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Crashing planes

I drove Ian to London on Sunday so he could start his trek home. I watched him go though security and then headed for home. Whilst driving slightly above the speed limit I noticed an awful lot of people on the other side of the highway being pulled over. I figured it might be a good idea to slow down a little and so I did. There was an article in the paper this week here in Windsor about how the OPP had pulled over and ticketed all these people on Sunday! Glad I wasn’t one of them!!

So that day Ian made it all the way from London to Yellowknife. Monday he was to fly from Yellowknife to Inuvik and then home to Tuk. He called from YK to say that his plane was all buggered up and that they were switching everyone over to a different plane that was headed up to Inuvik. He makes it to Inuvik only to find out that his flight to Tuk was weathered out. So he spent the night. The flight again in the morning is delayed He and the dogs spent quite a bit of time at the airport. They finally decide to give it a go, but because there were quite a few passengers and cargo they sent up two planes. One for people and the other for all the stuff.

Things seemed to be going well but when it came time to land things went poorly. The plane ended up going off the runway. No one was hurt, but it was a pretty scary experience. There is an article about it on cbc.ca/north We aren’t sure what caused it, some say wind others may feel differently. I don’t think the story is going to go anywhere for cbc to continue with it, but if we hear anything we’ll let you know.

All is well here. Life is a bit more chaotic since Ian left. But we are all managing the best we can with the 3 little ones. Madeline is now up to 13lbs and Aidan is up to 12lbs. It’s hard to believe that there is only a 1lb difference between the two. They had their two month immunizations and did really well. In a few more months we’ll know how big Isabelle has gotten. She’s growing like crazy and has quite the personality.

Well I only have a small window of time to catch a bit of sleep. Bonnie and I are doing our best to get a night time schedule going, I sleep for a bit and she stays up until they wake to feed and then I come down for the rest of the night until they wake up again. So far things seem to be working out. So now’s the time for me to get some sleep.

Ian is doing well in Tuk, the dogs are with him again and he’s getting ready for the movers to come and pack up our stuff and then he should be back here in about two weeks. I can’t wait to see him!!