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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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What the $&^* Lakeshore Disc.


Yesterday the buses were cancelled for the county. We are close enough that my kids go to school regardless. I debated letting them stay home to enjoy the bit of snow we had but I knew Isabelle wanted to be at school on her birthday. So the above meme is for the kids.

Now, to direct my attention and anger to the school.

I went to pick up the spawn after school. I arrived a little early because I knew the parking lot would fill up quickly and it wasn’t plowed, slushy and had a bunch of drifting snow in it. Found my spot and settled in to wait. Of course most of the parents were opting to use the bus parking lane today as the buses would not be coming.

At 3:17 I exited the van and walked to the gate to wait for the 3:20 bell. The school is having solar panels installed and the crew doing that was working away in the school yard with their fork lift. When the bell rang at 3:20 and the flood of children did not come from the back doors onto the playground I had assumed it was because the forklift was in motion. Made sense that they wouldn’t let all the kids run out if it was moving around.

I waited a few more minutes. Some of the parents who just wait in their vehicles also wandered over to the gate. I then started second guessing if I had actually heard the bell as the fork lift made a similar sound when backing up. The parents around me were now all getting a little anxious as the kids still weren’t coming out of the school.

We all started in to the school grounds. A pack of concerend parents wondering where the hell our children were. We passed a parent who said she thought maybe we had to go to the kids doors to collect them. Another parent passing by said that they were keeping all the kids in the gym.

The gym? Why the heck are they in the gym?

As I’m walking through the back playground and towards the gym I decide to call the office. The secretary tells me we are to be using the Kiss n’ Ride in the front. Uh, no thanks. I use the parking lot at the rear of the school that you guys make us use. Where are my kids. Well they are in the gym and you have to use Kiss n’ Ride, when there tell the teacher outside who your kids are, they will radio into the gym and send your kids out.

What the #(@&$*(@ is this? When did they start this? I hung up with her and was at the front door of the school at this point. As I enter the front hall way it seems as though the teachers decided to move all the kids into this area. Right away I see my three. Isabelle is about to break down into tears. She immediately demands to know where I was and why I wasn’t coming to get them. I hug her and tell her I would never just leave them at school and that I had NO IDEA they were not coming out their ususal way.

So Lakeshore Discovery….apparently you need to be reminded that you have a Facebook account, Twitter account and the Principal has a personal Twitter account, as well as this Remind App you made us all download at the start of the school year!

USE THEM!! I highly doubt that in this area there isn’t a parent who doesn’t have access to social media!! You want a fast, easy way to let us all know that you are going to change how you dismiss kids on a snow day then this is the way to do it!!!!!

Because you failed to let us know that our children would not be exiting the school in their usual fashion, you not only pissed off a bunch of parents, myself included, you managed to scare the shit out of my kid!!

Well done Lakeshore Discovery. You are not making it easy for me to tell people why your school is the school they should want their children to attend.