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The return of Sprinkles


First I’d like to start off with a few words to all the parents at our kids school who brought out their elves and also had “Santa” text or write a letter before DECEMBER 1st!!!!

You can all suck it! (With the exception of any close personal friends…we may have to have a chat however…)

Your family elf should NOT return before December 1st. Why? Because the rest of us who have elves that don’t come before December 1st have to listen to our kids freak out and get up set every single day until then about how their elf hasn’t come back yet.

When my children come home from school and beg me to text Santa or that we must absolutely check the mail because so and so got a letter in the mail from Santa….SUCK IT….I tell my kids that the only reason their elf or this text or letter came early is because they are being naughty kids and likely won’t get anything for Christmas!!

We don’t need our elf to come early, nor do we have to text Santa or check the mail because my kids are awesome!

Honestly, what is the hurry? I hated the elf at first. I found it so very annoying to have to move this elf every night. The world was coming to an end when the kids got up the next day and he was still in the same place! They literally cried sometimes because they thought he lost his magic. No kids, no magic was lost. Your mother just forgot to move the elf. The past two years I have really gotten into the elf idea. Pinterest is a great resource if you are lacking in fun ideas. I don’t do something cool every night because I just don’t have the energy to do so, however it’s lots of fun to hear the kids talk about where the elf might be or what he might be doing tomorrow. It’s growing on me.

However, enjoyment of the elf should only last for 25 days. There is  no reason on this earth that he needs to come two weeks early! So to all of you out there who do this, please stop or, don’t be surprised when your kid tells you that my kid tells them they are getting nothing for Christmas because of how naughty they must be.

Back to the return of Sprinkles. So I wrapped him up along with some dollar store treats for the kids. I had the box hiding in the closet by the front door so that all I had to do was place it outside before going to pick up the kids from school. Sigh…this plan seemed foolproof until Isabelle had to stay home from school. She has strep and her antibiotic had taken a lot out of her. Aidan got in for a last minute cancellation to the Allergist which meant I had to go pick him up, bring him home for lunch and then go to the apt. When we got home from the apt it was basically time to pick Madeline up from school.

There was no way to place the box outside without the two spawn watching. Grrr. Madeline and Aidan were invited to a friends house after school but there is still Isabelle at home. Still can’t place the damn box. Finally came up with the idea that when it was time to pick up the twins, Isabelle would come with, Ian (who was now home from work) would place the box on the porch for the kids to find when we returned.

All day Isabelle was pouting that the elf hadn’t returned. Then add in she couldn’t go over to the friends house with her brother and sister. When we returned home from school she went around the house and unplugged all the Christmas lights. Then she sat silent on the stairs for a while. Poor kid. She really felt like Sprinkles wasn’t going to show.

When we returned from picking up the twins and the box was found, I really wish I had been recording. I think the screams of joy could be heard from the other side of the neighbourhood. This is why I do the elf every year. I haven’t put much thought into when our elf will stop coming. I think that will all depend on how long the kids believe in this elf.

Sprinkles has found his hiding spot for tomorrow! Share your elf hiding spots too!