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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Now I think aliens took my children and replaced them with terrible ones

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children very much.

“In good times and in bad”, oh wait those were part of my vows….

Yes, I love them all the time, even when they colour on my walls with purple and green crayon.  And when they throw their plates on the floor.  The dogs especially love them when they do this.  And I love them when they aren’t doing what they are told.  But I’ve got a limit people. 

Here’s the scene.  Mommy has a terrible headache today.  One that has kept her moments from leaping into the bathroom to be sick.  I think it’s a pinched nerve in my neck, but I’ve been feeling this way since I almost threw up in my sleep at 4:30am.  I’ve taken some pills to help dull the pain in my head.  And just as I was about to ask my husband to stay home, a conversation we had earlier this week rang every so loudly though….”I have to be at work Wed, Thurs, Fri for sure.”  Ugh.  No asking for sympathy today. 

Morning starts off alright.  They are loud but coffee and more pills helps to dull the pain.  I figure today is a good day to use my 47″ tv look after the kids until the tingling in my shoulder impoves and I can see straight.  Every chance I got, I had my eyes closed.  The kids were pretty good so long as Toopy & Bino was on.  I also mixed it up with a little Thomas the Tank Engine, Super Why and Curious George.  What a day to let them watch tv, after all I’ve only been spending this rest of this week trying to cut back on the tv they watch.  They aren’t bad, they average about 2.5 hrs.  I’d like to get them down to 1.  And for the most part we are usually playing while the tv is on, so they aren’t just zoned out in front of it.  I guess I want the dependency of having it on to go away.

Anyways, come lunch time I’ve actually impoved, shoulder is still in knots, but the headache is actually going away.  Get the kids fed and they do a good job of eating.  Now we have some extra play time before bed.  I made a deal with the devil today also.  I told Isabelle that if she could wear big girl panties and have zero accidents for 7 days in a row, that I would take her to a store and she could buy any toy she wanted.  I at least did not specify which store and she doesn’t know the difference between Toys r Us and the Dollar Store yet, thank God!  So while she doesn’t quite understand that she can’t have a new toy today, she does understand that she can’t have any accidents.  And just when I thought we are were on our way after two successful bathroom trips, both of which she told me she had to go, she had an accident.  When she told me she was all wet she even said to me, “Isabelle not get new toy” and she said it rather sadly.  So she gets it, but just not quite yet. 

So I had to add a quick bath for Isabelle to the list of things to do before nap time.  I bathed her, cleaned up the other two and then let them play a bit more upstairs before putting them down for naps.  I put them down, and immediately went to my own bed.  I managed to sleep for an hour despite all the hoo ha coming from the kids room.  I walked in and Maddy had pulled the curtain down again.  My headache that was gone, snap, back in an instant.  Add to that Isabelle pooped in her pull up and Aidan had thrown all this blankets and lamb out of his crib.  I changed Isabelle who kept telling me she was sorry.  I hugged her and put her back to bed.  I fixed the curtain rod and put it back up only for it to fall down because I hadn’t quite snapped it back in.  I swear something in me almost snapped.  Put the rod back up, was about to walk away when I decided that was it, she was not going to pull it down again, and so I moved her crib in such a way that she cannot reach the curtain. 


It is now 2:45pm and they are still up there making noise and fooling around.  I think this is party due to Isabelle being in the room.  There is a lot of me that is about to give up the idea of having a spare room and putting Isabelle back in her own room.  This way I can put toys in her room that she will be told she can quietly play with during naps and the twins will go back to sleeping.  And maybe, just maybe things will go back to being slightly normal for me.  Maybe the kids will be less over tired and there will be less hitting and less screaming and less of them driving their mommy bonkers by 4:30pm.

I love them, they are my life and no matter how crazy or how bad of a day, they are mine and I’m a better person for having them.  And they are growing up and learning faster than I ever believe they would.  And despite all the craziness they are loving wonderful children who are the best children in the whole world and they are all mine and I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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It’s a 3 ring circus in my house!

I think my kids have gone absolutely wild!  They are constantly fighting, arguing, yelling, screaming, hitting, biting, ignoring everything mommy says and I’ve had enough.  I know it’s normal and all apart of life and having three kids.  Even still, I NEED A BREAK!  I need the chaos to stop, even just for a day so that I don’t feel like I’m spending my day putting kids in time outs or yelling just to be heard above the screaming! 

I think some of this has to do with being cooped up in the house.  We try to mix it up and spend our mornings doing different things if we are stuck in the house.  However, there is only so much we can do.   And it gets repetitive.  The weather just warmed up enough for us to spend the last two mornings outside for about an hour and a half each day.  I know that the kids have had enough when Madeline starts refusing to get up after she falls down and because she’s got two very long ribbons of snot coming out of her nose.  I don’t know what it is about her but she’s the only one who has that problem when we go out into the cold.

I alos know it’s time to come in when Isabelle says to me “Mommy, my hands are frrrreeeeeezing!”  Aidan however, he could be outside forever.  Just give that boy a shovel and he’s happy to just be.  Even when the girls have had enough, he still wants to be outside playing. 

Oh how I long for the summer.  I can’t wait for it to take me 3 minutes to get the kids ready to go outside rather than 15 minutes.  I can’t wait to be outside all morning, either in our yard or at the park or out for walks.  What does make me a little sad, is that I think this summer will go by quickly.  Now that the kids are bigger and moving around so much, playing at the park or even just running around after each other, I think time is going to speed up.  Next thing I will know they will be graduating from highschool and moving out!  So perhaps I should try to enjoy this winter that feels like it’s taking forever!

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Well here we are now at WordPress. I hope that our new little home here on the net will work out well. I’ve been working on this most of the night and I now have a headache, however I did figure out how to move all my old posts from Blogger to here.

Please give me some time to make this space my own. I hope you will all enjoy as I continue to keep you all updated on our 3 under 3 and just about anything else going on in our lives.

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Let there be light…errr I mean let there be no light!

That’s right.  Mommy & Daddy 1, kids 0.  I finally did it.  I had Ian take the light bulbs out of the kids room.  I was so tired of having to stay upstairs after their bed time to ensure that the light stayed off.  I don’t mind if they horse around for a little while before going to bed, but the trouble with Isabelle turning the light on is that she was actually keeping her siblings up longer than they could handle.  And this was making for cranky twins the next morning. 

My first thought was to just give up having all three in the same room and just put Isabelle back in her original room, but keep her bed in the twins room so that when company comes she has some place to sleep.  But then I thought it might just be easier to teach them that if they are going to abuse having a light in their room, then they lose the light. 

We did this a few days ago and it seems to have worked.  They have noticed that the light doesn’t work and while they still play around, they are certainly falling asleep sooner and getting more rest than they were before.  How long do I have to keep them lightbulbless?  I have no idea.  My guess is going to be a long time and I’ll have to get Ian to put the bulbs back in when they aren’t paying attention.

I still hear Isabelle from time to time trying the light switch to see if the light works again.  She’ll usually comment that it’s not working but I just ignore it.  I would have paid money to have been inside Isabelle’s head the first night she discovered that the light wasn’t going to work.  I would have loved to have heard her thoughts of even seen the expression on her face as she realized that she’d been outsmarted.  Most likely though she doesn’t know that’s what happened.  However I am still going to celebrate my little victory over the light.  Perhaps I’ll put Ian to work on an childproof light switch.  One they can’t possibly turn on or off.

In other child destructive news, Madeline ripped the blinds off the wall the other day.  She pulled it down with enough of her little body force that she bent the rod so badly that it had to be thrown out.  So for one night they slept without one window covering.  They still have the horizontal blinds, but they are white and our neighbours across the street still have their xmas lights on.  This lights up the kids room pretty good, as does a little help from the street lights.  Naptime the next day was a bigger problem.  It was so sunny out there room was lit up like a xmas tree.  I brought in the rod from Isabelle’s old room and put the blind back up. 

I may have to look into moving the beds around in there so that we can keep Captain Chaos aka Madeline from tearing down any more blinds.  Well it’s about that time here, gotta tidy up the living room so that when the kids wake up they can just destroy it again.  I can also hear that Isabelle is not napping yet so for the third time I will be going upstairs to put her back to bed.

The weather is calling for snow for the next 7 days.  The kids are going to be so excited for more snow!  Here are some photos from playing in the snow a few weeks ago.


007 - Copy


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My little photographer in training

For Christmas Auntie Meg gave Isabelle a camera.  It is a digital camera even!  It has a tiny little screen for her to see what she’s taking a picture of and buttons to scroll though or delete etc.

So the other day she was snapping away to her hearts content.  Then I noticed a short while later she was no longer playing with it.  So I picked it up and was going to take a picture of Maddy when the camera told me it was full.  I didn’t do much reading of the paperwork that came with this camera.  I figured it probably held all of 10 pictures.  So I started to delete some, ones that were of the ceiling and carpet and the tips of toes and carpet…you get the idea.  I was doing this for a while and there were always more pictures.  It seemed like a never ending amount of photos.  It came with a USB cord so I figured it would be fast to download the photos onto my laptop and then delete the bad ones.

This camera hold 282 photos!!  And I discovered that it even takes video!!!  Wow.  I had no idea.  What a great little camera this is.  So I thought I would share some of her not so great photos and then dazzle you with a photo she took looking out the window. 



021 A photo of Madeline.

131 I believe this to be the corner of the tv unit and the kids toy shelf.

256Self portrait of Isabelle’s forehead.

030headless Aidan

058 The perfect shot of the house across the street!

She hasn’t mastered her craft yet, but give her some time and who knows what other kinds of photos she will take.  I think she’s already better than me at photos!

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insert witty title here

Well today I don’t have one.  All I know is that my dishwasher is not working properly and I’m not happy because that means we have to try to fix it, which means a lot of a certain person curing and swearing and me trying to make sure the kids don’t repeat those words.  Then I will suggest calling someone to which I will get a snotty look, however this is the second, well ongoing really, problem we have had with the dishwasher.

Today I’ve literally had to open up the door, and using the sprayer thingy from the sink, spray water to fill the dishwasher.  It’s not getting the water on it’s own for some reason.  Good times.

I am not impressed.  My day went from being average and okay to grouchy.  But I have to keep that to myself as it’s time to get the kiddies up.  I should also add in that while I was out grocery shopping, the kiddies didn’t feel much like sleeping was required during nap time.  So that means while the boss is at work tonight I get to enjoy 3 lovely children.  Maddy is pretty big into the word “no” right now.  And she likes to shout it as loud as she can.  She is also working on mastering her tantrum techniques.  She used to just lay on the floor, now she’s added in crying face first into the floor, kicking her feet, hitting the floor with her hand and shouting “No!”

Aidan is also working on his craft.  Today he rammed his head into the wall, he tried to have his hands out to slow him down a little but he misjudged and therefore hurt himself more than he actually meant too.  Sure is a pain in the “head” when your tantrums don’t go the way you want.

Isabelle’s new thing is to be touching something she’s not supposed to, and when you ask her to put it down or not to touch it anymore she shouts at you that she’s “just looking!!!”  Apparently looking doesn’t involves just the eyes anymore, it must include the fingers as well!

My children are special and that’s why I love them.

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Sweet Sweet Home

That’s what Isabelle said as we were pulling into Milton.  I’d love to know who taught her that one!  We’ve had a busy Christmas this year and I’m already making plans to not be this busy next year. 

Our holidays did not start off well.  *I* got sick and had to take time off work.  Then I got the sickness and had to take time off being a Mommy, then Isabelle got sick, then Aidan got sick, Maddy was short term sick.  We had to miss Christmas dinner with my parents because there was too much puking going on.  The next day, we went to my parents for Christmas lunch and to open presents.  Then we were back to Milton that afternoon so we could pack up the van and the kids and after dinner it was off to Windsor.

All was going well until about Wednesday when Auntie Meg got the sickness.  Then I got the sickness and slept for literally 24hrs straight.  Auntie and I are still working on feeling better.  Whatever this sickness is, it seems to want to linger.  I truly hope that this has not and does not go to the kids.  I cannot take any more barf from the kids!  It has to improve for us at some point!

The kids had a wonderful Christmas thanks to the Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles and some of us also.  I think this month will be spent sorting though toys that don’t really get played with anymore to make room for all the new toys that have found their way into our home.  We are learning that in order for there to be happiness we really do need three of everything, well for some items anyways.  Any thing the kids can push or pull or make noise with there needs to be three of.  They are managing to share the train table fairly well.  Madeline seems to enjoy destructing the train track more than actually playing.  Aidan loves, loves, loves the trains.  We could hardly get him to open his other presents on Christmas morning because he was so into the trains.

I will have sorted out the toys just in time for their birthdays to arrive!  Feb & March are not that far away at the rate time is just flying by!  Well I’m off to sort out some more laundry, dig my bed out from under all the piles of laundry that are to be done, and hopefully have a good nights sleep.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!