30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Yummy yummy

This week I thought the kids might like to help me in the kitchen preparing a dinner.  I picked up a pre-made pizza crust.  I had debated making my own but said screw it because I am not trying to be super mommy this week.  I got everything ready at the table.  The kids helped to spread the sauce on to the crust, then they helped to top it with cheese and next was the pepperoni.  I gave each of them a stack of pepperoni and explained to them to put on piece on at a time, anywhere they wanted.  Isabelle and Madeline did a great job.  Aidan however decided to just throw his whole stack on the pizza.  I handed his stack back to him and said that he needed to take one slice of pepperoni at a time, told him to pull them apart and put them on.  So what does Aidan do?  He literally shreds a few pieces and then tosses it and the rest of the stack on the pizza.  In the end we got the pizza ready and the kids watched me put it in the oven.  And while it baked Isabelle asked me every 2 minutes if it was ready.  It was good fun.  The kids and I really enjoyed our pizza and I think we will try to do it again this coming week.  Here’s a few pictures of the pizza and the kids!

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Body Art by Madeline

After lunch today Madeline quietly excused herself and went into the living room.  I don’t recall why she came back to the dining room exactly, she went over to Grandma to either ask something or tell her something.  Grandma thought it best if she came over to where I was sititng to show me what she had done to herself.  I leave you with this picture, which doesn’t really do it justice, but it was the best I could get with Madeline thrashing about or standing up then sitting in such a way you couldn’t see the pretty body art.

I had a hard time not laughing, I told her she did beautiful body artwork, but that next time I’d rather if she coloured on paper and not herself.



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A highlight from my day

So the kids were playing upstairs, some kind of hide and seek game. Two of them would be in Aidan’s room and the third in the hallway. The one in the hallway was to knock on the door, run away and hide. So Maddy seemed to be the one in the hallway for the most part. She would knock, run into our room, climb up on the bed, over me and hide behind me. Giggling away. Of course the other two knew where she was because they had the door opened before she was even up and over me. So they would come running in and find her. She would then chase them back into the room all the whilst screaming “rooooaaaaaarrrrrr!!” This went on for a while until the door became an issue. My favourite part was when Maddy was “sneaking” up to the door shouting quite loudly “SNEAKING UP ON YOU SNEAKING SNEAKING UP ON YOU!”