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Time and Money

I’m feeling a little low today. I feel like I am either forgetting about things or I don’t have enough time to get things done.

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons. We were going to bang them out over the course of two weeks. Then I got a job. I rescheduled swimming lessons to every Saturday morning. Every. Single. Saturday I have had my alarm on my phone go off to remind me about swimming in 30 minutes. Every. Single. Time I pretty much drop an F bomb because I have forgotten about swimming.

The husband has been under the weather and not sleeping well. I was working this past Saturday morning. I felt my phone vibrate but didn’t check it right away. Guess what it was. Yep, that effing alarm saying “Hey you forgetful dumbass, it’s swimming!!”

I checked my phone at 9:20am. Swore as I read the message on the screen. Dialed husband. Woke husband. Said swimming in 10 minutes. He swore and I hung up on him, not because of the swearing but because I needed to do my job.

I have two calendars. Well, three if you count the one on my phone. The two paper calendars are located in the kitchen and my office. The two places in the house that grown ups can usually be found. I have even colour coded the damn things!!! Yet, lately I can’t get my shit together. I am forgetting all sorts of crap and this is not me. (I left this to make lunch…guess who forgot to come back after lunch was done!?!)

This brings us to money. The kids all need to get jobs today and start saving for the future. We did our back to school supply shopping today. It’s a damn good thing I have a job. I picked up a few good deals on crayons and markers for around the house, but geez I feel like I spent quite a bit on just the crap they need to take to school. We also hit up the dollar store for some afternoon crafts. Our weather isn’t sure if it wants to rain or not and this seems to be giving me a nice headache. I also just need a break after working 4 days straight. It was steady at work. I work in the ER and there was something in the air this weekend. We were just busy busy busy. I felt bad for the nursing staff as they were short staffed and very over worked. Thankfully I am off until Friday to get in some much needed snuggle time with the kids.

According to Google, there are 24 days 6 hours 59 minutes and 40 seconds until the first day of school. So enjoy that!

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Back to school may just break my bank account

My father used to joke that he was going to cut my big toes off every year when I needed a new pair of shoes. Now that I have 3 pairs of feet as well as my own to put shoes on, I am starting to understand a bit better why he joked about this.

This year Isabelle needed outdoor and indoor shoes. Goodbye $130. Aidan needed outdoor shoes. Goodbye $65. Madeline needed outdoor shoes. Goodbye another $65. I still have yet to purchase back to school items on that wonderful list the school sends home with the final report card. Throw in Isabelle will be needing some new clothes for this fall/winter.

I feel like I should have kept my second paying job. Back to school is costing way too much money. I realize that the teachers aren’t getting enough money to cover the costs of supplies. I don’t mind buying a few things here and there throughout the year. Honestly, I’d rather they asked us to do that. Dropping nearly $150 on supplies at the end of the summer can be a little rough.

We have kept our summer rather low key, but I still have a few plans up my sleeve to entertain the kids. Yet, I find myself weighing the costs of these activities against what I will need for back to school.

Isabelle’s list is a little better this year. She will need 4 colour specific duo-tangs. Thankfully I still have a stash from last year. 1pkg of Crayola crayons. 1pkg of Crayola washable markers. 2 highlighters. 1 thick black Sharpie and 1 thin black Sharpie. (Isabelle seems really pumped about this, who knew Sharpies were so important to a third grader!!) 6 jumbo glue sticks. 1 calculator. 4 white erasers. 3 boxes of Kleenex. And finally 1 package of unscented, alcohol free baby wipes.

Isabelle is going to be pissed that she is not to have a pencil case or box this year. She was over the moon last year when she had to buy one. Then she had her spirit crushed when her English teacher sent it home. Not sure why the French kids need one and the English ones don’t. Likely I will be buying her one regardless and she can keep her stuff at home in it.

Here’s what the twins need, keep in mind this will all be x2.

Duo-tangs, not plastic. White, red, black, green yellow, orange, blue. (Again, I still have  stash from last year.) 1 pkg Crayola crayons. 1 pkg of pencil crayons. 1 pkg of Crayola washable markers. 1 highlighter. 2 large glue sticks. 1 washable white school glue. 1 pencil box. 1 white eraser. 3 boxes of Kleenex and 2 packages of unscented, alcohol free baby wipes.

My plan is to start shopping for all of this soon. I have waited and then had a really hard time finding what I needed. However, if you go too soon then you are still paying the regular price for most of it. Isabelle has been on me lately to get out and get the shopping done. She is in love with back to school shopping. I asked her what was so special about it and she just loves the idea of getting all new stuff. I reminded her that she doesn’t get to use any of this until she takes it to school but she doesn’t seem to care.

Since buying them all new shoes, they have been wearing them almost non stop. I got up yesterday morning to all the kids still in pajama’s and wearing their shoes. It’s kind of adorable.

We made the trip to the Michigan Science Centre last week and the kids had a blast. I was a little worried that they were going to be bored since nothing has changed since the last time we went. Wrong. It was a great day! I didn’t take any pictures because I had my phone off and totally forgot that we have a regular camera! I hope to get them to the Hands on Museum in Ann Arbor before school starts. If not, I believe it’s fairly educational and worth missing school for!!

Work is going well. I work in a few hours and the kids aren’t pleased that I am 1. missing dinner and 2. not going to be tucking them in tonight and 3. will not be home to read Harry Potter.

Speaking of Potter. I am a total sucker for the Harry Potter Funko Pop figures. The guy at the store was trying to sell me the collector’s sleeve which will keep out all dust etc. Um, yeah we are collecting them, but not in the way most people are. The kids had those suckers out of the boxes before we even got in the van! So far we have Hagrid, Harry, Hermione in her dress, Ron, Dumbledore and Sirius Black. We are well in to book 5 and while I’m really enjoying it, the kids seem a little bored of this one. I have been trying to decide if perhaps we should put it away for a while and read some other books or just keep going. It’s hard to put them down because I am really enjoying how much they are able to recall from the other books. We even end up having little discussions about what we think is going to happen or what has happened in the past that could spark something in the future. I love seeing their little minds at work.

With back to school on the brain, I leave you with this as it always makes me chuckle!






Buried under Mom Guilt

I can’t believe it’s effing August 1st already! I would love to know what exactly happened to the month of June. I haven’t been on this blog in so long I can’t even recall what my last post was about. It’s highly likely that I am about to regurgitate some old stuff in this post.

I have a job. Well, I have two jobs. Okay, three. I have three jobs. Two of these jobs pay money. The third pays in piles of laundry, dirty dishes, toothpaste explosions and dog vomit on the floor.

I started the first paying job just before the end of the school year for the kids. I had lots of guilt about not being the parent to drop them off at school or even pick them up some days. By the time I got home it was time to sit down and eat and then begin the evening routine of clean up and baths and a chapter of Harry Potter before bed. Then the kids were asleep. It felt awful. Almost every night someone was crying because I wasn’t taking them to school or picking them up. They were telling me they hated that I was working.

The guilt creeps in. Bastard.

Three weeks into the new job, I get another job. This job is great. I am really enjoying it so far. It’s been an intense first two weeks of this job. Mix in I have also been working at the other paying job until they can replace me. I went two weeks straight with only two days off. Sure to some that’s no big deal. However, when you haven’t been working full time outside of the home on top of full time inside the home, it makes for a hellish two weeks.

More tears. More piles of laundry. Dinners not made so takeout needs to be ordered. More tears and begging Mommy not to go to work.

Guilt. Guilt. GUILT!

I want to be there for them all the time. I want to be the one who takes them to school and gives them hugs and kisses. I want to wish them a good day and wave thirteen thousand times to them as I walk away. I want to be the one to greet them after school and hear all about how awesome or terrible their day was. I want to cheer them on or be there to pick up the pieces.

Going back to work is the pits. This week will be interesting as it will be my first, of many, evening shifts. I won’t be there to tuck them in, read Harry Potter, find missing stuffies.

The husband is perfectly capable of doing these things. So it’s not like I’m worried about that. It’s hard because for the last 8 years this has been my job. My job is the home. The kids. The dog. Everything. Trying to find balance again is taking some work. I am very thankful that my job is casual. I can pick up lots of shift or take no shifts. I think once I am in the game a bit more the kids will start to feel balance coming back as well.

The guilt is crappy. I want to give them just about everything and anything they want. Thankfully I am not a complete idiot either. I am loving this job. I am thrilled to have this opportunity and down the road I think some better jobs will come from it. The mom guilt is just going to have to be dealt with the best I can.

Tomorrow we are going out as a family. Something we haven’t been able to do in almost a month. I can’t wait and the fun part is the kids have no idea that we are going. I enjoy surprising them! Off to the Science Centre in Michigan!

I have some fun idea of things the kids and I can do on the days that I am off and I hope that this will help them see that they are still very important to me.