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Happy 8th Birthday!


Dear Isabelle,

Today you turn 8 years old and I am thrilled! I also managed to get a little weepy today in the van while driving and thinking about how you are turned 8 today. Sometimes when I think back to your first birthday I am sort of glad you can’t remember it! We were living in a hotel in Inuvik because I was ginormously pregnant with your siblings. This is likely the first time they screwed something up for you! They do love you though!!

Back to the hotel. We did our best to give you a fun little birthday party. I made sure I had ordered you some new toys to arrive before we had moved from Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik. You didn’t really understand what was the point in being given something that was wrapped in pretty paper. You sort of just sat there until I started to rip one open for you. Since then, you have been a lover of ripping presents open!

Just days before your first birthday you started walking. It was amazing. The best pre birthday gift to yourself ever!! This did complicate things for me being ginromously pregnant. However it was part of the reason the Dr had to write a note for Daddy to be off work early so he could come stay with us and look after you! Hooray!

I have often felt like you got a bit of a bum deal. The twins arrival 13 months to the day after your birthday has always made me feel a bit sad that I didn’t give you enough attention. I know this is just crazy mommy talking but the guilt is real. However you were and still are a very happy child. So I can rest easy knowing we didn’t damage you in anyway. If anything this has helped you to become an amazing sister. The twins are lucky to have you. You are a mini mommy in training. I know you will do well when you have children of your own if you can get over the fact that babies come out of vaginas. I will never forget the look on your face when you found that out. You asked and my policy is always honesty. I sort of wish I had taken a photo hahaha.

You are a very smart, beautiful, sassy, sweet, thoughtful, noisy(but in a good way), all in all an amazing daughter. You are my little firecracker! You love to bake and I am going to make a promise to start doing that with you more. I love how you sing really loud(and not always on key) to music and have dance parties in your room, maybe one day you sister won’t think it’s torture. Perhaps this is your genius plan to get your own room!? Well played Isabelle, well played. 😉

Every day I enjoy seeing the person you are becoming and look forward to seeing you grow. You are loved Isabelle. I am honoured to be your Mommy.