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When your kids school day screws up your kid free time

The spawn’s school changed their bell times this year and I have not yet adjusted to it. We are doing well getting up on time and making it to school, however it’s everything I do afterwards that’s all screwed up!

I used to be able to drop the kids off at school. Go home, let the dog out, get the dog fresh water and a bowl of food. Then I lock up and head out to run errands for the morning. I could make it to Starbucks and then head over to whatever store and get my stuff done. Then I’d be home, unloaded, everything put away and I could do whatever needed to be done around the house. Also known as having a nap.

I worked last night. I fell asleep some time just after 1:30am. I was woken up by the red head searching through the hall closet. When asked what she was doing up so early so explained that she had sooooooooo many bug bites. I thought she was holding a band aid which made no sense to me at all. I was half asleep after all. She informed me, nearly in tears, that she was looking for the bug cream. She got herself all fixed up and went back up to bed. I am pretty sure I fell asleep before she hit the first step to go upstairs. You may think I am a bad Mom for not getting up and helping her, however I believe I am teaching her how to do things for herself. She’s nearly 9, and can apply her own bug cream!

Alarm went off at 6:45am. I wanted to smash it with my baseball bat. Fast forward to taking the kids to school. I drove this morning, this means we have to leave earlier than normal due to the first week of Kindergarten chaos. Honestly, I am glad we drove. I had to dodge a puking kid coming off the bus the other morning. I was also nearly exposed to vomit last night at work. I had had enough of close calls. I left the kids at school and went home to do the usual routine. Headed out to the stores I needed to go to. Pull into deserted parking lot and realized that since it’s only 8:25 am. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS OPEN!!! I was torn with going home and just going back to bed  or doing what I ended up doing which is grabbing a Bacon and egg mc muffin from McDonalds and waiting for all the stores to open.

Going home was just not an option. I had things to do that needed to be done today and I was already out there so it’s not like I would drive the 20 minutes home, hang out for 20 minutes and then make the 20 min drive back.

Sigh, my point of all this is that I hate the new bell times. I’m sure it’s great for some people, but so far I am not experiencing this greatness. I don’t see the brilliance behind this plan. I just see the traffic screw up, the bags under my eyes and the line up at Costco which apparently begins at 9:20am (they don’t open until 10am). I tried to have a nap after coming home today but all I did was lay there and roll around. I am at the point where I am so tired and want to nap but can’t. Honestly it’s better this way. Hopefully I will just be good and tired and be able to sleep tonight no problem. I even have the bed to myself for a few nights!! Hooray!