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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Oh Christmas Tree

So last week I decided to put up the tree.  The decision came while the spawn were running around like crazy yelling and screaming and pushing and shoving each other, yelling at each other, swiping toys from one another and just generally making me miserable.  I decided I need to bring out the big guns to make the crazy end.  It’s amazing what a Christmas tree will do.

I nearly died just trying to haul this damn box out of the basement.  $*#)@*$)@(@!!! Wal-Mart and their cheapo boxes for the Christmas trees.  Damn tree nearly stayed in the basement as the box basically  disintegrated while I was carrying it up the stairs.  Next step, clear some space in the living room.  Otherwise known as put the spawn to work in order for there to be happiness in the next 10 minutes.  Space cleared.  Check.

In 3 simples steps tree is assembled and kids are already getting anxious to see what the tree is going to look like once it’s all unfolded.  Plug in all plugs and then plug into wall and listen…….It literally went from absolute chaos to silence.  The tree being lit up stopped them dead in their tracks and all three said “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH” at the same time.  Then I got “THANK YOU MOMMY!!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Does this mean SANTA IS COMING!!!?????  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I love the Christmas tree Mommy!!”

I have not yet decorated the tree.  I don’t know about you, my these three can’t keep their hands off of anything even when they are told not to touch it, so I will be decorating just in time for Santa’s arrival.  I also have to clean out from under the tree so he can have a place to put presents.  It’s filling up with toys we already have and some clothes from the kids.  They like to strip down to their bare butts just before going upstairs for bed.  They have called this activity, are you ready for this one?  They call it ‘Butts”!  Mommy can we be “butts” now?  Isabelle will ask ever so nicely.  I trust the girls a bit more than I do Aidan at this point.  Maddy is a little closer to being potty trained than Aidan.  So we try not to encourage Aidan to take part unless we know he won’t have to go for a while.

Anyways, back to Christmas.  The kids are very excited and seem to know very well what happens at Christmas.  I enjoy this part.  It’s so fun seeing how excited they get about these kinds of things.  Isabelle has her very own Christmas party to go to tomorrow night.  It’s for her Dance class, they are putting on a party, decorating things and having pizza and playing games etc.  I know she will have a good time.  She’s been talking about it since finding out about it at her last class.

Not much else is new around here.  The kids are disappointed by the lack of snow.  I’m not so worried about the snow myself, but I do wish the rain would stop.  It’s so miserable it’s hard to be in the Christmas spirit some times.  I still have yet to wrap gifts and get one last gift.  I’m sure I will get it all done but Christmas has certainly arrived much faster than I was expecting.  I was thinking about decorating the tree but I’d rather just sit here and finish my cup of tea.

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Naps becoming a thing of the past….


I like to think that as a mom to three small children that I have an enormous amount of patience.  My day(s) starts off with 3 small ones poking me and yelling at me telling me it’s time to get up.  I crack an eye open to see the clock and make sure they haven’t woken me up too early.  Get up, get dressed, get the kids changed and dressed (most days) and head down stairs.  Before I my foot even hits the linoleum floor Isabelle is shouting out her breakfast order, Madeline is disagreeing with her order, and Aidan is quietly playing with his cars.

Depending on the day, we play games, play dress up, puzzles, cars, read books, tidy up, mess up the house again, tidy up, perhaps go outside depending on the weather.  Have lunch and then I in my own little messed up head I start to hear the little tune that most retailers use for back to school, however I use it for the time of day…..”It’s the most wonderful time of day….”.  I couldn’t tell you the rest of the actual song if I tried.  However I just like to sing my little part over and over as I tell the kids that it’s time to pack up and go upstairs for naps.

A while back, Isabelle pretty much gave up her nap.  I was not ready to give up my free time to her because Isabelle can’t just occupy herself.  She’s getting better at it but she still wants to be played with.  Which doesn’t match up well with my wanting to basically zone out and either nap, or just rest or if and as is usually needed, tidy up the house.  She used to play very nicely up in her room.  However now Aidan has that room and the girls are sharing the smaller room.  This has meant that I’ve been letting Isabelle stay up.  Madeline and Aidan still need to nap.  Or so I thought.  A few times I’ve put Maddy to bed for naps only to have her constantly come out of the room.  So one day she stayed up.  

For a quick side note:  We put Aidan into Isabelle’s room and Isabelle into the room with Maddy because Aidan was seriously becoming sleep deprived.  It appears now that Aidan is all caught up on the sleep he was missing out on thanks to having his own room.  This is now also causing me some trouble.  Return to the other story.

So, now Aidan has also been staying up during naps.  Yesterday I was not feeling well.  So we had an all day movie day.  Because we pretty much did nothing all morning, I knew the kids were not going to be able to nap so what was the point in trying.  We just kept watching movies though out the afternoon.  Well then today comes along and no one slept.  I should have known.  I could sense this was coming in the last few weeks.  There is a large part of me that really hopes this is just a phase.  But there is the other part of me that knows my time is coming to an end.  But what worries me is my patience.  You see, during those two to three hours of them napping, was my time to re charge.  I need that time.  I love my children very much, but I also am not afraid to love the time I was a way from them also.  And if they start staying awake for the whole day I’m just worried that I’m not going to be myself towards the end of the day, and the end of the day is when I need all the patience I can muster!

Patience.  I wish I could bottle it up and put it in the fridge so it will keep longer!

Enough complaining.  The kids are doing well.  Getting very excited for Christmas.  We recently had my mom’s side of the family Christmas brunch.  The kids were fantastic, had fun seeing all of my family.  We would have stayed longer but we were cutting into what is/was/should be their nap time.  We were starting to get some melt downs so we checked out a bit early.  Today I noticed the girls noticing some toys on tv commercials that they said they would be interested in having.  I think next year we will have them start up a “wish list” for Santa.  Of course now they start, after I went weeks trying to figure out what to get Madeline.  She was the hardest to shop for this year.  Hopefully she likes what I finally settled on getting her.  I only had to walk around Toys R Us 4 times before deciding on it!!

I also recently celebrated my 29th birthday again this year.  My Mom got me an awesome gift of two nights at a hotel in Mississauga.  It was awesome, I had a suite which meant I got an awesome jacuzzi bathtub which I spent quite a bit of time in!  I had one night to myself and the second night *I* joined me while my mom stayed with the kids.  They had a great time hanging out with Grandma!  They have been asking regularly about when she will be staying over night with them again.  It was a wonderful two days away and I hope that will be a possible gift again some day!

Off to bed to restore my patience.