. I am trying really hard to get on board with cleaning up the whole house once a week and at least every few days making sure it’s reasonably tidy.

The kids don’t have awesome role models for parents when it comes to tidiness so it’s not all their fault that their rooms look like a bomb went off. However, it has been explained to them that if they would like for friends to be able to come over to play the house and their rooms need to be kept clean. I don’t really have a problem keeping the house clean, the problem would be the 4 other people that live with me seem to have a problem. In the end I just give up. It’s a lot of work to keep up this house and we need to all chip in together to help maintain it.

So today we tidy. The girls are currently arguing with each other over who knows what. I’m about to deal with that. Aidan is ever so quiet in his room which means he’s no longer cleaning but rather playing with his toys. This means I get to put my grumpy Mommy hat on and make sure the job gets done before lunch.

I believe Daddy is taking them public skating for a job well done!!

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These people have no idea about bugs

So I was at the park with the kids after school and there was a group of kids and their moms not too far from where I was sitting. They were all chatting and the topic of bugs came up. They were complaining about the recent mass of ladybugs in our area. The one mom made the comment that there are so many bugs around here! All the other moms agreed that there are too many  bugs.

As I sat there listening to them complain about these bugs I pictured all of these women going up to the Territories and just totally losing their shit. Hahahaha.

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Last minute costume change

My kids are famous for changing their minds at the last second or just changing their minds and not saying anything to me about it! I have just about everything I need for the kids costumes. Aidan is going as a Ninja and the girls are going as bags of jelly beans.

CORRECTION: Isabelle will be going as a bag of jelly beans and Madeline has chosen to go as a Monster High character, scratch that, a witch. Yes, she has finally decided on a witch….wait….Monster High….no witch..


We have a WINNER! A witch for Madeline. I went out today and bought a few things to add to her costume. She found a witch’s hat at Dollar Tree as well as a broom. Today I picked up a wig and some green and black stripped tights as per her request (she’s lucky I found the last ones!!!) and a cape. She has a black dress with sequins on the skirt part that she can wear as the main part of her costume. We have some face paint but she’s not too sure she wants to go with a green face. I found some green lipstick she could try if she doesn’t want to go all green.

All I have left to do is grab a few more bags of balloons for Isabelle’s costume and we are all set! I will totally post a photo when they are all dressed up!!

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The tooth fairy drives a Brinks truck

Isabelle had her four vampire teeth extracted yesterday morning. She did awesome!! There was a brief moment that it could have gone south for Isabelle. The dental assistant was prepping her, attaching the BP cuff and the O2 monitor etc. and in one of the other rooms a kid was freaking out. Isabelle seemed to tense up a bit in that moment and I was worried she was going to start to panic. She managed to muster up her courage and she mentioned how there was someone who was having a hard time and that it was too bad. I reassured her that she was going to do awesome and that her Dentist was really nice and so where the nurses and she would be in great hands.

She recovered beautifully and is happy to be at school today showing her friends where here teeth came out. She was also excited because the tooth fairy had brought her $4.00!! The tooth fairy felt a little bad that she did not have any toonies and had only a loonie….enjoy the quarters kiddo!! The tooth fairy was not certain the tiny pocket on the tooth pillow could accommodate all that change! Luckily it held and she was even able to squeeze in a little reply note for the note that was left for her! Kids are so freaking cute!!izzyteeth


Mountains of laundry

I just did three loads of laundry yesterday. I folded and sorted it out into the kids laundry baskets, had the husband haul them upstairs to their rooms and sent the kids up to put away their clean laundry.

Today I went upstairs with the empty laundry basket that all three kids are to toss their dirty clothes into, it had been down in the laundry room until it was emptied and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I walked into the girls room. It was like their closet and dressers threw up all over their floor. There was dirty laundry everywhere! I don’t really get it. I always thought boys were going to be far dirtier/messier than girls. I was completely wrong on that.

That being said, Aidan can have him moments. Sometimes he needs to either undress before coming into the house or go directly into the laundry room to undress. I could fill a sandbox with the amount of sand he used to bring in.

This weeks mission is to go through the girls clothing and start to purge. I know Madeline has too much because she gets whatever Isabelle grows out of. Isabelle is running low on things but I believe Grandma is coming to the rescue for that.

I feel like laundry is a never ending task for me and I can’t wait to teach the kids how to use the machines. Slowly we are working on this. They like to help push the buttons and turn dials. Now if only they were tall enough to fill the soap and fabric softener dispenser!!

The other problem of laundry is that I hate my laundry room. I love that I have main floor laundry, although with the amount of kid laundry I wish I could turn the upstairs hall closet into another laundry room. My laundry room is small. Oh so small. There is a closet but the shelves in it are crappy and we really should build better ones. The kids also use the laundry room closet to hang their backpacks. It also houses the bin of dog food. As well it’s the place we throw just about everything when company is coming over at the last minute!

When I needed some down time from my assignments today I spent a lot of time searching Pinterest for ideas on how to refresh our tiny laundry room. Sadly, a lot of the idea I liked just won’t work in ours because of the window in the room. I’d like to take the machines off their pedestals but the laundry sink creates a problem for the dryer door to open properly. Sigh. I may just have to live with a crappy laundry room.

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Pepes Pumpkin Patch

It was a beautiful day to pick pumpkins!! We made it to the patch around 10 this morning which was perfect timing as it wasn’t very busy. The kids were eager to do the train ride and the hay ride. There went half our pumpkin budget in the first 10 minutes! I was happy to watch them enjoy these rides and also run around exploring the little children’s village they have set up.

peppes peppes2

It was basically impossible to get all three looking towards me for a photo! We chose some fantastic pumpkins which we will carve two of for Halloween. The smaller pumpkins the kids will likely paint this weekend.

I hope to make this an activity we do every fall as the kids and I really enjoyed ourselves!

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Happy Turkey Weekend


I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! We had our family dinner on Friday night so that all the right people could make it to dinner. I think I’d like to do this more often as it gave way to a free weekend to spend time with our family however we wanted. Yesterday we took the kids to see the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 and they loved it! I have to admit I enjoyed it just as much as they did. In the late afternoon Isabelle and Aidan helped Daddy wash my van while Madeline enjoyed some time over at a friends house.

Tomorrow my plan is to take the kids to Pepe’s Pumpkin Patch to select our pumpkins that we will carve for Halloween! I haven’t told the kids we are going as it’s very dependant on the weather. Last year I went to Pepe’s with Isabelle’s grade 1 class and she and her classmates had a great time. With the work to rule this year at their school, there are no field trips. Sure we could buy some pumpkins at the store but I know they will enjoy this way more!! If I am able to snap a few photos tomorrow I will post them afterwards.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I was on Facebook this evening after getting the kids to bed. I seem to have installed the “Memories” app onto my Facebook at some point and now every so often it pops up to remind me that I have “Memories” that are ready to view.

Today I decided to click on it to see what the memories were and was reminded that on this day last year I accompanied Isabelle and her Grade 1 class to the pumpkin patch.


I love pumpkins and the kids love pumpkins. And do you know what they love more? Picking their own pumpkin out of the field!! This year there will be no school trips. Which means no trip to the pumpkin patch. Madeline has already asked a few times if we are going to buy a pumpkin soon. So far our Zhers has showed great promise of large good looking pumpkins. However before I could answer she then said how much she just loved going to the pumpkin patch!

Of course I have to deliver! I know they would be happy to just pick up some pumpkins the next time I hit up Zhers but it just isn’t the same as going out into the field and finding the perfect one.

I believe I will be taking them out of school this coming week and we will go to a pumpkin patch and choose some awesome pumpkins! The cranky secretary can bite me if she doesn’t like my explanation when I call in their absence. We are barely 2 months into the school year and she has already commented to me about how Madeline is missing a lot of school already and also that I should plan our Dr appointments a little better so they can all go on the same day. Sure, I get right on that. Bite me. Works great if they are all seeing the same damn DOCTOR!!!

Anyways……I’m already searching Pinterest for ideas on how to carve our pumpkins. Do you carve your pumpkins or do you dress them up in other ways? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Good news everyone!

hoorayI do not have gout or a bacterial infection in my ankle!!!!!!!!

What do I have you ask? Tendonopathy which basically means I have pain, tenderness etc in my ankle for no apparent reason. The ultrasound did show calcium building up on the tendon which could maybe be the cause of the pain but my Dr isn’t sure.

Today my pain is basically gone. There is a bit of stiffness where the pain and swelling was and she advised I could have a cortisone shot if the pain was still at the level it was when I first saw her. I am not a fan of unnecessary needles into my body and opted out of the shot. It’s possible that the pain and swelling could reoccur and maybe then I will contemplate the needle.

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A day of firsts

Today is Madeline’s first day back to school after surgery. She was very excited to get back to seeing her teacher and her friends. I hope she has a great pain free day. Madeline has been doing well in the pain department for the last two days. She has been able to sleep through the last two nights without needing Tylenol or Advil. Her inner ear pain seems to also be under control. Hooray!

Right about the time Madeline started to do a little better the universe must have felt off balance. I had been fighting a cold most of last week. It decided to push a little harder and my immune system lost the fight. I also seem to have developed a weird pain in my left foot.

I went to bed just fine, aside from a cold setting in, only to wake up Wednesday morning with a stiff left foot. I went and did all my grocery shopping and errands that day and noticed by the end of the day it was feeling worse. Thursday there was swelling and some bruising so I decided to go to a walk in clinic. This was weird because I know I didn’t sprain my ankle or bang it into anything. Off I went. Dr says it’s a bad sprain despite my telling her that I’ve sprained that ankle countless times and this pain is not the same. It’s not even in the ankle joint! It’s under!!

Friday morning I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot. I made a call to my family Dr to see if I could get in to see her. Thankfully she had an opening. If I haven’t said it before I really like my new family Dr. So she was surprised that the first Dr I went to did not order an x-ray so I was sent for one as well as an ultrasound and blood work.

I spent the entire weekend on crutches or with my foot up. The swelling is down today and I am able to bear some weight on the foot also. The Dr thinks that this could either be Gout or a bacterial infection in the joint. To be honest I’m rooting more for bacterial infection since it would be treated with an antibiotic and then it’s gone. My understanding of Gout is that it will be a problem for the rest of my life. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

So today is my first day off crutches. The husband was awesome and had lunches ready for the kids. I was able to get to the van and drive them to school and thankfully another Mom was willing to walk with them to their gate. After school will be interesting. I have told them to stay together and walk to the parking lot. I will park as close as possible so they see me and don’t have to walk through the parking lot to get to the van. While I’m good with short distances, I don’t feel ready to be walking to their gate and back.

Being on crutches has also taught me that I need to work out my upper body! Holy hell my arms and shoulders are burning!! That’s for another day!

Today I am going back to bed in hopes to rid myself of this stupid cold!