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dinner fail

I just want to give up some days.  I knew that tonight I would be making a dinner that the kids didn’t exactly go nuts over the last time.  However, I’m tired of making the same old crap and I’d like a little variety once and a while.  A while back I made a stir fry with rice vermicelli noodles.  The kids liked the noodles, sort of liked some of the veggies, ate the meat and sort of like the flavour.  So this time around, I tweaked their veggies a little, I took out the peppers that they didn’t go for, used and gave more of the same noodles and even changed the sauce to something a little more to their tastes. 

Immediately they all turned up their noses.  Isabelle went as far as to push her plate away from her, fold her arms and put her head down sighing loudly that she was soooooo tired.  I told her if she was that tired then she should probably just go to bed.  She didn’t like my idea because she thought she could perhaps just go an play outside.  Nice try kid.

Madeline decided early on in the meal that she was going to bother her sister by kicking her under the table etc.  So I had this brilliant idea to put Madeline over in the dining room at the table there so she could eat and leave us in peace.  Big mistake.  When I went over to see why Madeline wasn’t eating, I soon learned the error of my ways.  When I put Madeline over there with her dinner I also gave her a cup of water to help her eat her dinner.

She drowned her dinner.  She was sent to her room for a time out.

The other two just sat there and picked at their plates while I happily ate my yummy supper.  Then Ian comes home so I start his supper up and he of course notices that Madeline is missing and I explained that she drowned her dinner.  So he dumps her food into the strainer and puts it back on her plate.  I call her down to the table.  And while I didn’t hear or see her reaction to seeing her rescued food, I’m quite certain she said “@)#$*)@(#*$” in her mind.

Ian did his best to keep his cool while the kids literally choked their dinner down.  And as I said of FB tonight, no dinner is complete unless Madeline throws it back up again.  She gets herself all worked up into a snit and then the gag reflex kicks in.  We keep a bowl nearby the table now because when it’s a meal she really can’t stand but has to eat, odds are we will see it again.

I wish I could understand my children better sometimes.  They watched me make dinner, they watched me take the stuff out they don’t like, they got to taste the sauce I was using, even tried the noodles again before I put them in.  It’s not like they didn’t get to see or smell or taste what was made.  They were even a part of it.  I thought that doing this would help.  Maybe I should just let them eat PB&J’s all the time.

Ah well, at least Ian and I enjoyed dinner.