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School drama resolved

Last week the principal phoned and I gave them our FINAL decision for the third time. Isabelle is to be moved to an English class. He wanted to wait until after March Break, however Isabelle is ready and we all agreed that she needs to move now. So that bring us to today. They had all last week to figure out where she was to go. They were supposed to call and she was supposed to start in her new class today.

Maybe you can guess. They never called. I dropped the kids off and was planning on calling to speak to the principal and see what was up. If he jerked me around yet again my next call was going to be to the Superintendent of our school. Through some convincing by friends and husband I decided to go to the school instead. This way he could look me in the eye and try yet again to convince me that Isabelle is just a dollar sign to him and not care that she’s a person. Ugh that was so maddening!!!

Drive to school. Get buzzed in. Walking the 8 steps to the office door I am mentally preparing myself(I hate, HATE any kind of confrontation) on what I am going to say should be a dick about placing Isabelle.

Step into the office. Nicely ask Secretary 1 of 2 if the Principal is in. She says no. He’s out until Thursday.

Me: Is the VP available then?

Secretary 1 of 2: No, she is out until Wednesday. Can I help you with something?

Me: My daughter was supposed to be switched to an Eng….

Secretary 2 of 2: Are you Mrs Diplock?

Me: (I don’t like being called Mrs Diplock. That is not me, that is my Mother in Law!!) Yes, that’s me!

Secretary 2 of 2: I was just about to call you! Please let’s talk in here(gestures to private room).

In the room it’s quite visible she’s nervous. I don’t know what is up with people at this school being so nervous all the time. I think she was more nervous than I was!! She explains to me why the Principal is away and also why the VP is away. The sub for these two is currently in the JK/SK pod subbing. So the VP has asked her to speak with me. Isabelle is going to be moved. She just finished sending the Principal an email with the three possible classes she could go to. Once he replies then will make the necessary changes. She apologized many times for the wait and lack of communication because of the absent school administrators. I told her it was fine, I was just relieved to know that Isabelle will be moving.

Isabelle was in tears this morning wanting to know when she’d be changing classes. She just wants to be in a class and feel comfortable. I don’t blame her. I felt so bad and angry for her.

Secretary 2 of 2 assured me that she could move as soon as the Principal replied to the email. She said they could move her today if we wanted. While Isabelle is ready, I decided best to let her start tomorrow fresh. I’m not sure how she’d feel having the secretary show up and take her out of class. So tomorrow is the day. I’m happy. Isabelle is going to be happy when I tell her after school today.

I never expected to have my child treated this way. It’s sad that the school is so upset about the idea of losing one French Immersion child to the English track. I don’t see the big deal since they just had JK/SK registration and I over heard secretary 2 of 2 the other day saying that 2/3 of the registrants were for French Immersion and only 1/3 were for English.

In the end, I am glad that Isabelle will be in an environment that she feels comfortable in. She wants to learn and is extremely smart and I know she’s going to do amazing in her new class!