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How do I do it?

After a long day I sat down in front of my Pinky, my pink laptop, and started scrolling though all my friends status’s on Facebook. I came across one that read “is wondering how the heck Leanne Diplock does it???????? I am stressed with 2!” A few comments were made by people I don’t know, offering this friend of mine some kind words and encouragement. One person even asked who I was! I’m flattered in a way that people on the outside think I have it all together. And most days I think I could honestly say I have it all together.

But here’s the nasty dirty truth my friends. I don’t.

I’ve been asked lots or I suppose people are never really asking so much as they are commenting “How do you do it?” The plain and simple answer is, I just do. I do it because no one else is going to. I do it because someone has to keep the kids clean and fed and entertained. It’s not easy and again at times maybe I make it look easy but it’s not.

My house is not clean. In fact it’s never clean enough that I feel good enough about it to have friends over. I’ve have lived in this house now for almost 2 years, I have not yet had my neighbours over. I’ve been to there house to visit and she’s got kids. How come her house can be spotless and mine looks like Toys r Us threw up all over the living room, my kitchen is always a disaster with dishes piled up, the dining room is always messy for some reason with art projects or plates left on the table, my house is total chaos and that’s just the first floor!

My babies are 3 and 2 now and things are getting easier. I do a have a bit more free time on my hands to get things done. But to be honest, who wants to clean up a kitchen when they could be spending time with their kids. I figure I’ll focus on the house when the kids are in school. I will keep it clean enough that I can let my mother threw the door but perhaps having dinner parties and friends over will just have to wait. Unless of course you are a friend who doesn’t care about random socks on the living room floor and almost stepping on a toy left by the kids every 5 steps. Then you are more than welcome in.

Do you know, that I for the first time since having all three kids, took them out alone! Yep, I packed them up into the van, drove 45 minutes to a friends house for a playdate. That is the first time Leanne Diplock has taken all of her children out of the house by herself to go somewhere. I’ve taken them on walks around the block or outside to play. But to actually take them somewhere was a new step for me. I’ve been trapped in my ho me for almost 2 years. I honestly took a job so that I would have a reason to leave the house. I needed to use my brain for good and not just for play.

I now know why people find their car keys in the freezer. I used to be on top of things. If myself or the husband misplaced something, odds were I would know where to find it. These days I put my keys down and they are gone for good. Recently I lost my very expensive pair of sunglasses that I have had since my trip to see Heather in Nova Scotia. Those glasses are my 4th baby, I have looked after them so well because they cost $$. I LOST THEM!!! I do NOT lose things. My husband loses things, all the time and then I find them hooray and save the day. For over a week I could not find my sunglasses. It drove me nuts. I tend to put them down in stupid places in my house, but I checked all the regular stupid places and they weren’t there. Guess where I found them. Go a head…….guess.

Under my bed. WTF were they doing under my bed? I don’t wear them to bed. I make a point to never take them upstairs. So how in the world did they get up there?

I have meltdowns on a regular basis. Usually in the privacy of my shower. When I remember to take the time to have a shower. I cry. I’m not ashamed of it. There is nothing wrong with me. It feels good. And then I pick myself up and go on again about my life.

Yesterday is a great example of how my life is far from perfect with 3 under 3. All three kids had their naps. Heck, I even stole a few minutes of shut eye too. 4pm, time to get up. We get up, all is good until I get to the foot of the stairs and notice that Aidan is still at the top of the stairs. Isabelle is immediately yelling for me to put Toopy and Bino on, I call up to Aidan to come downstairs to which he promptly replies “NO!” So I said “Okay, you can stay up there if you like” and he once again replied “NO!” and proceeded to bang his head off the floor. Thank goodness for carpet or Aidan may not make it to University! So now, Isabelle is in tears because I didn’t immediately put Toopy and Bino on, and Maddy is now starting to cry for what appears to be no apparent reason. So to recap, Aidan is now 4 steps down the stairs, crying. Isabelle and Madeline are now crying. I’m standing there thinking to myself, what did I do wrong? Aidan now comes downstairs and is full on crying, snot running down his nose, big tears rolling down his cheeks. Isabelle and Madeline are also full on crying despite my putting Toopy and Bino on.

What did I do you may be asking yourself. I walked to the front door of my house, unlocked it, opened it, stepped out the door, closed the door behind me. Took a deep breath. Exhaled. Took another deep breath. Exhaled and thank God Daddy pulled in the driveway. I opened up the door, told them he was home and that seemed to make things better.

My life is far from perfect or organized, I have many pull my hair out moments, I have days where I wonder if life will ever get better, I cry in the shower, I cry in my sleep, I’m tired physically, emotionally and mentally, I hate my body, I should go to bed early but don’t, I miss my life before kids, I miss my body before kids, I miss being more organized, I miss being out in the world, I miss having friends, but despite all the chaos and tears and screaming and yelling, and hair pulling, and biting, and kicking, and toy stealing and throwing etc…..I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have three wonderful children who complete me. And I’m flattered that friends think I have it all together. To all my Mommy friends, you are wonderful Mommies and I think we all need to remember to take time for ourselves and to remember that kids don’t come with instructions, we aren’t perfect, we will make mistakes along the way and that’s okay. Our children love us unconditionally and that’s all that matters. So when you are having a bad day, take a moment, take a deep breath and do your best. Hugs to you all!

I know Maddy loves me extra today because she was thoughtful enough to throw up all over me and the couch today!!

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Happy Birthday Madeline & Aidan!

Today my little babies, well not so little as they were 8lbs and 7lbs when they were born, turn 2 years old.
Where did two years go already? It’s time for time to slow down a little! I feel like I’m going to go to bed one night and wake up and you will be turning 18! It’s been a fun two years and because of you two I’ve learned a lot more about myself. Madeline I love that you want to do everything your sister can even though some thing you just can’t do yet. I’m thrilled that you want to go on the potty because you big sister does it too. I love that you love to get and give nice big hugs in the morning and always say “Good Morning Mommy” when I come in the room. And even though you want so much to be like Isabelle, you are your own little person. You are loving, kind, smart, thoughtful and tough. You will be a great protector of your sister and brother I think. Aidan, you are my little boy. When I found out I was having a boy, I was terrified. Up to that point I only knew about girls. But when I held you for the first time I was in love and not worried at all about having a boy. You were so tiny and you liked to hold my finger when we cuddled. You really liked to cuddle and you still do today. I love that you like to sit and snuggle with your Mommy. I love that you are totally into trains and cars. I love how hard you worked to crawl and to walk. I love that you always need to know where your sisters are. And when you meet new people you always introduce your sisters first. You are a kind, gentle, smart, funny little guy who stole mommy’s heart.

I hope you both have a wonderful birthday today! We love you very much and even though I was terrified of having twins and wasn’t sure how I was going to manage, I have three beautiful and wonderful children. It’s been an amazing 2 years, here’s to more! Love you lots!

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sleepy head

As you can tell by the last few sentences in my last post I am a sleepy head. I don’t know why I put off writing to my blog until just before I want to go to bed. So tonight I decided to start an hour before I know I will be falling asleep in my chair infront of the tv. I know that I had wanted to add more to the post from yesterday but I can’t think of the funny little stories from our life that I was going to share.

Bedtimes. Where to start. Some nights they are okay. Usually on the days the kids have had a busy and filling day and lots of activity. They seem to go right to bed and I don’t hear from them until morning. Then on the days we don’t get enough acitivity and they have an all out party time after I’ve closed the door and said goodnight. Some times it lasts 15 minutes other times it lasts 30 minutes to an hour. Tonight it went on for about 30 minutes, I then decided to go upstairs and see what was going on. Aidan seems to be over tired these days and so I didn’t want the party going on very long.

Both Isabelle and Madeline dove back into their beds as I opened the door. Isabelle requested a potty trip so I tucked the other two back in while she did her thing. She then opted to sleep in her old bedroom. Which I happily agreed so that Maddy and Aidan would be able to get some sleep. Do I ever look forward to the kids just going to bed.

Tomorrow my babies turn 2! Where did the time go? I’ve survived twins so far. This time 2 years ago, I put Isabelle to bed. She was 13 months old when the twins were born. After putting her to bed, and visiting with Jimmy who was babysitting for us. We got in the truck and headed up the hill to the hospital. We got checked in. I was given a nice big room. I had my IV line started. Ian and I hung out for a little bit, but he had to get going so he could get some sleep as he had to be back bright and early the next morning. I remember finding it hard to sleep at the hosptial. Mainly due to being anxious about having the twins. I wasn’t worried about the csection or any of that stuff, but I was worried about how drastically my life was going to change. It was probably the longest night of my life! More on them tomorrow. I’m going to put my feet up, much some popcorn and head to bed. We finger painted with the kids today, I will post a few of those pictures tomorrow or the next day. A few on here, and more on facebook.

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A little bit of this and that

I woke up this morning and I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Snow. I knew it was possible, but had my fingers crossed that it would somehow pass us. I have already been in sandals and now it’s back to shoes. I’m tired of winter. What’s interesting to me is that I’ve endured worse. I’ve gone soft. I used to be a Norther Girl and proud of it! I loved to tell people about how cold and dark our winters were in the North. I loved to tell people in order to go outside and be warm, I had to put on about 8 layers of clothes. It was even more fun to show people the picture I have of myself covered in frost on my face after having been outside for a walk with the dogs.

Now here I am having gone though two Ontario winters again and I’ve gone soft. I got used to winter not lasting very long, not producing much in the way of snow, well that was last year not this year. But my point is, being here in Ontario I think we’ve all forgotten what having a true winter means. Perhaps this is Mother Nature’s way of re-educating us. We’ve all gone soft when it comes to winter. I guess we all just have to wait a little longer for Spring to really spring.

This past week I took the kids over to visit with Lindsay and her girls. The kids had a great time playing together and it was nice to visit with Lindsay again. I think next time I’ll leave Aidan home with Daddy and they can do manly things together. He had a good time, but seeing as Lindsay has two girls, they don’t have many boy toys to play with. And while Aidan is used to playing with the girls, I think I probably should have brought a few of his cars for him. The drive was pretty good. The kids were excited to be meeting new friends and so every time we stopped at either a light, or for gas Madeline whould squeal “We’re here”! And of course I had to explain that were weren’t there just yet. The kids also had a great time going over the Burlington bridge. They thought it was really neat to see the water and some of the large ships in the water as well. We had a really great play date and hopefully we will do it again soon. We just need the nice weather to come back!!

Today Isabelle and I were playing around on the floor. Lots of tickling and giggling. The I pulled the old “I’ve got your nose trick” on Isabelle. At first she giggled and thought it was funny. So pretended to put her nose back on her face. And then a few moments later I did it again. And adding to the sillyness I told her I was going to keep her nose unless she gave me a kiss! This time however the reaction to me taking her nose was quite different. She buried her face in the pillow we were both laying on and started crying. I asked her if she had some how hurt herself and she didn’t asnwer. So I sat up and rubbed her back and asked her what was wrong. She wouldn’t say. So now I sat her up and asked her what was wrong, and she sadly told me that she was crying because I took her nose! I just hugged her and told her I didn’t really take her nose, I put her hand to her face to touch her nose so she felt it was still there and told her I was just being silly and that another person can’t actually take your nose from you. And then she started to laugh again, I think she realized that it was a little silly and that I hadn’t actually taken her nose. Poor kid though, the look on her face at first, she was really sad and thought that I had really taken her nose. *This story will probably be told at her wedding* lol.

So Madeline has made her way into a big girl bed. She was making far too many near sucessful attempts at getting out of her crib. And we decided that it would be better to take the side off her crib and turn it into a toddler bed rather than have her fall and hurt herself. The first night she fell out a few times. Her bed isn’t very far off the ground. We decided that I would make a late night trip to Walmart to get her a soft bedrail to help keep her in. In the mean time, Ian put a pillow on the floor and opened the curtain to let in a little light so that if she fell she could see where to og to get back into bed.

I woud like to write more on this however I keep falling aslee while typing and it’s gettng This can make it up to bed before falling asleep. I will continue this tomorrow. Goodnight!

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What a weekend…birthday party…time change…

I’m so tired from the weekend I don’t even know where to start! Grandpa and Grandma D and Auntie M arrived Friday afternoon. We had a nice visit and dinner before calling it a night. The kids were very excited to have Auntie M stay at our place. That night I made lunch for Sat as well as the cupcakes the the party Sat night. In the morning we got up and headed over to where the Grandparents were staying for the weekend and took advantage of the pool. It’s been about a year since we did this last. Last time Aidan hated the pool while Isabelle and Madeline had a great time. This time, Madeline hated it while Aidan was okay with it as long as you talked to him and Isabelle still had a great time.

After swimming we headed back to our place to have some lunch and so the kids could have a nap. Apparently the kids were the only ones who napped that afternoon. Auntie M and I went out and did some shopping while the others rested. Grandpa and Grandma E arrived and Auntie M and I returned home shortly after. We got the kids up and opened presents. It was really fun to see all three kids just having a blast tearing into their gifts. They had a great time and love all their new toys. However this means we need to sort out some of the old toys and give them a new home.

We then had a very tasty pizza party. The kids all sat at their little table while the adults had the big table. After pizza it was time to decorate our own cupcakes. I think the kids at more of the candy than the cupcakes. Despite being over tired, they managed to burn off their sugar highs by staying awake until 8pm. The next day we all enjoyed the small sleep in we got to have, however I was completely unprepared for the time change. I only found out about it before going to bed the night before and oh how Sunday came too quickly. We dragged ourselves out of bed and over to the hotel for lunch with Grandpa and Grandma D and Auntie M before they had to hit the highway and head home.

The kids stuffed their faces, literally. Breakfast was so good that Maddy let out a big burp followed by a nice stream of vomit. Nothing like puke to encourage you to leave a big tip!! We said our tearful goodbyes, weekends are just never long enough for good visits! We took the kiddies home and I think I’ve been asleep since!! I can hardly focus on small tasks. I’m tired. I know it will get better and I’ll get used to it. It’s strage that before kids time changes never affected me. Now is a different story.

These days my schedule can’t take a single hit, if anything changes for us it will wreck us for about a day. Somtimes it’s alright if we are doing something outdoors or that will tire the kids out. However, if it doesn’t involve the kids much, it’s just Mommy and Daddy who re to tired to do anything. The kids have hardly slept this nap time todya. I’m just hitting my sleepy wall. I’m going to go upstairs tell tehm one more time to be quiet and try to sleep. And then try to get some sleep myself.

It was great to see everyone again, we missed the ones who were missing but hope to see them again soon. Thank you everyone for coming and thank you for the gifts, the kids are having a wonderful time playing with them all! Must do my best not to fall asleep in this chair….again. It’s taken me over an hour to write this due to some accidental cat naps.

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Hair cut!!

Aidan got his very first hair cut today. I’ve tried to trim it in the past, but it just got way beyond what I could do. So today was the big day. Aidan cried the entire time, but he did pretty well. We also got many comments from some of the older gentleman there on how well behave our kids were. Always nice to hear! So here are the befores and the afters. Enjoy!

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Found a photo

Well actually I came across a video that we took of *I* playing with Isabelle while we were living in the hotel in Inuvik waiting for my c section for the twins. Lots of times I’ve been asked if I took pictures of my belly while pregnant with the twins. And to be honest, I know I have one actual photo of my tummy when I was about 25 weeks, and I probably looked full term to some. So there is a bit of a view of my tummy in this video I found, so I took a snapshot of it and it’s not great, but I know how big my tummy was when this video happened, so you just have to trust me that I was huge! The video was taken at most two weeks before my c section. I was sitting back in the chair so there is more to the belly that you can’t really see. I would load the video except that *I* is not wearing any pants in the video and I’m pretty sure he’d be mad at me if I posted a video of him in his underwear on the web. So you’ll just have to deal with this crappy photo from a video. And notice little Isabelle in the background!


Just pretend it’s no big deal that the two year old tried to climb out of her crib tonight

Tonight is not my night. The kids aren’t as tired as I would like them to be at bedtime. This means there will be a singing and dance party going on for at least an hour or so. First Aidan will fall asleep. I can always count on him to pass out at a reasonable time. Next, Maddy will start to fade and slowly she will be able to ignore the prompts of her sister to stay away and wreak havoc. Then Isabelle will play with her Barbie and her puppy until she falls asleep.

This is all fine and dandy. I can hear them upstairs playing and if it gets out of hand, its nothing to run up there and remind them it’s bed time and to settle down some. Our kids have always been really good sleepers once they learned how to sleep. I have always put them to bed awake and they have always been able to fall asleep. I don’t have to stand there, I don’t have to go in their room 10 times, we just have our night-time routine and then it’s bed time.

However as my title states, I had to not make a big deal out of Madeline’s near perfect attempt at getting out of her crib tonight as I was putting everyone to bed. As far as I know, this is the first attempt. She almost nailed it. Had I not been standing next to her to slip her leg back down off the rail and into her bed, she most likely would have pulled herself up and slid over the side with little effort. I don’t expect her landing to have gone well however because of the way the two cribs are positioned in the kids room. She is fairly close to Aidan’s crib, well and adult can walk in between the two cribs, but if she were to have landed my guess is that she would have bumped some part of her body on Aidan’s crib. Most likely to result in tears. Madeline is turning into a fearless little person. She will literally run at your from one side of the living room and throw herself at you in the hopes that you will catch her and turn her upside down, or catch her and toss her up in the air etc. She loves to climb all over the couch, sitting up on the arms of the couch, I swear if it wasn’t up against the wall in the living room she would be climbing over the back of it. She will jump on the couch and sit down backwards right at the edge and you think she’s going to fall off but doesn’t, she runs around with a hat pulled down over her eyes and manages to not run into thing. She has recently taken to spinning around in circles, however she does not like the after effects of that and usually cries. It’s kinda funny. Yep, I’m that Mom who laughs at her children.

I am not ready. NOT READY to have her out of a crib yet. Isabelle is fine, she was out of her crib and in her toddler bed by 2. And that was fine because she didn’t do anything, at that time she didn’t really know she could get in and out and do whatever she wanted. However, with her in the room with the twins, and the fact that she knows she can get in and out of bed, I know that if I were to even put Maddy in a toddler bed, the two of them would be up all night playing!! I was really planning on keeping the twins in their cribs for as long as humanly possible. And I thought we were safe because up until tonight, they had never tried to escape before!

I’m seriously sitting here just waiting to hear the “thump” on the floor that is Maddy escaping her crib. Aidan needs his crib, that boy sleeps in the corners of his crib, if we took one side away, I’d be worried that he would be falling out of his bed every night. And can you just imagine what those kids are going to do in that room when all three of them can roam free!!! Nightmares, I’m going to have nightmares!

I’m so glad this week is over. By week, I mean *I’s* work week. I do realize that tomorrow is Thursday and not Friday. I really need to come up with a more clever way of talking about *I*. If you have ideas feel free to submit. Anyways, so he’s been on nights. And for the most part he’s usually pretty helpful during the day so long as he didn’t have to be at work until 7am that morning. This week just felt extra long though, not so much the night part because I had my mom here to lend a hand. But I found the days to drag on. I think it’s because of the way the weather was. Sorta nice, but then freezing cold and windy, sunny, then over cast. Nice, then raining, freezing rain, snow. The kids wanted out, but the weather was just never right when they wanted out. Made for long days. I was going to attempt finger painting with all three of them, but decided that this type of activity is best handled when there are two adults around. We are still out numbered by children, but it’s a lot better than being alone and trying to keep their hands off of anything that is not paper for finger painting.

This weekend is the big birthday party for the kids. Isabelle and I have some errands to run tomorrow. I haven’t really told her she and I are going out tomorrow. I always enjoy hearing the excitement in her voice when I tell her just moments before. I also think that I am going to try to take Aidan to get a hair cut. It’s time he look like a little boy and not a little boy with an over grown bowl cut. So i will take before and after photos of him I promise.

I think the song and dance party has ended. Isabelle is still moving around some, but the other two are most likely asleep. Wish me luck that come tomorrow Madeline will have forgotten that she almost got out of her crib!

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With one simple press of a key

I don’t know how they do it, but my children manage to find the one key on my keyboard that completely messes up my whole keyboard so that when I press the question mark key I get some messed up character I’ve never seen before! Or what’s even better is that when I try to type anything, I get letters where numbers are to be and numbers where letters should be!

It’s completely random and I have no idea how to fix this problem without doing a complete system restore!! It’s like I gave birth to mini computer geniuses.

Isabelle has gone missing up on the second floor and it’s awfully quiet. Away I go. Will post more later.

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Oh Snap!!!

This is Isabelle’s new phrase lately. Thank you very much Chicken Little. Isabelle uses this phrase as often as possible and even sometimes says it at the right time!! I hope that this phrase doesn’t last forever as I can see myself getting tired of hearing it. The hard part is that she knows we think it’s funny when she says it. And while I try to make sure I don’t laugh, or I pretend that I just didn’t hear her. There are times when I just can’t help myself. I guess it could be worse. She could be dropping the “f” bomb.

Have you all noticed my very nice new header for the blog? Well, I have a Jen to thank for my snazzy new blog header! I have zero talent when it comes to customizing this blog. I am very new to wordpress and managed to figure out how to upload photos for the header, but I just felt like I didn’t have a header that fit. I’ve always enjoyed Jen’s blog headers and asked her how she did them and presto she made me one! Thanks so much Jen, I think it’s fantastic!

Busy week ahead of me. I have a house to whip into shape for family coming this weekend. Add in various apointments for dogs, running out to get last minute items for the party on the weekend and entertaining the children. I really wish that the weather would improve. The kids and I are getting so sick of being indoors. And more importantly, I would like a little more adult interaction in my life. I manage to get a little here and there when I go to the office to work. This past week of work was crazy and so I’ve taken this week off in order to get ready for the party. Auntie M is going to be staying with us, while Grandma and Grandpa D kick will have other accomodations. It’s going to be great to have everyone here. Well almost every one. Uncle C, Auntie M’s hubby can’t make it that weekend. Also my bro, Uncle R can’t attend either. But hopefully we’ll be able to see both of them at other times in the next little while.

Today I put a temporary tattoo on Isabelle. I sat her down and explained to her that the picture on the paper was going to be on her hand after I used water to help it stick to her. She was all excited at the idea of getting to use water to put a picture on her hand. Grandma picked up these pirate tattoos from Disney. I think they are from a movie I’ve never seen before. Anyways, I put it on her hand, applied the damp cloth for 10 seconds and then removed the paper backing. I thought Isabelle would be impressed, wrong. She practically looked at it in horror! I think it really confused her that the picture when from paper on to her hand. She immediately wanted me to take it off her hand, but I convinced her that it was okay by letting her put one on my hand. Well, next thing I knew she was practically covered in them! She thought they were so fun she coudlnt’ stop putting them on! Maddy was even adventurous enough to put on one. Aidan however was not at all interested.

Well I hope that I’m able to get everything ready and the house cleaned in time for the weekend. I’m relaxing tonight watching The Princess and the Frog. I want to see if it’s something Isabelle would like to watch. So far I’m not convinced it will hold her attention. We started watching Bambi tonight. I am pretty sure I’ll be skipping the sad parts of that one. Time to settle in and watch the rest of my flick.