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"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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The girls are going camping!

*I wrote this post yesterday but I am only getting around to posting it today. What happened? Well, I left this to the last minute before having to go pick up kids. Went and picked up kids, frantically drove kids to a hair place because it’s picture day today. Aidan looks less scruffy now, Madeline can see out from under her bangs and I had them straighten Isabelle’s hair for me. Then it was home to do homework, laundry, make dinner and get ready and go to Brownies. We weren’t home until just after 8pm. Rush kids to bed, do more laundry. Try to have a relaxing bath only to realize that there won’t be enough hot water. Give up and go to bed. **Run around like a crazy person getting kids ready for picture day only to realize I forgot to put Aidan’s clothes in the dryer. The shirt he absolutely has to wear is still wet….crank up dryer to get it dried in time……

So please enjoy yesterday’s post today!!!  🙂

I’m not really sure who is more excited, myself or the girls! After a bit of trouble, we finally got the girls signed up in Brownies. Madeline has been wanting to go camping forever and I figured this might be the best way for her to experience it! Isabelle hasn’t been quite as keen on it, however it finally starting to get excited. This also means that Madeline is going to start getting nervous.

Yeah, I can’t win. Who knew 7&8 year old girls were such emotional roller coasters. I really didn’t expect this for a few more years!! This is typical Madeline and Isabelle however. Madeline will be really excited to do something or try something new right up until it’s time to actually do whatever it is. Isabelle will be shy and nervous and not want to do it all, but when she’s got no other choice, ie. Mommy dropping her off at Brownies for the first time and walking out the door, she always says she had a great time. Kids are weird.

The girls successfully sold all their cookies. They had some help from Daddy who sold a lot to his co-workers. The girls did a great job going to some of the houses in the neighbourhood as well. Isabelle really enjoyed doing this. I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic about something!! My favourite part was when a house down from us said they couldn’t buy a box because they had just spent a bunch supporting Scouts. The girls faces went from all smiles to that pitiful sad look kids get. Both of them practically said in unison “oh….okay…….thank you.” Two seconds the later, the woman hands over $5 and takes a box from the girls. The girls couldn’t figure out why I was chuckling to myself.

This weekend Aidan will have the house to himself. It’s always a little strange when it’s just Aidan home. The house is so quiet. This likely makes me sound like a bad parent, but Aidan can be so quiet that I forget there is even a kid at home! I am trying to think of something that we can do together that he will enjoy since most of our outings are based around something the girls would also enjoy. The nice part is that all I really need to do is offer to shoot nerf guns all day and he’d be happy!

Halloween is approaching quickly! I need to seriously get my ass moving on making these wands. They shouldn’t take me too long once I get going on them. I’ve looked up a few idea on Pinterest. Here’s a peek at the scarves my talented mother in law knitted for the kids in Gryffindor colours. I ordered these patches from someone on Etsy and will put them on the robes my Mom is making for the kids!


I think they are going to look fantastic! The wands are on my to do list for tomorrow while the kids are at school.

Tomorrow is picture day, fingers crossed Isabelle doesn’t make a goofy face again this year. The photo we have of her is from two years ago. I’d like to update it!! I spent the better part of the morning at the mall trying to find something for her to wear for picture day. Her hair kills me because all the stuff I know she’d love to wear just doesn’t really go nicely with her hair. Think hot pink. Barf. Aidan has chosen to wear a long sleeve plaid shirt he picked out from Joe Fresh. He’s going to be my little lumberjack. I have no clue what Madeline’s plans are for her attire. For the most part she usually does a pretty good job of choosing something decent so I will just have to wait and see what tomorrow morning brings.

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Survived the first week of school!

I am loving back to school. The kids are back into their routine and while the first week was busy, I am glad they are enjoying being back at school. The school bell now rings at 8:15am, this means the kids need to be on the playground at 8am(ish). We made the mistake of driving the first day. Well to be honest the kids back packs weight more than Aidan so we decided there would be slightly less grumbling if we drove.

Big mistake.

While there was no grumbling from the children, there were swear words from myself. The Elementary school and High school now start at the same time. This equals a shit show of traffic. It’s a good thing that Kindergarten doesn’t start the same week as the rest of the school otherwise shit show wouldn’t even begin to cover what a mess that would have been.

The kids all seem quite happy with their classmates, class rooms and teachers. Madeline was a little sad to find out that one of her friends moved away during the summer. She was really looking forward to seeing this friend so it was a little hard on her. They re-organization could bring some changes, but hopefully the kids stay where they are.

We have been managing well getting up an hour before they need to be at school. This will have to change come winter. There is so much crap to get on and then of course I am planning on getting them to walk as much as possible so this of course means, leaving earlier than normal as well.

I tried to salvage some of the front garden. I had plans for it this spring and then I had to be all grown up and get a job. So the plans kind of fell through and the garden basically turned to weeds. Oh so many weeds. The hedges around this tree also became quite over grown. So yesterday I decided that since the weather was nice, it would be a great idea to tackle the weeds. Oh my god. Today. Everything. Hurts. I have to work tonight and as I sit here typing this, my arms ache with every keystroke. How the frig am I supposed to do my job tonight. Basically, this blog entry is warming up my stiff muscles so that work doesn’t suck tonight.

The worst part is that I’m not even done the damn garden!! There is so much more to rip out and then I want to put down that weed fabric so that next spring I don’t have as much crap to pull out when it gets neglected for weeks on end. This garden sucks. It wasn’t dug down deep enough and then filled with good soil. It’s pretty much clay with a bit of dirt and mulch thrown on top. Frustrating. I’d like to start over, however this girl is not made of money!

In other kid related news, the girls are starting Brownies this week. We haven’t put Aidan into anything yet. All three will continue with their swimming lessons starting next weekend. The girls are in Swimmer 5 and Aidan is in Swimmer 3. Aidan has improved so much this summer! We are so proud of him. He went from not wanting to let go of the side or a parent to being able to swim to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve a ring! The girls are doing well of course as well. They graduated from Swimmer 3 and were able to pass 4 and go directly to Swimmer 5. I hope to keep the kids interested in swimming as long as possible. It’s something I always enjoyed and certainly can cost less than other sports!!

Time to go clean the house so that the babysitter doesn’t think we are total slobs. She is picking the kids up from school today and hanging out with them until the husband gets home from work. I’m working afternoons and won’t see the kids again until my alarm goes off at 6:45 to get them up for school. Ugh. Some serious high 5’s to all the working parents out there. And high 5’s to awesome babysitters. I’m so glad we found two great ones. The kids are always so happy when they get to spend time with them!