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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Bad Mood Monday

8 year old woke up in a bad mood. Sigh. This generally leads to the rest of us ending up in a bad mood as well. I am happy to report that we managed to avoid this. Hooray. Sometimes I never know if I should try to be calm and understanding or just cut straight to the cut the crap, I’m not putting up with it. Today, it had to be cut the crap. I needed to keep my head in a good place. I needed the 7 year olds to be in a good place also.

dominoesMy kids are sort of like dominoes. When one falls the rest do too.

I have been job hunting for the past few weeks. Today I had a meeting for a job and needed to be calm and relaxed before this. The husband is working days so I have to deal with the kids in the morning, getting them ready, fed, lunches made and then get myself half ready too.

Sometimes the 8 year old just needs to be put in her place. I explained to her, that if she needed to discuss her feelings about this morning we could do so after school. She seemed cool with that idea. Phew.

I am happy to say that this mornings meeting went well. No job yet, but a successful first step towards a job that I really hope to get!