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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Bad dream

The night before last Madeline came to my bedside in tears because she had a bad dream. I had been having such a good sleep myself that it was hard to lift my head off the pillow to see the time. Ugh, 2:45am. I sat up and gave Madeline a hug and told her the bad dream was over and she should try to go back up to bed to get more sleep.

We hugged a nice warm snuggle and then she turned and left. I barely had found my nice warm comfy spot when I could hear her crying. Up and out of bed and went upstairs. The sobs were getting louder. I thought I would make it up there in time that she wouldn’t wake her sister, however when I entered their room Isabelle was sitting on the edge of her bed. Damn, not fast enough at 2:55am.

I lay in bed with Madeline for a while as she quietly sobbed into her aging Lamby. I tried to reassure her that the bad dream was over and that it was just a dream and not real despite it feeling very real to her. I tried to get up to go back to bed a few times but she would place my arm in a death grip at my slightest movement.

After what felt like forever, I finally said that I needed to get back to sleep so I could be ready for the morning. Also suggested she too could use the sleep so not be be grumpy in the morning. I tucked her in. Gave her every stuffy I could find that had fallen out of her bed prior to the bad dream. Once settled in she came up with a brillant idea! I wish I had thought of this myself about 45 minutes earlier!! Madeline suggest that she go in Aidan’s room and check on him. She explained that during her dream, she and Aidan were playing. Aidan was either sitting on or near a vent. This vent opened up and he fell in. Poor Madeline, this would be scary for her.

So I agreed that idea was a good one. All the stuffies fell off her bed again and she crawled out and quietly went into his room. Upon her return, she told me she kissed him on the forehead and he seemed just fine.

I tucked her back in and we were both finally going back to bed around 3 am.

The funny thing about Madeline and Aidan is that most of the time it’s like they aren’t the twins in the family. Most often the girls are together and Aidan is off alone doing his own thing. At school Madeline and Aidan are in the same class. They do not interact with each other at all. The teacher says they don’t really even speak to each other.

That being said, they do have their twin connection at times. When one of them is hurt, and not just a small boo boo, but a shreiking in pain boo boo or a bad dream about their twin, then they really do come together. The other will be quite worried or sensitive to whatever the situation may be. It’s really neat to see how they can be so different and enjoy their own things but still come together when they need each other.


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School drama resolved

Last week the principal phoned and I gave them our FINAL decision for the third time. Isabelle is to be moved to an English class. He wanted to wait until after March Break, however Isabelle is ready and we all agreed that she needs to move now. So that bring us to today. They had all last week to figure out where she was to go. They were supposed to call and she was supposed to start in her new class today.

Maybe you can guess. They never called. I dropped the kids off and was planning on calling to speak to the principal and see what was up. If he jerked me around yet again my next call was going to be to the Superintendent of our school. Through some convincing by friends and husband I decided to go to the school instead. This way he could look me in the eye and try yet again to convince me that Isabelle is just a dollar sign to him and not care that she’s a person. Ugh that was so maddening!!!

Drive to school. Get buzzed in. Walking the 8 steps to the office door I am mentally preparing myself(I hate, HATE any kind of confrontation) on what I am going to say should be a dick about placing Isabelle.

Step into the office. Nicely ask Secretary 1 of 2 if the Principal is in. She says no. He’s out until Thursday.

Me: Is the VP available then?

Secretary 1 of 2: No, she is out until Wednesday. Can I help you with something?

Me: My daughter was supposed to be switched to an Eng….

Secretary 2 of 2: Are you Mrs Diplock?

Me: (I don’t like being called Mrs Diplock. That is not me, that is my Mother in Law!!) Yes, that’s me!

Secretary 2 of 2: I was just about to call you! Please let’s talk in here(gestures to private room).

In the room it’s quite visible she’s nervous. I don’t know what is up with people at this school being so nervous all the time. I think she was more nervous than I was!! She explains to me why the Principal is away and also why the VP is away. The sub for these two is currently in the JK/SK pod subbing. So the VP has asked her to speak with me. Isabelle is going to be moved. She just finished sending the Principal an email with the three possible classes she could go to. Once he replies then will make the necessary changes. She apologized many times for the wait and lack of communication because of the absent school administrators. I told her it was fine, I was just relieved to know that Isabelle will be moving.

Isabelle was in tears this morning wanting to know when she’d be changing classes. She just wants to be in a class and feel comfortable. I don’t blame her. I felt so bad and angry for her.

Secretary 2 of 2 assured me that she could move as soon as the Principal replied to the email. She said they could move her today if we wanted. While Isabelle is ready, I decided best to let her start tomorrow fresh. I’m not sure how she’d feel having the secretary show up and take her out of class. So tomorrow is the day. I’m happy. Isabelle is going to be happy when I tell her after school today.

I never expected to have my child treated this way. It’s sad that the school is so upset about the idea of losing one French Immersion child to the English track. I don’t see the big deal since they just had JK/SK registration and I over heard secretary 2 of 2 the other day saying that 2/3 of the registrants were for French Immersion and only 1/3 were for English.

In the end, I am glad that Isabelle will be in an environment that she feels comfortable in. She wants to learn and is extremely smart and I know she’s going to do amazing in her new class!

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Happy New Year and all that…

The kids tried their hardest to stay up until midnight. They didn’t make it and neither did I. What a surprise. I used to be able to stay up late no problem. Now I am usually in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 10pm. I am not sure what I am any more. I am not a morning person but I am also no longer a night person.

Thankfully the children stayed in bed until just after 9am on Friday. This was so very nice of them since I thought for sure they were going to be up at their usual time. We had a pretty laid back day. Kids wanted to go out but and had a hard time understanding why nothing was open. They didn’t really get the big deal about it being 2016.

This past year has been a good year. Madeline is finally having relief with regards to sleep and anxiety. We haven’t been sick much at all, knock on something wooden, just a few sniffles. The kids are enjoying school and I am almost done with school. On my last three classes starting next week.

This coming year, Aidan will be seeing the ENT and hopefully we can work with him to find a solution for Aidan’s post nasal drip issues. Madeline has two wiggly front teeth, but they too will likely need assistance in coming out. Aidan will be meeting with the Orthodontist as well this year. I am certain that all three kids are going to need help from the Orthodontist. Sigh….good thing I will be looking for work soon.

We are headed South again this spring. The kids have no idea about this trip. I think we will surprise them at their birthdays with this news. I plan to scale back on gifts this year. With having just had the holidays and next comes all three of their birthdays, it’s just a lot. I figure we might as well use some of the money we would just spend on gifts for the trip! Happy Birthday kids, we are going to Florida!

The tree was decorations around the house were down just a few days after Christmas. I think tomorrow I will tackle the outside lights. Scratch that, the weather just mentioned we might actually get snow. So this afternoon it is!

I wish you all a very happy new year! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break as much as we did!

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Is it back to school yet?

I am counting down the sleeps until back to school. It’s been fun having the kids home but even they are starting to miss the daily routine of going to school. The arguments are happening faster and lasting longer and getting louder. It doesn’t matter how much I try to distract them with activities or games. Sigh…

We had a very nice, quiet, Christmas. Christmas morning we got up around 8:30am. I think the kids were up an hour prior. They managed to quietly wait and watch Netflix. Once we got up, they had to wait a few minutes longer while their Dad grabbed the turkey out of the freezer. Our family dinner was the next day rather than later in the day.

Kids tore into their gifts and were quite happy with their gifts from Santa as well. I am confident that everyone got what they asked for. The girls wanted to build their Lego sets and we happily helped. Both girls got rather large sets and so this took up most of the day. We had breaks in between so I could try and tidy the house for our arriving company on Saturday.

The kids all received lots of treats in their stockings. I’m certain the girls scarfed theirs that day and Aidan managed to save a few for the rest of the weekend.

Boxing day my parents arrived and we had a mini Christmas all over again with them. Kids were very pleased with all their gifts! Next to arrive later in the day were Nana and Papa, followed by Auntie, Uncle and Cooper. We had a great dinner that was so tasty I could eat turkey for days!! We are going to be eating turkey for days as we cooked up two!! Yum!!

My parents were here for the weekend and were chased away on Monday morning by an impending freezing rain storm. Yuk. What terrible weather we had yesterday. We managed to run to the grocery store to grab some supplies as we weren’t sure what the roads were going to be like today. Luckily it was warm enough today that all the ice melted!

We had a great Christmas with our family! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your families!!