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So far so good this week

Well I’m not sure what’s happened, but we have been able to safely cross the road for the last two days. I am likely screwing us for the rest of the week as I type this. Last week myself and a few other concerned parents received the following email:

To everyone concerned


There has been a number of concerns brought forward to administration recently by several individuals regarding the situation during school arrival and dismissal times at the above-noted intersection. (The email was titled IC Roy & Oakwood Intersection) The Town of Lakeshore remains committed to ensuring the safety of all pedestrians throughout the municipality, especially for children walking to school.(Do they really? Because the previous email basically said “We can’t do anything and it’s not our problem, have a nice day.) There are a few points of clarification to be made:


  1. The OPP have been contacted by the Town regarding these concerns and will be increasing their patrols in this area to monitor any HTA infractions So far this hasn’t happened. When there was a police car present last week, his back is to where the problem is. Yes, the police car presence slows down vehicles speeding on Oakwood. However, the problem is at the intersection where cars and busses are turning during the walk signal.


  1. The Community Policing Officer for the OPP has been, or will be, visiting the schools to educate staff and students on the proper steps when crossing at a controlled intersection (either traffic signals or Crossing Guard) While it’s good that they will remind children how to safely cross, this to me seems pointless. It’s not the children who are the problem. It’s THE DRIVERS!!! I watched children having to wait during a walk signal for cars to finish going through the intersection, thus not giving the children enough time to safely cross the street before the signal changed.


  1. A School Patrol Program is being investigated with the School Boards is implement a program whereby senior students will assist with the crossing of the younger students at the signalized intersection. Investigated, hmmm….this feels like something that’s going to be forgotten about and pushed off agenda’s at meetings. You literally have parents writing you daily, weekly telling you that there is an urgent need for a crossing guard. This does NOT need investigating!! Not to mention all ages of children need protecting from the drivers who are failing to pay any attention to the signals at the intersection of Oakwood and I.C. Roy.


  1. A report is going to our Council next week proposing some changes at the Mancini/IC Roy intersection to provide a safer crossing location for the children. Details can be found online under the Consent Agenda for the September 27th Council Meeting. This intersection is less ideal for children to safely cross at due to the kiss n’ ride traffic exiting the school.


  1. Crossing Guard requests must be vetted through a Crossing Guard Warrant Analysis. This is the process we have had in place for some time now. A recommendation would then go to our Council and funds would need to be set aside for the addition of a new crossing guard. What’s the time frame on this process? Again, you have many parents telling you that a crossing guard is needed. What are you waiting for?


Thank you, This to me translates into, *#^& you have a nice day


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You went and angered the Mama Bear


I’m calling out all the people in Lakeshore, ON who drive their kids to school or are driving to work or simply just out for a drive between 7:55am and 8:15am every Monday through Friday. I am just a Mom, trying to drop my kids off at school and return home from doing so safely. What the hell is wrong with all of you that you think it’s perfectly okay to ignore the fucking traffic rules and make your left or right turn when the WALK signal is CLEARLY visible!!!!

School started September 6th, and I have been walking our kids to and from school most days. Of those 13 days of school, we have been nearly hit either on our way to school or when I’m on my way home! This is unacceptable. How am I supposed to let my children walk to school without an adult?!!! Ever since the transportation group decided they needed to have our bell times changed there is now a huge influx of traffic in the morning.

There is a high school just down the street from our Elementary school. An online petition was made to try to encourage the bell times being changed back.  They received this as their response:


I personally don’t have a problem with the bell times, my problem is with all the traffic. It was pointed out in this petition the influx of traffic. I have copied and pasted below.

  • St. Anne Catholic High School is located less than 1km away and on the same road (Oakwood Drive) as Lakeshore Discovery School. St. Anne’s has similar bell times as the newly slated bell times for Lakeshore Discovery School. Current enrolment for St. Anne’s is 1300 students, together with Lakeshore Discovery’s enrolment of over 800 students that means over 2100 students will be coming and going at the same time. Being that there is no kiss & ride on Oakwood Dr., coupled with the Oakwood parking lot always being full causes parents to park on the side of the road. Does Lakeshore Discovery School have a plan to address these safety concerns with the influx of teenage drivers at 8am and 2:30pm? Will there be a crossing guard hired for Oakwood Dr?

I’m least looking forward to winter as our morning bell rings at 8:00 am so the children can be on the playground. They go in for 8:15am. The sun is just barely up now so in winter the streets slippery, sidewalk goes unplowed and now it will be dark. This is going to be a complete shit show. Just think of all the extra traffic because even more parents will be driving their kids.

I wrote to the town today…Here’s what they had to say about my concerns:

Good morning Leanne,


That is a shame cars are not waiting for the light when you are in the intersection.  You are welcome to call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 (non-emergency number) to report this and they can have a car stationed there to watch and ticket.   Unfortunately it is out of the Town’s control.


Have a good day.

Have a good day. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! How is it NOT in the best interest of the town to pay for an adult crossing guard to keep kids safe? Sure, I can call the OPP and let them know we’ve been having trouble. They will come out one day and things will be perfect. The next day, they won’t be there and some asshat will nearly hit us or maybe worse! I mean really does the town expect that the OPP will station an officer there every day for the rest of the school year? Nope. Hire a crossing guard!! It’s that simple. The school wants kids who live close by to walk. I am TRYING to do this. However, it’s become clear that I have to start driving them because they aren’t safe on foot. The whole point of buying our home where we did was because of it’s distance to the school. We were happy that our kids would have a short distance to walk. So much for that.

Perhaps the next step is to contact oh let’s say The Windsor Star or CBC? Maybe they will care that students aren’t safe walking to school in the morning??


Have a good day she says…………..

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When your kids school day screws up your kid free time

The spawn’s school changed their bell times this year and I have not yet adjusted to it. We are doing well getting up on time and making it to school, however it’s everything I do afterwards that’s all screwed up!

I used to be able to drop the kids off at school. Go home, let the dog out, get the dog fresh water and a bowl of food. Then I lock up and head out to run errands for the morning. I could make it to Starbucks and then head over to whatever store and get my stuff done. Then I’d be home, unloaded, everything put away and I could do whatever needed to be done around the house. Also known as having a nap.

I worked last night. I fell asleep some time just after 1:30am. I was woken up by the red head searching through the hall closet. When asked what she was doing up so early so explained that she had sooooooooo many bug bites. I thought she was holding a band aid which made no sense to me at all. I was half asleep after all. She informed me, nearly in tears, that she was looking for the bug cream. She got herself all fixed up and went back up to bed. I am pretty sure I fell asleep before she hit the first step to go upstairs. You may think I am a bad Mom for not getting up and helping her, however I believe I am teaching her how to do things for herself. She’s nearly 9, and can apply her own bug cream!

Alarm went off at 6:45am. I wanted to smash it with my baseball bat. Fast forward to taking the kids to school. I drove this morning, this means we have to leave earlier than normal due to the first week of Kindergarten chaos. Honestly, I am glad we drove. I had to dodge a puking kid coming off the bus the other morning. I was also nearly exposed to vomit last night at work. I had had enough of close calls. I left the kids at school and went home to do the usual routine. Headed out to the stores I needed to go to. Pull into deserted parking lot and realized that since it’s only 8:25 am. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS OPEN!!! I was torn with going home and just going back to bed  or doing what I ended up doing which is grabbing a Bacon and egg mc muffin from McDonalds and waiting for all the stores to open.

Going home was just not an option. I had things to do that needed to be done today and I was already out there so it’s not like I would drive the 20 minutes home, hang out for 20 minutes and then make the 20 min drive back.

Sigh, my point of all this is that I hate the new bell times. I’m sure it’s great for some people, but so far I am not experiencing this greatness. I don’t see the brilliance behind this plan. I just see the traffic screw up, the bags under my eyes and the line up at Costco which apparently begins at 9:20am (they don’t open until 10am). I tried to have a nap after coming home today but all I did was lay there and roll around. I am at the point where I am so tired and want to nap but can’t. Honestly it’s better this way. Hopefully I will just be good and tired and be able to sleep tonight no problem. I even have the bed to myself for a few nights!! Hooray!

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Survived the first week of school!

I am loving back to school. The kids are back into their routine and while the first week was busy, I am glad they are enjoying being back at school. The school bell now rings at 8:15am, this means the kids need to be on the playground at 8am(ish). We made the mistake of driving the first day. Well to be honest the kids back packs weight more than Aidan so we decided there would be slightly less grumbling if we drove.

Big mistake.

While there was no grumbling from the children, there were swear words from myself. The Elementary school and High school now start at the same time. This equals a shit show of traffic. It’s a good thing that Kindergarten doesn’t start the same week as the rest of the school otherwise shit show wouldn’t even begin to cover what a mess that would have been.

The kids all seem quite happy with their classmates, class rooms and teachers. Madeline was a little sad to find out that one of her friends moved away during the summer. She was really looking forward to seeing this friend so it was a little hard on her. They re-organization could bring some changes, but hopefully the kids stay where they are.

We have been managing well getting up an hour before they need to be at school. This will have to change come winter. There is so much crap to get on and then of course I am planning on getting them to walk as much as possible so this of course means, leaving earlier than normal as well.

I tried to salvage some of the front garden. I had plans for it this spring and then I had to be all grown up and get a job. So the plans kind of fell through and the garden basically turned to weeds. Oh so many weeds. The hedges around this tree also became quite over grown. So yesterday I decided that since the weather was nice, it would be a great idea to tackle the weeds. Oh my god. Today. Everything. Hurts. I have to work tonight and as I sit here typing this, my arms ache with every keystroke. How the frig am I supposed to do my job tonight. Basically, this blog entry is warming up my stiff muscles so that work doesn’t suck tonight.

The worst part is that I’m not even done the damn garden!! There is so much more to rip out and then I want to put down that weed fabric so that next spring I don’t have as much crap to pull out when it gets neglected for weeks on end. This garden sucks. It wasn’t dug down deep enough and then filled with good soil. It’s pretty much clay with a bit of dirt and mulch thrown on top. Frustrating. I’d like to start over, however this girl is not made of money!

In other kid related news, the girls are starting Brownies this week. We haven’t put Aidan into anything yet. All three will continue with their swimming lessons starting next weekend. The girls are in Swimmer 5 and Aidan is in Swimmer 3. Aidan has improved so much this summer! We are so proud of him. He went from not wanting to let go of the side or a parent to being able to swim to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve a ring! The girls are doing well of course as well. They graduated from Swimmer 3 and were able to pass 4 and go directly to Swimmer 5. I hope to keep the kids interested in swimming as long as possible. It’s something I always enjoyed and certainly can cost less than other sports!!

Time to go clean the house so that the babysitter doesn’t think we are total slobs. She is picking the kids up from school today and hanging out with them until the husband gets home from work. I’m working afternoons and won’t see the kids again until my alarm goes off at 6:45 to get them up for school. Ugh. Some serious high 5’s to all the working parents out there. And high 5’s to awesome babysitters. I’m so glad we found two great ones. The kids are always so happy when they get to spend time with them!