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Sleepovers are exhausting…

I’m stumped. I just spent a weekend with my girlfriends, we stayed up late talking and snacking on all the wrong things and I still went home Sunday feeling pretty good.

Yesterday Madeline has a friend sleepover and today I feel as though I haven’t slept in a week!! This could have something to do with the fact that I was woken up at 4am to the sound of the girls giggling and moving about upstairs. I went up to find Madeline’s lamp on and both she and her friend busily crafting away. Isabelle was somehow sleeping through all of this.

I had them do a quick tidy and get back into bed. 30 minutes later I had to go back up because they were still being way to loud and had now turned on music, also too loud!

How could they even be awake and functioning?? They had finally settled and gone to sleep around 11pm. How on earth were they up and awake enough to craft!!

I woke up at 8:30 feeling like death. I would have slept longer but someone had to make the pancakes.

I shouldn’t even be up now. I should be in bed. I find myself too tired to fall asleep! What the #*$@ is up with that!! All day I have wanted to sleep. Unfortunately for me I had some adulting to do. Isabelle needs a new bathing suit as much as I do. Off we went to the mall. She managed to find one. I only ended up hating myself more.


Bathing suits are the devil. We should just be allowed to swim in our clothes. I feel comfortable for the most part in my clothes. Bathing suits should be burned. Sigh. I was doing my best to be upbeat around Isabelle about it. I explained I didn’t like any of the patterns. I said that maybe I just won’t go swimming. She nearly burst into tears at that idea so come hell or high water I will be finding a bathing suit in the next 3 weeks.


Time to try and go to bed. There will be no more sleepovers here until after vacation. I feel I will need that long to recover. Madeline did enjoy her birthday party which makes me feel good. It was fun driving a van full of girls around. I was serenaded to all the top 40 pop hits everywhere we went! Everyone enjoyed their dinner at Swiss Chalet. It was a first for all of her friends! Her pony birthday cake was a hit as well! The rest of the evening was spent dressing up and performing gymnastics while singing to more top 40 hits. Two of the girls went home and one remained for a sleepover. I can’t even begin to imagine how tired I’d be if all of them had spent the night!!