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Trying to move forward

Those of you who are close to us or are on my Facebook page already know what happened to our family last Thursday night. For those who don’t I will explain.

Last Thursday our kids were playing outside with a friend. As usual, they had our garage door open so they could have access to all the kid toys. When done they came in and we went about our evening routine. The next morning the husband was about to take the kids to school when he realized something was not quite right.

The garage door was still up, and our new van (purchased last year) was not in the garage. He looked to the street thinking I had perhaps parked it there. Realizing I had not, he came in to the house and asked me where it was. Everything went downhill from there. The van was gone. Next we realized that my purse was missing from the kitchen counter(this is where all my anxiety started exploding. The realization that someone was in our house. In our house, while we slept.) Then we started to notice all the other things that were missing from the garage. Among those things, our daughters bike. A Christmas gift purchased for my nephew. The list just went on.

We phoned the OPP. They arrived quickly and the process of giving statements started. Since it was my purse missing, I jumped on the phone and started calling credit card companies and banks. Turns out, they used my credit card at a gas station(asshats) so I quickly gave that info to the Officer speaking to my husband. We later learned that they were on camera using my credit card. Criminals are fucking stupid, that is something I am thankful for.

I was moving in circles. I couldn’t think straight. Someone had been in my house. I was asked to give a description of my purse. I could hardly remember the pattern. It was so frustrating! It’s my favourite purse, it shouldn’t be that hard to give a description. How much money was in my wallet? I knew I had cash, which was weird for me as I never have cash. I stumbled over every detail. The only thing I could confirm 100% was the location of my purse in the house. I had stood at that spot in the kitchen where I kept it and was telling Madeline how my keychain had broken at work. She stood there with me as I took my keys off of it and then put them back into my purse. It never moved from that spot until one of them came in and took it.

Insurance let us know we could rent a car, I decided that I should go and report my license as stolen and get a new one. When I was getting ready to leave I realized that I had no way to pay to replace my license.  It was depressing having to ask my husband for money. Any other day I could ask for money no problem and wouldn’t care less. This was just so different. My money was taken from me. My access to my money was taken from me. It was and still is a terrible feeling.  I was a wreck that day. I likely shouldn’t have left the house. It really bothered(s) me that someone was in our home while we lay in bed sleeping. Yes, things could have been much more worse. They could have been even more evil people and hurt  us physically. Yet, somehow I feel much more traumatized just knowing that one of them was in our home and I had absolutely no idea. I haven’t slept properly since Thursday night. Exhaustion usually takes over and I eventually drift off only to be woken hours later by a bad dream. I lay awake wondering to myself “how did I not hear them in the garage?”

“How did I not hear them opening and closing van doors!?” They had to move our garbage cans and recycle bins to get to my husbands, new in the box, power washer. HOW DID I NOT HEAR THIS!

Every sound I hear has me nervous. I have to check and re-check that I have locked the door from the garage to inside the house. I have to check that the rental car in the garage is locked and that the garage door is down. I’ve done this at 3am despite knowing and telling myself that I already fucking checked this before I attempted going to bed.

The next thing that has me so irritated about this whole thing is that my children were in tears thinking they were to blame. The kids stayed home from school that day. I didn’t need them to be worrying about this at school. We did our best in between calls to the Insurance company and dealing with the police to reassure them that this was not their fault. Still, there were some tears shed and legitimate fears expressed. As the weekend went by the kids seemed a little less worried about the situation. I am thankful for that.

Monday during a lunch date with a friend, I got the news from the husband that our van was found and an arrest had been made. I was very happy to hear this, yet it doesn’t relieve the anxiety I still feel about this. I am hopeful that as time goes on the anxiety will lessen and the OCD will pass. For now I am trying to focus on the facts. We were not hurt physically. The things they took can be replaced. I have great friends that I can talk to. Wonderful neighbours have been there for us and even gave us some delicious pickles.

We now wait to hear what was recovered, if anything, and to get our van back. The police have my purse, but I am not sure if anything inside of it is mine. They also have my wallet, but I was told that only some of my ID was found. Sigh…. Getting all new stuff is such a royal pain in the ass. We also don’t know if anything they stole from the garage has been recovered. Isabelle asked if her bike was found, but it’s likely long gone. Poor girl. If it truly is gone, then thankfully her birthday is in a few months.

If you are curious about how the two asshats were arrested here’s a link to the article in the Windsor Star.


On a happier note, I will be picking up our photo Christmas cards tomorrow! I plan to mail them out before my 27th(again) birthday! Now I’m off to kiss my kids goodnight again, check that the garage door is down again, lock the inside door again and attempt to get some sleep.