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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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10 teeth

Last Wednesday was a big day for someone in our house. Aidan had his first visit to the dental surgeon. Both Isabelle and Madeline have already had at least two trips each to have some teeth extracted. Aidan was the lucky guy who got 10 teeth all at once removed.

All of our kids are blessed with my tiny jaw it seems. There are a whole lot of teeth that need to come in, but have no where to go. It also seems that all of  my kids teeth are going to hold on for as long as possible. The roots on some of their teeth that have been pulled are crazy!!

Aidan has only had his two front bottom teeth come out without the help from a dental professional. I may have popped them out, but I certainly do not hold a dental certificate of any kind. All the kids see an Orthodontist and he is the one who said these teeth needed to come out. Aidan has a tiny jaw, some big teeth and not a lot of room for any of them. He already had a permanent tooth growing in sideways because the baby teeth were not about to come out. Rather than having to send Aidan twice, we decided it would be best to take them all in one shot.

The morning of his procedure he was up bright and early. We were told to get some EMLA patches. It’s pretty much what they use to numb the skin before inserting a needle into people. We got him all patched up and hung out a little watching some Netflix. His apt was nice and early so he could spend the rest of the day just relaxing at home.

Once we were in the procedure room, Aidan seemed relatively calm. He got on the scale for the nurse and then hoped up into the chair. It wasn’t until he was having stickers for the various monitors and the chair laid down that he started to panic. This is not my first time so I did my best to calmly talk to Aidan, the nurse also helped out with this and we chatted about movies to watch on Netflix later in the day or shows to find that her kids say are really good for boys Aidan’s age. He calmed down and was just about to relax until the Dr came in. That was much cue to kiss the boy goodbye and tell him he was going to do awesome. I was out the door and back to the waiting room.

I think it was about 30 to 40 minutes later that I was called to the recovery area to sit with Aidan as he woke up out of the anesthesia. He was a little worried about the needle still in his arm, but was also sleepy enough to get over it quickly. It was removed shortly afterwards. We had him sitting up and choosing some stickers while I paid and was given care instructions.

Once home, he settled into a nice cozy spot on the couch and crushed quite a bit of Netflix for the rest of the day. He did really well. He’s been enjoying his pudding, ice cream, yogurt and other soft foods. We have kept him home the rest of the week just to ensure that he doesn’t injure his very exposed gums and to cut down on the chance of any infection (kids put a lot of weird shit in their mouth when parents aren’t around!!!)

I’m really proud of him, he’s done really well for having 10 teeth removed. He sounds absolutely adorable when he speaks. He’s having his friend over on March Break to help his celebrate his upcoming birthday. I don’t think he will have many teeth in just yet, but he still wants to go to Rock Bottoms for Rib Night!! I can’t wait to get a picture of that!!! Here’s some photos of his big day.

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Bad dream

The night before last Madeline came to my bedside in tears because she had a bad dream. I had been having such a good sleep myself that it was hard to lift my head off the pillow to see the time. Ugh, 2:45am. I sat up and gave Madeline a hug and told her the bad dream was over and she should try to go back up to bed to get more sleep.

We hugged a nice warm snuggle and then she turned and left. I barely had found my nice warm comfy spot when I could hear her crying. Up and out of bed and went upstairs. The sobs were getting louder. I thought I would make it up there in time that she wouldn’t wake her sister, however when I entered their room Isabelle was sitting on the edge of her bed. Damn, not fast enough at 2:55am.

I lay in bed with Madeline for a while as she quietly sobbed into her aging Lamby. I tried to reassure her that the bad dream was over and that it was just a dream and not real despite it feeling very real to her. I tried to get up to go back to bed a few times but she would place my arm in a death grip at my slightest movement.

After what felt like forever, I finally said that I needed to get back to sleep so I could be ready for the morning. Also suggested she too could use the sleep so not be be grumpy in the morning. I tucked her in. Gave her every stuffy I could find that had fallen out of her bed prior to the bad dream. Once settled in she came up with a brillant idea! I wish I had thought of this myself about 45 minutes earlier!! Madeline suggest that she go in Aidan’s room and check on him. She explained that during her dream, she and Aidan were playing. Aidan was either sitting on or near a vent. This vent opened up and he fell in. Poor Madeline, this would be scary for her.

So I agreed that idea was a good one. All the stuffies fell off her bed again and she crawled out and quietly went into his room. Upon her return, she told me she kissed him on the forehead and he seemed just fine.

I tucked her back in and we were both finally going back to bed around 3 am.

The funny thing about Madeline and Aidan is that most of the time it’s like they aren’t the twins in the family. Most often the girls are together and Aidan is off alone doing his own thing. At school Madeline and Aidan are in the same class. They do not interact with each other at all. The teacher says they don’t really even speak to each other.

That being said, they do have their twin connection at times. When one of them is hurt, and not just a small boo boo, but a shreiking in pain boo boo or a bad dream about their twin, then they really do come together. The other will be quite worried or sensitive to whatever the situation may be. It’s really neat to see how they can be so different and enjoy their own things but still come together when they need each other.