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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Counting down the days

Our vacation is coming up and I have managed to cross a few things off my long to-do list. Isabelle has a bathing suit! I on the other hand, do not. There is one on it’s way from Land’s End. It had better be amazing for the cost of duty! We do have access to a postal box in Michigan but I figured by the time we paid for gas and go across and back and likely stop for lunch, it would cost the same as just having it sent here. Fingers crossed it arrives in time and that it also doesn’t suck.

I have picked up some things from the Dollar Store to amuse the spawn on the trip. I have a few more things to grab but they will have to wait until the week before we leave. All three kids have flip flops, I yet again do not. I am saving all my stuff for the end. In typical Mommy fashion I’d rather make sure the kids are taken care of before I worry about myself.

Speaking of vacations, I found this picture to be rather accurate. I don’t know what it is lately, but I can’t seem to get a moment alone.

untitledThe kids are pumped for vacation. The countdown has been on for the past few weeks and the excitement is getting crazy! Yesterday at school Isabelle decided to make up name tags for our beds. She has made them for the husband and I so far and plans to make hers and her siblings today. She was rather concerned that we weren’t going to know where we are all expected to sleep.

On this trip we are not going to Disney. We went a few years ago and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I’d like to take them to Universal, mainly for the Harry Potter stuff, but we are going to wait a few more years so they can really enjoy all that the park has to offer. I also need a few years to save up the $700+ it’s going to cost to take our family of 5 there. We were planning on going to Legoland but now I am not so sure as I haven’t been hearing good things. If you have been recently, within this past year please comment and let me know what you thought!

It’s back to studying for me. I’ve been having far too many dreams about failing my exams. I know this is basically impossible and that I am doing really well. My brain seems to be enjoying this torture. I dreamt again last night that I completely missed my exam and had to take the entire course over again and kept failing all my assignments. Stupid dreams. I know I am putting too much pressure on myself and I think because these are my last courses I am super stressing about them.