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Time and Money

I’m feeling a little low today. I feel like I am either forgetting about things or I don’t have enough time to get things done.

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons. We were going to bang them out over the course of two weeks. Then I got a job. I rescheduled swimming lessons to every Saturday morning. Every. Single. Saturday I have had my alarm on my phone go off to remind me about swimming in 30 minutes. Every. Single. Time I pretty much drop an F bomb because I have forgotten about swimming.

The husband has been under the weather and not sleeping well. I was working this past Saturday morning. I felt my phone vibrate but didn’t check it right away. Guess what it was. Yep, that effing alarm saying “Hey you forgetful dumbass, it’s swimming!!”

I checked my phone at 9:20am. Swore as I read the message on the screen. Dialed husband. Woke husband. Said swimming in 10 minutes. He swore and I hung up on him, not because of the swearing but because I needed to do my job.

I have two calendars. Well, three if you count the one on my phone. The two paper calendars are located in the kitchen and my office. The two places in the house that grown ups can usually be found. I have even colour coded the damn things!!! Yet, lately I can’t get my shit together. I am forgetting all sorts of crap and this is not me. (I left this to make lunch…guess who forgot to come back after lunch was done!?!)

This brings us to money. The kids all need to get jobs today and start saving for the future. We did our back to school supply shopping today. It’s a damn good thing I have a job. I picked up a few good deals on crayons and markers for around the house, but geez I feel like I spent quite a bit on just the crap they need to take to school. We also hit up the dollar store for some afternoon crafts. Our weather isn’t sure if it wants to rain or not and this seems to be giving me a nice headache. I also just need a break after working 4 days straight. It was steady at work. I work in the ER and there was something in the air this weekend. We were just busy busy busy. I felt bad for the nursing staff as they were short staffed and very over worked. Thankfully I am off until Friday to get in some┬ámuch needed snuggle time with the kids.

According to Google, there are 24 days 6 hours 59 minutes and 40 seconds until the first day of school. So enjoy that!