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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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October already!!

Honestly I have no idea where time is going!! Some days I’m worried I will go to sleep one night and wake up 90 years old!

We have been very busy and it hasn’t slowed down much even with the start of another school year. After our fun train trip to Ottawa, we were home for just under a week and then we were off to Evergreen for another fantastic vacation! The kids had a wonderful time and the adults had a great time seeing them having so much fun! Some highlights were: fireworks, lots of pool time, Aidan jumping in the pool so many times we lost count, mini golf with Grandma, nature walk, lots of park time and even more swimming!

Once home it was time to get out all the backpacks and back to school supplies and back to making lunches. Oh how I dislike making lunches every night!! Isabelle was back to school one week before the twins. Aidan could have cared less however Madeline was grumpy that she was not going to school until the following Monday. It was nice to spend some time with just Madeline & Aidan. Some times it can be hard to feel like I’m giving enough of my attention to the kids individually. So the twins and I had a good time and we were kept busy with trips to the mall for new shoes and clothing!

Isabelle is in grade one. Again, where has the time gone? My baby is a first grader! She is having a wonderful time in school and we have been told that she is a delight to teach! Always a good feeling to hears these things, but then I think to myself….what teacher is actually going to say to a parents face “uh your kid is an absolute asshole in the classroom.” Probably not ever going to happen.

The twins started the school year off in the gym because the new addition was not quite completed. This for Madeline was a huge….HUGE disappointment. Every day she would come home from school and tell me she did not like it and did not want to go the next day. She would tell me this again in the morning. I felt so bad for her. She didn’t like being in the gym because she felt it was too crowded and too noisy. I can’t say I blame her. I believe there were two kindergarten classes in there. They were in the gym until this past Monday when the new addition was finally ready to open! She is a very happy girl now and loves going to school, except when we walk to school and then she complains the entire way…..I can’t win.

Aidan is so easy going he is so happy where ever he is. Full day has been going well for him so far. He was the first to bring home germs. He’s been sick for 3 weeks now. He started to improve half way until *I* got sick and then he seemed to get worse again. After a trip to the Dr. and a prescription hopefully we will start to see some improvement for him. I was considering a mental health day for the twins this week. Madeline & Aidan are both pretty tired this week. Aidan’s cold is keeping him down and Madeline has such a hard time settling down at night that she’s awake until 9:30-10pm sometimes. I’m trying to read up on some ways to help with this so that she isn’t so cranky in the mornings.

Isabelle has had her first school trip. Her class went to Thiessen’s Apple Orchards where they learned about how pumpkins grow. She picked a very nice small pumpkin to put on our front porch! It was a great day despite the chill in the air and the odd rainfall.

Isabelle also has two very wiggly front teeth! I’m curious to see if they will be out before picture day this month!!

The kids are all in activities this year. Aidan chose Karate and he is really enjoying himself! Isabelle is taking piano lessons and both girls are in ballet! I’m looking forward to the pool opening at the new recreation centre that is being built not too far from our house. I’d like to get the kids into swimming lessons. I have to be ready to register early as the classes always fill up so fast around here!

I’ve gone back to school! Nursing Unit Clerk is the program and I’m taking it through Durham College. So far my first course out of 10 is going really well. There is a lot of information to take in so I make sure to study during the day while the kids are in school. I’m so glad I have this time to work on it because I have no idea how I would focus if they were home!

We are getting ready for Halloween. Madeline was disappointed that I haven’t put up any decorations in the yard yet. She’s very eager for Halloween! The kids are constantly asking how many sleeps until trick or treating. They don’t agree with my suggestion to just skip it altogether. I’m so mean!

Study break is over and it’s time to read another chapter! Will try to add some photos on the weekend or by next week sometime.