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3 sleeps until surgery

Madeline has been counting down the sleeps until surgery since Sunday. She seems okay with her surgery coming up and hasn’t been saying much about it. We went to the Surgical Safari on the weekend and she was initially nervous but ended up having a great time. They were even given a sample of the slushy they were told they could have after surgery!

I am relieved to know that they insert the IV after they have already put her to sleep. I was wondering how this was all going to play out, but of course this is not their first time and they have it all worked out! On the safari, we were shown the floor we will go to upon arrival. We leave the paperwork on the desk that we picked up down in admitting. We proceed to the waiting area for our name to be called. Once called we go into a room where she will be weighed, measured, have her blood pressure, 02 sats and pulse rate checked. She will then change into her hospital pj’s and slippers. Then we go back to the waiting area until it’s her time.

She is the first surgery I believe so I don’t think we will have to wait too long. This is a huge bonus for us as the longer she has to wait the likelihood of her anxiety ramping up. When her name is called again, I will walk her to a room and hug and kiss her goodbye as if I was dropping her off at school. I am to wait outside the door. The nurses will help her into bed. Give her warm blankets. She will decorate the mask that will be used for her to breath in the gas to help her fall asleep. They also get to smear some scented lip balm on the inside of this mask to make it smell delightful!

The Dr and Anesthesiologist will come in to speak with her briefly. Then she will be wheeled out of the room. I am able to walk with her down to the OR area to again give her a quick kiss goodbye.

I am ready for this. I know enough about what is happening during her procedure to be okay with this. However, I know that during this last kiss goodbye I will have to keep my shit together. She can’t see that I am even a hint of nervous. She can’t see me crack because then she will crack. I will keep my brave face on for her while I worry on the inside. She will be brave and she will do awesome. WE will BOTH be brave!

Thursday night I plan to take Madeline out so we can pick out some flavours of jello and popsicles for her to have post op. She’s also asked to get some Gatorade. Seems to be her new favourite drink to have when she’s not feeling well. She will be off school for an entire week. I have been busy trying to get ahead in my three classes so that I can take some time off from them during the day while she’s home. She and I already have a few movies and TV shows picked out for when she’s home.

I will post how she’s doing once she’s home.

Isabelle saw the dental surgeon today. She will be getting her 4 vampire teeth pulled on Oct 14. I was hoping for an earlier date since she is having quite a bit of pain lately. However they are booked but have put us on the short notice list. She’s eager and nervous at the same time. I think she’s mostly excited to see what kind of coin the Tooth Fairy will bring and to show all her friends at school where her teeth came out. Isabelle does not do well with pain. She can trip over a crack in the floor and barely hurt herself but yet she acts as though she just ripped her big toe from her foot. The surgeon is going to proceed with using Nitrous. I know it worked well for Madeline but she’s a bit more tolerant of pain. I think it will be quite a while before Isabelle trusts a dentist again after her teeth are pulled. I know she won’t feel anything, but the whole process is going to be a bit much for her I think.

She was all smiles at the appointment today and enjoyed the little tour she was taken on while I got to learn that I should have become a dental surgeon. You wouldn’t believe the money to take out teeth!! I feel the need to tell our children that they should start saving their piggy bank money to help their children pay for tooth extractions! Or in the very least to get great jobs with awesome benefits!!

Lastly, Aidan will be seeing our pediatrician this week so she can refer him to an ENT. Likely the same one Madeline sees. Since Aidan had pneumonia the last few weeks of summer, his post nasal drip has increased. He’s making his odd sound, which is him clearing his throat, more than he did before. Our Dr had suggested that we increase his once a day nasal spray to twice and to also try all the OTC children’s allergy medication. We have done as she asked and nothing has helped improve his problem. When I was in with Madeline the other week she asked how he was and then suggested it is time to refer him to the ENT. So off we go. I hope that we can find a solution for Aidan as I know this is not awesome for him. So fingers crossed our ENT will have a solution.

That’s all for tonight. The husband and I are wishing we were young and care free again as the house needs a new roof. Boo to being an adult with responsibilities. The kids have no idea how good they have it right now!