30 fingers&toes

"Are they triplets?" "No, I found the other one in the parking lot and thought, 'why not?'"

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Adulting is hard….

untitled1Especially when your husband has to go out of town for work. We “think” he will be home in time for the twins birthday on Friday. Madeline has her toes and fingers crossed to help ensure his return.

Our brand new roof is still freaking leaking. The roofing guy is in no big hurry to return with a solution. This is not awesome with the impending amounts of rain we could receive starting tomorrow. My hope is that because it’s not melting snow sitting on the roof that the chances of water coming into my office will be minimal. I hope.

Kids and I were off to a good start today and then life dumped all over that by the end of the day. As I always say, I love my children. Like, love them it hurts. But tonight I wanted to put them at the end of the driveway with a “free to good home” sign. I wish I had had more summer jobs as a referee. It’s possible I would be slightly more equipped to deal with some of their crap.

Madeline is fed up with Isabelle. Isabelle is so pissed off at Madeline she felt it necessary to punch her. Aidan is slightly over tired and therefore easily set into a crying and stomping fit.

Deep breath in. Annnnd exhale.


They will all be over tired and cranky in the morning and that’s partly my fault. I bought the kids Minecraft for our Xbox. Before dinner we were all taking some turns trying it out. I was trying my best to ref them while also running upstairs to get dinner started before having to run out to pick up Madeline from a friends. Isabelle and Aidan can’t just try and rationally talk one another through a problem in the game. One has to be right, the other has to be more right and then they are screaming at each other and then Aidan cries. Several times I had to ask them to please keep an open mind with each other. Try to listen to what the other is saying and work together to solve whatever the problem is. This works for all of 5 minutes before they are shouting at each other again.

Pick up Madeline, who as usual does not want to come home. Has to be told that if she keeps this up there will be no more going to friends houses and no friends will be allowed over. Finally get her in van. She then asserts herself and doesn’t want to put on seat belt. So being the mother of the year that I am, I said “FINE!” And proceeded to back out of the driveway. Madeline is now freaking out that I’m driving while she doesn’t have her seatbelt on. I just ignore her freak out and eventually hear the “click” of the seatbelt. Get home, thankful house has not burnt down with our dinner inside it. Eat.

Explain to spawn that we will be tidying our bedrooms after dinner. Does not have to be perfect as we can work on it Friday, however if you want to Minecraft anymore tonight this will be done. Cue Aidan losing his shit because he feels like his room is going to take a long time. Again in my mother of the year attitude, I explain to him that if he didn’t leave his stuff all over the floor all the time it would not take so long to clean up.

Rooms done. Head to basement for more Minecraft torture. Madeline’s turn. God save us all. It will be Madeline who one day throws a controller and smashes the TV screen. She manages for about 5 minutes before losing her shit because she doesn’t know how to turn around. I am trying to show her and explain it to her but she is sitting arms crossed pissed off making some kind of Poltergeist sound.

As you can imagine my patience is at about -25. I tell her she has a choice. She can cease and desist with her Poltergeist noise or she can go upstairs, go to bed and no Minecraft for the rest of the week……she stops. She watches and learns and then sets off in her world again for all of 10 minutes before freaking out again.

Aidan’s turn again. He got about 2 minutes of play time when I realized it was 8:30!!!! Good job Mom. When husband is away I always have the kids in bed early. By 7:30 and no later! Since I have to deal with the morning, afterschool, dinner, after dinner, pre bed time and bed time. It’s best they are in bed by 7:30. Let’s throw in it’s a school night too!

As I type, it’s not 9:30. Madeline has been down to see me three times. One of those times because Isabelle punched her. Madeline said she would like me to move my office to the basement so she can have her room down here. I’m not sure I could handle that kid on the same floor as me. If anyone moves it might have to be Aidan. The girls can have upstairs but at least separate rooms.

I just had a weekend away. I had thought I was fully recharged and ready to take on the husband going away. What’s funny is that even if he was here, this crap would still be going on and I’d still be the one to deal with it. However, he’s my back up. For the most part when the kids have pushed the red button he just has to look at them and all is better. Haha. Tonight, I’m missing my back up. He had an incredibly long and aggravating day today. He only just made it to his hotel a short while ago. They were stuck in crappy traffic for far too long. I’d take the three spawn over the traffic jam any day!


Now that the spawn are sleeping, I’m going to go throw some dishes around the kitchen and hope they make it into the dishwasher. Try to tidy up the kitchen and start some laundry, sign Madeline’s permission form for her Choir trip! She is super pumped. Her choir is taking part in a board-wide concert in April! I am going to find out if parents can attend. Thankfully it’s happening before we leave on our little vacation. She’d be crushed if she had to miss it. She has been doing super awesome at keeping her songs a secret from us as she wants ut to hear her perform them with her choir.